Didi, Hainan, China Resources, Greenland, Longhu, Xuhui, Jinmao—2017 autumn stroke interview full record!

Don’t ask me what is the autumn trick of 2017.

At the beginning of the article, borrowing a paragraph from the popular Weibo, it is extremely appropriate to express too much feeling in my heart.

“When you are old, when you look back on your life, you will find out when you go abroad to study, when you decide to be the first job, when you choose the object and when you fall in love, when you get married, it is actually a great change in fate. At the intersection of Sancha, I saw the wind and rain. The day you made your choice, in the diary, was quite dull and peaceful. At that time, I thought it was an ordinary day in my life.”

—— Killing girl (this book is super recommended, basically every article is very beautiful!)

For me at the crossroads that are about to graduate, I am experiencing the bloody hurricane of the autumn tricks. Everything is deeply felt. Every day of the autumn trick is an opportunity and a challenge. Every interview, every conversation with the interviewer, through every level, seems to feel that as long as you work hard, you will be closer to the end, but inexplicably It is the fate that dominates everything. At first, I was anxious, embarrassed, confused, out of the comfort circle, and I was overwhelmed by the fear of the unknown, the meditation of sleepless nights, all of which were screaming in my heart, and I was not as sleepy as I was. The beast of the fighting, even the conquest and fighting spirit are not seen.

Later, I found that finding a job is a battlefield that everyone must experience at this stage, without exception. We timidly shrink our war and find that this is a war without a retreat. The torrent of time is cruel and firm and pushes you forward. Even if you are unarmed, the gold bell iron shirt is completely gone. Life is so cruel, when we are out of the warm embrace of our parents, when we walk out of the sheltered ivory tower, and then let your head break blood, the world is still indifferent.

Fortunately, there are countless comrades around you, they run, they fall, they are tough, they cry, but fortunately we will still stand up and continue to fight.

The landlord, female, coordinate magic, 985/211 school Wanjin oil professional rookie Xiaoshuo. After the autumn trick of 2017, although various abuses, it is indeed a special experience. Fortunately, I have already received the offer from the real estate company and are ready to start an internship. I feel a lot of emotions about the autumn, and make a small record to commemorate this unique and special experience. I also hope to give you some reference for the 2018 spring battle. This age, this stage is always full of unknowns, but it does not matter, as long as there is a brave heart, and go and cherish.

(Knowing that other school recruiting articles are written by the great gods of the offer….Reviewing their autumn tricks, it seems to be a failure experience…the amount… I’m scared to write a little. …. Let everyone laugh…. I hope everyone will stand on the stepping stone that I set up with a painful experience and become an offerer!)


Didi taxi – the first interview that is overwhelmed

As a true ignorant girl (in fact, I became more and more an idiot after I started the autumn trick), the impression is that a drunk software is a shot-taking software (shooting myself), and I was willing to go back to Beijing at the time. Interview at the Peace Hotel on Shanghai’s tallest, at 8:30 in the morning. When I got used to being late, I arrived at eight o’clock, drank a cup of black coffee that the waiter gave me, and slowly waited for other small partners to arrive. The day is a group, from morning to night, it can be imagined that very many people. Sitting in the waiting area, watching the ads of Didi actually tears, you can go and search, one of them is the drip driver to send passengers seriously ill husband back to Xinjiang, especially touching. A group of eight people, the problem is to be drip (or a company, forgotten) to hold three three-in-one activities, double eleven, Christmas and Spring Festival, requires joint activities with some brands, including ofo, Yakult, Wanchai Wharf, Quanjude, let’s have a lot of brands, ask for three of them, and design the entire event process and publicity. I have never been to the group face, I am totally forced, there is no idea at all, so it seems that everyone started to discuss for a long time, I have not interrupted, a girl next to me later cue me, what is your idea on the 1st, I am Start talking…. This group has two girls in our team who are relatively strong and have a bit of a tit-for-tat feeling, but overall it is quite harmonious. During this one-and-a-half-month job search, I met a lot of friends (comrades-in-arms). When I was in the waiting field, I could communicate with other people. On the one hand, I could ease the tension and on the other hand, I could discuss each other. Information, but also to make friends, very good.

After a few days, I noticed the two sides, only to know that the two girls in the group were not strong, and the two girls were not selected. In fact, I did not know that I was selected for the election. After all, it is my first group). On the other hand, it is the city manager (it seems to be the marketing department, if I remember correctly), he is also one of the interviewers at the time. People are very nice, the main question is the internship situation, the mode and the cleaning eight questions are more like. What is the most difficult/most challenging thing in life or learning? How did you solve it? What is the main job of the internship? I also asked a professional-related statistical problem as if how to conduct research and research (I reported the use of research posts). My interviewer is very good, the whole process is not like an interview, the feeling is to chat, and then the interviewer of the small partner seems to be more severe, and the question asked is also very sharp. I felt that there was forty minutes in the interview, because I was very happy and I felt very good, so I thought I should be able to enter the next round. Finally found that it is not the case! Hello! I think more about myself! It’s easy to talk to the interviewer! awkward! Because the landlord coordinates Shanghai, Didi is headquartered in Beijing, so if you enter three sides, it should be the video side, but unfortunately…..not mentioned.

In fact, after the autumn tricks, I found out that I was a fool. In the impression, Didi is a taxi software, but when the interview was prepared, it was discovered that the Didi taxi was born as a startup company, and it is still very NB! Let’s take a little look at the development process, experience the financing of various gold owners, and the singularity of the UBer, it is still very promising. And it is said that the salary is very high (well, in fact, I still value the high salary!).

HNA Modern Logistics – interviewed by everyone

(I found that it has been five months since the last update. Now it is March of 2018. The autumn trick has already ended. I still haven’t finished it. I have already abandoned myself. Remember which one to write and where to write. Where?)

Turn over your mailbox and decide to write HNA Modern Logistics. As the interview I experienced, I was the one who spit the most.

When I submitted my resume, I voted for Hainan’s signature. After all, it was the world’s top 500. As a Fortune 500 company, HNA has many business development directions. HNA Logistics is a newly established company in 2017. Headquartered in Xi’an, HNA is a company mainly engaged in logistics business.

The interview place was at Shanghai Minghai Mingyu Hotel, at 8:30 in the morning (please remember this time, morning, 8:30!). You need to bring four resumes, ID card, student ID, original and copy of English qualification certificate. When I received the text message, I felt that emmm… this big business really is strict, and I need to bring so many things (after all, I am stupid).

One side is a group, it is quite interesting. We need to create a poster for HNA based on the existing background information. The general content of the background information I have to do maternal and child public welfare, overseas exchanges, and other forgetting, is always a number of public welfare activities that Haihang has done at home and abroad, there are several countries. We need to buy some props with limited tokens, including straws, disposable cups, disposable chopsticks, colored pencils, balloons, tape, A4 paper. Therefore, it is first necessary for the team to buy props according to the design. It is best to use the maximum value of the token, spend all the money, and buy everything. We drew a pair of hands holding a baby, a map, folded a paper plane, and used a disposable chopstick to make a skeleton of the poster (a little brother of engineering, super powerful). After the time has elapsed, a person will be selected in the group to explain, others can add. Then the three interviewers will ask questions. According to their respective professions or newspaper posts, such as those who are learning news, what do you think is the propaganda value of your posters? What do you think is your contribution to the group? I was asked if you think you have made full use of the tokens. I said that I think it is more reasonable, because we have fully utilized the balabala for everything we bought. (I only know after the end, there is a paper cup that we didn’t use. At that time, I I mistakenly thought that it was for the company to drink water for everyone, completely forget that it was bought by us, oh….). About five minutes after the end of the game, the staff came back to announce the next round of the list, telling us that there were two people in the afternoon, and a group of about 10 people, about half of them could enter the next round.

On the other side, we returned to the waiting area at one o’clock in the afternoon and found that the big conference room was black and pressed, because the elimination rate on one side was too low, so we started a long wait. What is unreasonable is that the interview arranged by the staff is actually the reverse of the end of the morning interview, which means that the morning after the first morning is ranked last. What can I say as the earliest batch… .. In addition, many students will communicate with the staff on the way to say that they have an interview next, so I hope to give priority to the interview. In the end, I was one of the last classmates to be interviewed (hands), stayed in the air-less conference room for more than five hours (not after the interview from 10 am in the morning to the meeting room in the afternoon) Time), was drowsy at the time, hungry and sleepy. During the interview, the interviewer was exhausted and was in a state of not wanting to speak at all. So when I spoke, I felt like a gas, and I sounded more difficult (so HR is sometimes hard work, especially the school. When recruiting)…..probably according to the resume, internship experience, why report to our company, career planning, and then I came out. It was already seven o’clock at this time, and the sky was dark. The star-studded moon returned to school and was exhausted.

The interview time on one side and two sides is October 18th. On October 24th, the e-mail will be received. The content is to go through the company’s review stage through a two-sided and online evaluation. The company’s management team will conduct a final evaluation. In the process of communicating with other small partners, I found that many of the two partners have received the mail (I think there are 2/3 people). Then after a long period of time, I should have received a call from HNA HR in mid-late November or early December. I probably talked about the place of work. I said that Shanghai and the surrounding area, he specifically asked me if I could accept it around Shanghai. Then I told me that the salary is about 8,000. I can ask if I can accept it. Miss HR said that they will count everyone’s wishes. Later, they should not call again (or maybe I will forget it). In addition to the unreasonable interview arrangement, another place that was spit out seems to be issuing an offer. I saw some students on the Internet spit out, obviously have promised to offer the offer, and finally did not give the offer. If you are interested in HNA, you can go online to search.

I don’t know if there will be spring tricks for maritime modern logistics. I think it should be, because it seems that 2017 has just been established, and it is quite necessary. However, this method like autumn tricks really needs to be changed. After all, the students of autumn recruits are not only limited in time but also limited in energy. It is really too tired to wait in such a place for so long. There is also the release of the offer, the big company will come up with the entrepreneurial spirit of the big company, after all, the promise of an offer is very important for the students looking for work, the taste of empty joy is really uncomfortable.

Real estate interview special – inexplicable start, final attribution

I don’t know why I invested in the real estate industry at the time, and I forgot which real estate company was the first interview. The most interviewed should be the real estate industry. Although there is also a kind of faint worry, if the future real estate collapses, you will be unemployed (唔…. Maybe you will open a tea shop? Ramen Restaurant? Read a doctor?). But at this stage, in terms of the whole industry, it is a better platform. Nowadays, the real estate industry is very competitive and is in the midst of a time of change. Therefore, students who want to do real estate industry, especially those like me, who have no relationship with real estate and a real money need to think twice before doing it. The first is that the company that delivers must be the top company, because the current real estate trend is that when a real estate company can make money, it comes to the big fish to eat small fish, and the small fish is killed on the beach. When a company’s HR interview was told, in theory, real estate companies outside the TOP30 ranking are not worth entering (amount…for reference only). The second real estate industry is definitely a high-pressure industry. Overtime business trips are bound to be commonplace. It is not uncommon to work overtime. Therefore, whether such a working state can be accepted or not is a problem to be considered. However, in the first-tier cities, almost all work overtime, the more powerful the company is working overtime, the famous Jiujiu of a certain company… There is no easy and profitable job, just look at how to choose. Third, there is no interest in real estate and finance. If you are not interested, it is better to report carefully. Of course, the benefits are also obvious, that is, the salary is high. After all, it is an overtime dog (smile) who works day and night, and the company is still relatively high in terms of the students. How to choose, please also ask the small master to consider. There are a lot of interviews on these large real estate companies, especially the interviews, including the detailed introduction of the company and the interview experience of the great gods from one side to the end. It can be said that quite luxurious is quite useful.

China Resources Land – sad reminder evaluation

Correct! I am the kind of person who is on the assessment! Silently hold me a few!

One side of China Resources is a speech, and the time seems to be 90 seconds. According to different themes, my topic is “China Resources Land in My Eyes”. It seems that there are still topics related to the master craftsmen. The place was in the classroom of Tongji University, and I signed in, and a group of 15 people went to the lecture. The interviewer feels that the 51job staff, about three, the content of the speech is not the most important, but the manner of speech, fluency is more important. I didn’t expect to be the second one. I was very nervous. I went up to the brain and then I completely forgot what I was going to say. I should be the worst one in it, and don’t look at the interviewer’s eyes, or it’s easy to forget words, really! At the time of the interview, I was very frustrated. I went back to the good friends who just met and ate the meat of Tongji.

After a few days, I actually received a notice! I was quite surprised at the time. I can see that it is really very tolerant. Under normal circumstances, I will enter the next round. Therefore, as long as the back of the manuscript is good, the dress is suitable, the head is raised, the look is natural, and the confident “back” is published. Okay. On the other side is the group face, or in the classroom of Tongji, but on another campus, I started running wrong, and no one after going up. Fortunately, I sent a text message to ask the little friends I met during the speech, and then quickly rushed over the little yellow wind. Therefore, it is very important to talk to a small partner who is interviewing together! Therefore, it is necessary to clearly understand the interview information, and there is a wood in advance! The group face is a group of 12 people, the interviewer should still be 51job staff, two. The topic belongs to crisis public relations. It probably means that a famous brand baby stroller has been complained by customers because of quality problems, and news has also reported the incident. Consumers who have purchased the car are now very worried about quality problems. At the same time, the company internally Some problems occurred before the agent manufacturing formula. Some employees reported this time, but did not attract the attention of department leaders. Company lawyers suggest that even if the quality of the product is a problem, it is best not to admit it to the outside world. If you are the leader of this company, you need to do something. Everyone has three minutes of thinking time, and after that, they start to express their opinions for a minute. Then I was the first one, um…. Ok…. After everyone expressed their opinions, it was the time for group discussion. The final confirmed speaker is on the far right of the two tables, and I am sitting on the far left. So the discussion on the right is more enthusiastic, and there is no chance for us to speak on our side. But I still stretch my neck and let the interviewer get there. I have been trying to join the discussion and then express my opinion in the discussion gap. When the group is in a hot discussion but you can’t insert it yourself, first of all, don’t put forward a different view from the team for the sense of existence. Second, you should listen carefully to the whole idea and calculate the loopholes in this scheme or Points that can be added. So even if you don’t talk much, but the suggestion is that there is a gold content in the end and it is likely to be favored by the interviewer. However, in short, when I was in the group, I was not in the core circle of discussion. I felt that I should really hang this time.

After another week, I received a notice from both sides. I thought that China Resources! Emmm! NICE! The interview location is in the office building of China Resources, sign in and wait. The interview with us is the HR brother and sister of China Resources. People are very, very good, do not feel any pressure, not in the interview, but communicate with other people, including their own learning background, family background, internship experience, and some basic issues. At the end of the interview, the little brother said that there will be evaluations on this side of the interview. What about the next side, let me go back and prepare. I also feel good about myself, so I think, hey, there is a play~

Then I received a link to the assessment, and then I did not have the assessment. Then I spread my hand…. I feel too stupid…. The assessment can also be hung!

Xu Hui – the side of chaos

Xu Hui’s side was handed over at Minhang, nine o’clock in the morning. The landlord went to the Jiaotong University for the first time. At 6 o’clock in the morning, I went out to do the subway to the terminal. The subway car was full of black car drivers and kept asking if you would like to take the bus. The bus didn’t come for half an hour. I was particularly helpless. Turn in. Especially special toss, did not eat breakfast + motion sickness, the state is particularly poor. Xu Hui should be the first real estate company I interviewed and one of the first companies to interview. At that time, there was no concept of real estate for real estate enterprises…. It was really like a pass through the mountains. I had never heard of Xu Hui before, and I didn’t go to any interview skills. One side of Xu Hui is one-sided, two interviewers, one main question, and the other basically no questions. The content of the question is the content of the cleaning eight questions. I am mainly interested in internships, and what are the majors related to the postgraduate majors. I think they are all similar in one-sided. Later, after more interviews, I found that these are routines. Before the interview, I will give each The questions and answers are well written and basically no problem. I personally think that Xu Hui’s HR prefers to talk about the narrative of the example, rather than talking about high-profile. He might say that, please give an example to illustrate (the ability/advantage just mentioned). Therefore, we must explain the specific examples. Don’t just say that I have strong adaptability and my communication skills. This is not very pleasing, but we often make such mistakes, especially at the beginning of the interview. There are probably some that I can probably think of:

— What are the biggest difficulties you think in the internship/life/learning experience, how do you solve it?

—What is your greatest achievement in the internship experience?

—Why do you choose real estate and why choose our company?

—Why do you want to be a XXX position?

—What is your career plan?

—What is your postgraduate major?

— Do you think your biggest shortcoming is or what are your own strengths and weaknesses?

—What personal hobbies do you usually have?

I was a little late after I went there, so I was called to the interview immediately. HR was serious and awkward, but I was not in the state. In fact, it was not clear what problems he asked. Finally he asked me if I had anything to ask, I said no. This is a big taboo, I don’t have to say it, but I just wanted to leave. After the interview, I felt that I was definitely not playing. Later, I found a regularity (superstition). I belonged to someone who was late in the evening, so I was in a particularly bad interview in the morning. I was in a bad state after 10:00 or in the afternoon. I felt that I would wake up. Come over, don’t know if this is my fault….

Longhu – a particularly sharp HR

Longhu is located at the headquarters of Hongqiao at 8:00 in the morning. According to my theory, emmm…. not playing well should be inevitable. Like Longhui and Longhui, Longhu has no group face, and one side is HR one-on-one. At the time of signing, I saw that everyone’s university Fudan had a big person in Tongji. I was a little embarrassed…. I didn’t expect to arrive at me in just 5 minutes. Longhu’s HR is a 40-year-old woman, but she did not follow the routine and asked questions about the general issues listed above. The most influential thing is that he asked me where a former internship company has advantages over other competing companies. Why do talents come to your company instead of competing companies? What is the company’s talent management and structure? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of this model? How the brand culture of the internship company is implemented, etc…. is a very high level problem that is very relevant to manpower. Honestly, I didn’t think about it before….so I was stupidly asked directly…. It can also be seen that the talent cultivation of Longhu is really very powerful.

Jin Mao – no imaginary tall

When I went to China Resources for an interview, I chatted with other small partners. Some people think that Jinmao has developed very well in recent years… It belongs to Sinochem Group, so it has a strong background to support, and it is a very good land. The interview venue was in the famous Jinmao Building. Although I stayed in Shanghai for three years, it was the first time I went to Jinmao. At that time, I was in a mood to visit, and I must be particularly tall in the business that can work here. But in fact, it is really good, especially the decoration of Jinmao office area is quite old-fashioned… a total of two interviewers, human resources supervisor and his subordinates. The group problem is very old-fashioned. It is a company that wants to throw out expired bread and be robbed by refugees… Then after the interview, the interview will ask everyone questions, ”What do you think is the key point of this question?” , ”How do you evaluate your (or other people’s) performance, best or worst…”. Then the group is over, if you pass the noon, you will give the message… There are 3 in the pass rate of about 10…

Recently, Jin Mao has been seen in several cities, and the enterprises in the background of state-owned enterprises are really powerful.

Green space

Green land, it seems to belong to the Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (very uncertain, anyway, is a Shanghai committee), so it is Shanghai’s pro-son, sales in Shanghai has been in the top. Greenland has business divisions in various regions across the country. Shanghai is mainly a headquarters, a business division and a business division. Basically, the recruitment work within each business unit is carried out independently, so in most cases, the resume will not be circulated within each business. When you submit your resume, you will be asked to choose two business units. If you can report any business, if you can interview, That business unit. At that time, the lectures I had heard during the autumn move were few and far between, and I went to Tongji in the green space. I still have no place to line up for a long time. I still didn’t hear it. When I delivered, I didn’t figure out the logical relationship between the business units.

There were probably a dozen or so at the time (or maybe there were more than twenty people or maybe I didn’t meet other people…). Two interviewers (hr and his leader), in a conference room, the atmosphere is more serious, the interviewer is not smirking. I started with self-introduction, then the problems related to the internship, what is the most difficult thing, the internship harvest, and then asked why you want to do a career (the position you reported), and the routines that are similar to the previous ones. The point is, the interviewer will ask you how much you know about the green space? I feel that this issue is more important and I need to prepare for it before the interview. I was in the waiting time when I heard the little friends in the interview before telling us about this problem. I just hurry up to Baidu. Fortunately, it is better to remember, 2333, remember to say something new or relatively new developments and strategies. Wait, it would be better if you could add a little bit of your own worship.

It seems that there are only seven or eight people on both sides, two interviewers (HR leaders and leadership leaders). The most impressive thing is to let me say three advantages and disadvantages. Then I said that all three shortcomings have been dissed. I was a little embarrassed at the time. Later I found that no matter what the shortcomings would be diss, I would generally say my real shortcomings, but there are some Especially fatal, don’t say that there are so many shortcomings, there will always be some shortcomings that do not affect the overall situation, but the real is not fake (not artificial). For example, if you say that you don’t like to do simple and repetitive work, although it may sound like a small thing, often the beginning of the work starts with simple and repetitive little things. Isn’t it possible to give HR a child who is not practical? Feelings; and if you say that you are impatient, it is not a good answer, because almost all work requires patience and research spirit; and that you have low emotional sentiment, this is not a good answer. I personally feel that the answer is better, more careless, and when I am doing things, I want to consider all aspects clearly, so sometimes it is okay to answer. And I myself don’t like the kind of behavior that tells the shortcomings, but it’s dark, but it’s just a small idea that I’m not mature. I don’t like this kind of opportunism. It’s one. See you for your reference only. The problem that I still remember is career planning. I think this question can refer to the training plan of each company in the promotion meeting about the enrollment of the school. Since I have not been to the green space, I am not sure what the specific training plan is. I probably said it a bit. I hope to improve my business (professional) ability within three years. I will be the supervisor of the line I am sitting in for seven years. It’s not good, everyone doesn’t need to refer to it. .

There is one more point that needs to be emphasized in the green space. HR will tell you that you need to work intern for two months in advance. If you pass the internship, you will be offered an offer. However, I think most people will pass the internship period under normal circumstances. Don’t worry too much about this aspect.

I finally finished writing these few pieces intermittently. I think I should change the title to those failed interviews… Haha… I won’t write if I get the offer… When I wrote it, the spring trick just started and ended. At the time, the spring move was over… The job search was really the same as finding the object, it was fate. if I get it I am lucky, but if not, it is fate…

Don’t have too many good imaginations about your work, because the reality of nakedness is beyond imagination… The bigger the hope, the greater the disappointment…

Real estate work is really super tired, high salary is absolutely proportional to high pressure and high pay, so don’t just be blinded by the salary of the recruiting company, you must think about what you want, you must compress it with high salary. In the time of life, there is not much basic money to live. The work of getting money and doing things close to home is not something that everyone can find. Advise the king to think twice before doing it!

It’s almost over here. If you have any questions, you can leave a message. If I see it, I will answer it seriously, but the frequency is not high (laugh).