Digging for land: a “sense” game with a very poor gaming experience

I am looking for people who have feelings about the game.

Start a hammer

Equipment is full of explosion

“Together with Bennett Fody”, this game has abused all major anchors in a short period of time.

Let all the disabled parties feel the world’s malice again

Play a hammer!

The high moments in your eyes have become a group of Muggles.

Whether it is 300 pounds of pdd

Still fighting fish bag C big Sima

Even Li Ge faker, it is also difficult to escape the fate of torture.

This is a kind of game that makes netizens affectionately call it “Let’s go home and see”

Before we start introducing this game, let’s first experience the despair of others.

Digging for the video

The game I am doing is for a certain type of person, in order to hurt them.

– Game creator Bennett Foddy

You can hurt them

But please don’t hurt me.

If you don’t open this game, you can’t experience this “bad” game.

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It turned out to be a somatosensory game.

The gameplay is to play a hammer

Control the character with a mouse or touchpad

Then climb from the lowest end to the top

As you get used to the game slowly

The mouse is no longer the only way to operate

You will use every muscle in your body

Even the toes

After each hard brushing of the hammer

The body will shake with Bennett Foday

At first, I shook my head.

Then the body is involuntarily convulsing

Finally with the whereabouts of Bennett Foday

Hands holding head

I told the sky that I don’t admit defeat.

Luck can let you pass the obstacles in front of you, but fate will make you return to the origin

Only by constantly challenging you can you understand the maliciousness of this game.

“in vain” Or is it

“Perfect, what a stupid thing”

This is such a “bad” game k that I can’t extricate myself.

Looking at Bennett Foday’s free fall, I couldn’t help laughing.

All the pain and troubles are just starting from scratch.

No Pain,No Gain

But please don’t misunderstand, this is really not a bad game.

There will always be a game that hurts you, why not?

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