Do accounting in the end to a big company or a small company How to choose?

Doing accounting, choosing a big company, or a small company has always been a topic of debate among accountants. Choosing a big company is a lot of opportunities and resources. Choosing a small company is a lot of opportunities for exercise and promotion. Is it a big company or a small company?

Most people who choose large companies to do accounting have such an idea. They think that accounting in a small company is too comfortable. If you have a long time, you will not be enterprising. Accounting in a small company will also give you an account of accounting in a large company. Labels such as “overtime” and “workaholic”. In fact, in the minds of accountants, whether they choose to go to a big company or go to a small company to do accounting, they are envious of each other’s work and life.

What is the difference between the two, and what are the different choices? As an accounting practitioner, how do you choose?

Advantages of large companies: company regulations, sound systems and benefits, opportunities, and knowledge

Do accounting, if you choose to go to a large company, you can use these advantages, the system of large companies is standardized, the degree of regulation is high, everything goes according to the process, accounting in large companies, you can learn more knowledge, you can reach more excellent People can help improve their personal abilities and help in working methods and professional skills. In the usual work, you can learn more about the industry, master the industry dynamics, and summarize the experience in the work, which will be beneficial in the future. Avoid potential risks and loopholes at work. In addition, large companies have full benefits and avoid unnecessary concerns.

Big company disadvantages: clear division of labor, more work, slower promotion, complicated interpersonal relationships

Big companies have advantages, they must have their disadvantages. Big companies do accounting. First of all, they have a lot of work, heavy tasks, and many things to deal with. The division of labor is clear. Although there are many people involved, there are very few specific tasks. Work will inevitably be restricted. In large companies, accounting, your supervisor has financial supervisors, managers, directors, and deputy generals. It takes a lot of thought to deal with interpersonal relationships. It is difficult to promote and hard to work with.

Small company advantage: learning things comprehensively, growing fast, training people

After talking about the advantages of large companies in accounting, small companies have their own advantages. In small companies, there must be such a situation, that is, having multiple jobs, the advantage is that the things learned are more comprehensive and grow in a short period of time. Faster, if you are a fresh graduate, choosing a small company is more correct, a small company is training people, and a person is responsible for the financial work of the entire company. Everything needs you to do it yourself, and if you have enough ability, you can get the work results. It is also obvious that after the small company accumulates more experience, the practical ability is strong, the business operations are proficient in all aspects, and the accounting work is done with ease. Later, when you are migrating, you are more confident, and you don’t have to go to a big company to find a job.

Small company disadvantages: poor stability and less development space

The disadvantage of small companies is that the company has poor stability, high risk, low training, low complexity of the company’s business, resulting in narrow personal views, small companies dealing with irregular accounting, two sets of accounts are more common, and it is laborious and laborious to work. Small companies rely on communication to solve problems, pay more attention to personal charm, do accounting in small companies, have fewer contacts, fewer opportunities, and less room for promotion.

Is it going to a big company or a small company? How to choose?

Those with work experience: If you have financial work experience, you must go to a large company. Although the big company has a clear division of labor and less responsibility, but after all, you can reach more excellent people, and the environment can affect people. With excellent people, plus their self-motivation, whether they are learning knowledge or other aspects, they will not grow. In addition, the financial work of large companies, in addition to simple accounting, will be related to financial and financial management. In terms of free time, you can learn relevant knowledge, work experience has accumulated, and the working background of large companies, whether it is promotion or transformation, has a foundation.

Just graduated from college students: As a newly graduated college student, if the practical ability and work ability are still lacking, it is recommended to go to a small company to hone yourself. Going to a small company does not mean that a small company is not good, and a small company is working miscellaneous. There are many things that need to be dealt with. In this process, you can improve your ability, and lay a good foundation for your financial aspects. You can get the accounting-related qualifications, such as intermediate accounting and registered accounting exams. Qualifications, plus a wealth of work experience, whether it is to transfer to a large company or do other financial work, no problem.

Whether you are entering a large company or a small company, you must go through your own deliberation, do not blindly make decisions, or do not follow others according to your actual situation, and listen to others, resulting in your work being affected. In your usual work, you should observe more and more. Study, where you can’t be humbly ask, do your eyes on the six roads, listen to all directions, and work hard to do your job well.