Do you know? How can I be a meeting person?

If you often Participate in various industry conferences, forum summits, below 8 The point meeting strategy is a technical post for you. Of course, if you are looking at the scenery and taking a hot spring to attend the meeting, maybe the travel strategy is more suitable for you. (The majority mentioned here refers to external meetings, but it also applies to annual meetings within the company. , town hall and many more)

1. [Read the meeting schedule in advance and do some background research]

No one will be useful to you in every aspect. The precise choice of which part of the meeting is something you can’t miss, and other links are skipped if needed. Do you want to listen to content or want to see people? I have to understand. Some conferences have several sessions in parallel. If there are several small partners who can split up to different venues, it is a good idea to come back and exchange notes.

2 .【 Take the initiative

Don’t be afraid that people are celebrities and don’t dare to go to self-introduction and talk. I once went to the wealth forum to find Yao Ming himself. After talking for ten minutes, my neck hurts. He looks at my uncomfortable feeling of holding my neck. It is very intimate to let him move a chair and sit down and talk. As long as you are not looking for words but have a genuine opinion or a cooperative intention, celebrities are not as high as we think. Of course, the security level of each meeting is different. If you want to stop him in the Boao Forum, you should not be blamed for being directly taken by the special police.

Unless I am quite familiar with that person, I would not take the initiative to ask for a photo with a celebrity. People are not singers, you are not a 16-year-old fan. If you don’t come, please ask us to take a photo with you. This is your own discount. You will think that you are looking for me to take the photo and go back to show off.

3. [Residential meeting designated hotel]

This year’s meeting always picks up those hotels on the tall. Sometimes, in order to save money, we want to find a cheap place to live around, but forget the time and cost loss of tossing back and forth, and even ignore the scene of the meeting. The best networking place. Once I went to a meeting and met a speaker I always wanted to know at breakfast. I had to introduce myself. If I didn’t live in that hotel, I missed the opportunity.

4. [Send a business card or sweep it]

Unless you are doing a pyramid scheme, the business card is never sent as much as possible. In the same way, it is better to choose a business card than to collect a business card indiscriminately. In order to avoid the harassment of the garbage phone, you can prepare two sets of business cards, one with a mobile phone number, one without a set, those who are really unreliable, come up with a business card, can give a business card without a mobile phone number.

I personally think that WeChat is a channel for personal communication, so I will not ask strangers to ask for a sweep. However, even in the days of WeChat, even the American ambassador could not be excused. The meeting was also swept away. His old family occasionally sent photos of where to go. I rarely comment. This thing in the circle is not to say who you have, the business card / WeChat, you are in the circle of others. In the end, what is a circle, this topic will be expanded next time.

5. [Catch the opportunity, express yourself]

last summer A well-known headhunting company came up with me and recommended a great job for me. You know, that’s the kind of top global headhunter. Only do C-level and board positions. I was flattered and asked, “How did you find me?” His answer surprised me. He said, “I heard what you asked and participated in the discussion at a government affairs summit. I feel that you are very thoughtful and will express your opinions.” Before that, I always thought that I would like to participate in the industry forum to see the fish in the goldfish bowl. I never thought that anyone who went to the meeting would be a fish in the tank. It would also be seen while watching the fish.

Whether we like it or not, our performance on any occasion is observed. Maybe there are your future owners, potential customers and partners in the audience, so don’t let go of the opportunity to express your opinions. Of course, the difference between expression and performance is that the former is expected to be shaken and the latter is Sister Furong.

6 . [How to ask questions? 】

Every time I attend a meeting, I will encounter one or two tyrants in the Q&A session. I will talk about a bunch of stinking and long titles with a microphone, and then ask a question without any opinion. It is meant to be for myself or my own company. Be a free ad. I completely ignore it as an audience. We are not spending money to listen to you advertising. We are here to listen to the speakers. So how should I ask questions?

Follow the KISS (Keep it short and sweet) principle, short and succinct, directly at the heart of the problem, and consider whether the question you asked is also likely to be of interest to other audiences present. If so, you will find that everyone nods frequently, if not you will find that everyone is bowing down.

7 .【 Grateful : Please don’t forget to thank the organizers and staff of the conference before you leave. 】

A simple “hard work” will also make the girl who has been forced for several days grateful. Tell them which part of the meeting you like, and which side can do better next time. They will not only thank you for your nostalgia but also thank you, and will remember to invite you next time.


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