Does the US accept cross-professional applications?

Interdisciplinary is usually in the master’s degree, because if you don’t think about what you are studying under the bachelor’s degree, the big one will give you time. After you confirm, the junior will be exposed to a lot of specific professional courses. Therefore, the transfer major usually appears when you find out what you want to study after the undergraduate study or after the employment direction and the major you are reading now. However, cross-professional applications are more common in the United States.

But the professional span recommendation is not too big. For example, your undergraduate degree is to study English, hotel management, international economics and trade. I heard that now that the computer Internet is quite hot, it is necessary to turn to the direction of computer science. This is definitely not going to work. If it is a pass, it is often a poor school project, or you need to take the first class. These are all relatively watery and not very recommended. (Of course there are exceptions, we will say later)

Then let’s talk about what a better American school is more important than the professional. First, the school needs to confirm that you have the ability to complete this major, that is, you have a professional-related course foundation. For example, finance belongs to business, but many courses in finance require basic courses in mathematics, so the transfer of mathematics to finance is very good. There are also biometrics like mathematics, media to marketing and more. Secondly, the school values ​​your interest and practical ability in the transferred profession. Simply put, what do you have done in your professional career, such as the business that everyone wants to transfer, then do you have experience in internships in banks, investment banks, securities companies, whether you have done similar activities, business simulation games and so on. This kind of activity can complement your lack of professionalism.

There are also a lot of students who have come into contact with Huide in the United States. I will summarize some of the majors that I will encounter frequently, and see if the major you want to read is not in it.

The first is business, after all, business is hot.

Accounting in business is not very good, and it requires the foundation of accounting and mathematics. Finance has just said that the requirements for the mathematical background are higher, and the economics students are better. Other professions such as human resources and marketing are also relatively better, and the academic background requirements for undergraduates are not so high. The rest of the management profession mainly depends on your internship experience. If you have worked in this profession, it will be easier to apply.

The same as the business department is the CS computer major. , usually better than communication engineering, information management systems, electrical and electronic engineering are better. If it is just science and engineering like materials science, physics, and mathematics, you must take some computer major courses at the undergraduate level. If you combine the project internships, you will still have a relatively large grasp.

The most popular in the liberal arts is the media major. In the theory of media, the academic requirements are still relatively high, like the theory of communication, etc., or try to take some relevant courses. The common literature transfer media has Chinese language and literature to the media, marketing to the media. In addition to theoretically more, you can also participate in internships and projects of newspaper companies and marketing companies. This will enable you to have a deeper understanding of the media and increase your chances of admission.

There are also a few majors that are very difficult to professional and are not recommended:

1. Medicine, this is easier to understand without foundation. 2. Psychology, many students want to turn, but you really need to have a theoretical foundation in psychology. 3. Legal major, legal major is special. If you are applying for LLM (Master of Law), the basis of no undergraduate law cannot be transferred, but if you apply for JD (Dr. Law), you can.

In general, it is difficult to change the profession. If you have already considered the baby you want to transfer, you must first complete some basic courses in the major, and then do some professional-related activities and internships from the background. In this way, you can better explain the reasons and strength of your transfer to the profession. In short, if you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask us.