Don’t be a servant of the “information age”

Recently, I saw such a video on the vibrato. A girl sent a message: My boyfriend’s emotional intelligence is very low. 5.20 actually took me to the Internet cafe to see what League of Legends game, grievance. The comments below are also very interesting.

Boy: That is our youth!

Girl: Distressed.

It is true that standing from the perspective of girls. See other pairs of people in and out of the cinema, shopping malls and other places suitable for couples entertainment. But he was pulled by a boyfriend to the Internet cafe to watch a game that he had no interest in. More or less a little lost emotion. From the perspective of the boys, it is indeed a whole youth.

In this regard, I do not want to go too far to evaluate the right or wrong of this matter. But if the girl changes a title. Such as: 5.20, with the boyfriend to see him looking forward to a few years of competition, happy. Perhaps, the comments below are mostly blessings and exaggerations of the girl’s high emotional sentiment.

Love is a wonderful thing. With the rapid development of network information technology, people can better exchange their feelings. This is a good thing. Everything is relative. The popularity of informational socialization will inevitably be mixed with decaying values ​​in order to win traffic and attention. So that even the pure love has changed its taste.

Boys began to become unwilling or afraid to pursue girls, girls began to feel that they are expensive and picking boys.

Of course, it is not that the girls are not good now, but the environment.

Vibrating “Du Zijian”, telling the truth is one of the people I am more disgusted with. It seems to be gentle, knowing the book. And all the spit in the mouth is the idyllic feminist. However, such videos are widely enjoyed by vibrato users. The number of videos is as high as one million, and the amount of personal attention is as high as 14 million! The following is the original words of his talk about “female independence issues”:

“Every husband must be alert to a risk. Don’t easily train your wife’s ability to live independently. Otherwise, she will go out independently sooner or later.

Don’t just care for yourself, then let your wife eat alone, sleep alone, watch a movie, go shopping alone, and see a person.

You have cultivated her independence. She will really go out independently sooner or later, otherwise she will either be completely independent or be hosted by others. ”

Hey, listen, um, it makes sense. How can a husband let his wife eat alone, sleep alone, watch a movie, go shopping alone, and see a person alone? But when you think about it. Is this called independence?

Let’s take a look at the definition of Baidu Encyclopedia: independence means standing alone or referring to relationships that are not attached or affiliated. Rely on your own strength to do something. Note that it is not attached or affiliated. As he said: Husband should let his wife attach to himself and belong to himself, and become a real canary. The following comments all agree that boys should have to please girls, otherwise they will be hosted by the next door.

But when you think a little bit, you can understand: What is this special thing about? And those who do not have a brain only remember, men can not ask women to be independent, can only be unconditionally good for girls, will not be hosted by the next door. And girls can be confident and be a sow to be fed.

The French novelist Marcel Eme said: “Social prejudice is not uncommon. It grows so strong that even its victims quickly take it for granted.”

However, this kind of distorted value of the video is a million praises, this kind of savage swindlers pay attention to it. For a moment, the feeling of sorrow came to life.

Each of us is an independent individual with independent thinking and values. In the face of a lot of information, we should always use the thinking of judgment to distinguish. Instead of letting an article, a short video, easily distort your values. We must know that we are an individual with independent thinking, not a servant in the age of information!