Don’t let weight loss lose your health

Summary: Suddenly realized that the meat that was not properly lost will grow back slowly.

preface: In fact, at first, I just wanted to know about the effects of weight loss and weight loss surgery on endometrial and endometrial cancer, but the enthusiasm and painful experience of your reply still made me dare to talk about weight loss.

Before saying this, everyone may be more accustomed to writing down their own data, then the six-story building will follow your habits and will attach your own weight data and BMI.

Of course, many people seem to be looking forward to the six-story building’s unique insights on weight loss. What may disappoint everyone is that the current view of the six-story building is: abnormally lost meat will be slow. Slowly coming back. In most cases, there will be a significant rebound, and from the current level of medical care, there is no cross-aged medicine that allows the majority of girls to get rid of conventional weight loss methods…

Then, the main reason for the six-story building is to talk about the health problems caused by weight loss.

let’s start!

Since the event information was sent, the six-story building received a lot of sincere messages, telling the truth, really sincere, so even if she said something is not right, it is still very moving, because I wrote more than 600 words in one breath. It can be seen that she is serious about losing weight. Serious people should respect it. Some people have written down the weight-loss methods they have tried for decades. What diet, massage, tapping, wiping, exercise, medicine, electric shock , vegetarian, Chinese medicine, … all kinds of methods, can feel that the girls really take their own body as a business.

Originally, the six-story building has been living rough, and I don’t know what it means to lose weight. I don’t pay much attention to it. But after reading so many messages, I feel that many times women care about their bodies like men’s care for power and money. When I realized this, my wife turned her eyes and said: You know! Losing weight really makes you understand: the biggest enemy is yourself.

Many girls in the background want to tell everyone through the six floors that the most important thing to lose weight is reasonable, there are no tips and shortcuts.

Many people are passing on healthy and healthy ways to lose weight. Basically, they are: reducing the amount of input and increasing the amount.

Reduce the amount of input : It means to ensure the energy and vitamin intake required for tomorrow, the other is too much intake, and the other is that the combination of diet is also very important, otherwise it will cause a certain substance to be more, resulting in imbalance, There is a long-term intake of only one kind of food is not a good thing for the gastrointestinal tract, of course, the spirit is also a test, I can hardly imagine.

Increase output In simple terms, it is exercise, and of course, perspiration and defecation. The energy consumed by exercise is mostly converted from food. Therefore, you can understand that if you exercise a small amount, you may only balance the food you eat because of hunger, and you can’t consume the energy you originally stored in your body. Do not question why the weight of exercise is not reduced every day?

The above two principles need to be used together as a healthy way to lose weight. We do not advocate excessive use of one of the principles, such as: hunger strike, but it can save exercise, the effect is not bad, but rest assured, will come back, and you will find It is difficult for my body to return to the past.

Now, let’s talk about how much weight loss can be reduced.

Body mass index (BMI) = weight (kg) ÷ height ^ 2 (m)

It is normal when the BMI index is 18.5 to 23.9.

Can you read these two lines of words? In simple terms, it can be maintained in a weight range. My understanding of weight loss is to control my weight in this normal range, but some people have problems in the process of losing weight. This is what we discussed today. Focus.

Why is weight loss successful, but menstruation is not coming?

Do you know that the human body has a system called the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis? This system is a layer of management and feedback, a system that regulates the level of human sex hormones, what menstruation, ovulation, pregnancy, aging are related to this. The highest level is the hypothalamus. When you look at the name, you know that it is the head level. It is responsible for the secretion of more than a dozen hormones. It is the backbone of many systems, including the feeding center and the hunger and the feeding center, and it is quite fragile. It is easy to be affected, and the superstructure has a slight influence, and the underlying structure will definitely have a big change. This is when it comes to dieting. After dieting, it will definitely affect the hypothalamus, which will affect the whole system. As the lower ovary in the luteinizing hormone and follicles. The secretion of stimulating hormone is obviously insufficient, and the estrogen and progesterone secreted by the ovaries are also reduced. Well, the next is a long wait, even if I am not interested in worshipping this “Auntie Temple”, menstruation will not come.

Simply speaking, it only takes 4 days, yes, it takes 4 days, and this disorder will occur.

When your weight is less than 5%-10% of the standard weight, menstruation is irregular.

When your weight is mad and below 15% of the standard weight, DUANG! Amenorrhea.

This system has never let anyone go, it is ruthless and cold-blooded than the six-story building. If you don’t eat it, it will stop for you!

What about the treatment plan? it is good! it is good! eat! rice!

Why is the fat content down, but the menstruation is not coming?

There is also a knowledge point here. I will tell you now that the fat tissue in the breast, abdomen, omentum and long bone marrow of women can make androgen into estrogen. Adipose tissue is an important part of estrogen. Extragonadal source.

Fat content reaches 17%, menarche

The fat content reaches 22%, which can maintain normal regular menstruation.

Therefore, I have been following this data to give my wife an opinion.

Can you recover your menstrual cycle by recovering your weight?

Inaccurately speaking, when the weight is restored to more than 85% of the standard weight, the menstruation often recovers on its own. In fact, it is not completely accurate, because menstruation is affected by many factors, and each person faces different situations. Therefore, there is no need for the girls to return to the past in the recovery period. Of course, there is no need to compare the weight loss to the amnestic partners. Moreover, even if the weight returns to normal, the menstruation has not come yet. Normal, because the recovery of neuroendocrine regulation takes a while, and because of prolonged disorder, it may cause functional damage or atrophy, and at that time it may be necessary to see a doctor in time.

Ok, let’s talk about it today!


When it comes to weight loss, I often hear my wife complain that the previous clothes can’t be worn, and many of the favorite clothes can’t be worn… It seems to be born with the mission of propping up a few clothes. I often greet her with vagueness, and then discuss it together for a while to eat delicious.

The six-story building is working night shifts today, and there is time to cook at night, so I have cooked lamb leg meat, plain loofah, brine, and vegetable soup.

It’s quite delicious.

OK, goodnight.

I love this world.


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