Double female master fantasy drama, history overhead

The overhead world in various novels and comics has always been full of colors. Under the prosperous age, in addition to the golden jasper, there are all kinds of greed and desire floating in the darkness – just like mysterious and awkward cigarettes, looming, everywhere.

Today’s recommendation is the novel “The Fantasy Tang of the Tang Dynasty”: Fang Moer, who is born with the power of the gods, is taken care of by the goddess of the Golden Dragon, and is kept in a scent that can satisfy all the desires of the world. A fantasy life.

summary of the story:

In the dynasty of the Tang dynasty, Luoyang, the little scorpion who lived down in life could predict the misfortune of others in his dreams.

Once in a while, he and the owner of Wen Xiangxi, the mother-in-law, got acquainted with her, and she knew the ability of the child, and wanted to take him in, and was rejected.

At the same time, Moer also noticed that the spices made by Wen Xiangyu have the effect of changing people’s destiny.

Soon after, he was bullied and rescued, but he found that the benefactor would be caught in the event of an accident, and he asked her to help the benefactor. Yan Niang finally used the modulation of “corrosive incense” to help the benefactors of the child to resolve the bad luck, but the child discovered that the original life and death is a balance line. If one life is changed, it must be filled with another life.

In exchange, Moer signed a sales contract with Yan Niang, but he suspected that the deceitful smug-in-law had a misconduct, so he was guilty.

Moer gradually adapted to the day of smelling the fragrant scent, and the peace of mind was a little guy who smelled the fragrant scent. It didn’t take long to get together with Wen Qing and Huang San, but still had doubts about her mother.

In the meantime, Lu Zhanyuan’s old man, Lu Hu, came to visit, and his wife peeked and found that the ugly Lu, actually turned himself into a confusing husband. I will entrust my mother to find out the reason.

My mother suspected that this was caused by the illusion of incense, and it was made into three souls. It turned out that Lu was an adult-like shackle, and fell in love with Lu Zhanyuan, who had saved his life. In the end, under the persuasion of her mother, Lu Jing was left.

Miao Niang’s fragrant skills make Ms. Eyes open.

One day, Moer arbitrarily opened the secret room inside the smelling scent, and was almost eaten by the cannibals inside, and was embarrassed.

At the same time, Miss Fu Jia Gong Sun Yurong secretly loves the handsome son Yuan Hao, but it has a marriage contract, the willful male Sun Yurong to smell the fragrance and ask for a fragrance that allows the crushed person to love himself.

My mother noticed that this was a conspiracy of Yuan Hao and his master Yuanzhen colluding with the real people. So using the butterfly powder, broke the real estate of Yuanzhen, let Gongsun Yurong escape. And Gongsun Yurong discovered that the human face of the lover is also disheartened.

However, in the time when Wen Xiangyu had been a child, she gradually realized that the person with a good appearance is not necessarily a good person.

Mrs. Weijia, who is known as the “great good person”, came to buy rouge gouache, claiming to be sent to Wei Lin, the younger brother of Xinna. Mou found that her side of the spring grass was bruised and bruised, and her good feelings plummeted. On the same night, Xiaolin Lin Pinger also went to the door to buy a “bleeding bacteria” that could be made into a heart-burning incense. This makes Yan Niang and Mouer more suspicious of the relationship between the two.

It turned out that the superficially a noble lady, in fact, is a psychological metamorphosis that distort irritability and has killed several apes. One of the murderers was the sister of Lin Pinger. In order to retaliate, Lin Pinger triggered the collective spontaneous combustion of the Dashan people. The human heart is sinister and can be seen.

After several ridiculous incidents, Mou gradually settled down in the smell of the fragrant scent, and together with the niece, the kind and loyal Wenqing and the dumb buddy Huang San, made all kinds of succulent gouache with various exotic flowers and grasses. To satisfy people or ugly or kind desires. In the smell of the scent, I felt at home for the first time.

At the same time, however, Mou found that there were ghosts between Huang San and Yan Niang, and he also suspected that he might have another hidden feeling when he came to Wen Xiang.

On the seventh day of July, Moer rescued an old turtle, inadvertently hitting the evil slaves and arresting the people. The small dumb that was arrested dropped a hand of a leisurely pavilion for help.

Not a day, the leisure pavilion came to customize the powder, and the mother-in-law led the children to go together, but found that there was a lot of fog in the leisure pavilion.

The ebony cottage built into the seven-star trend, let Yan Niang discover that this is a legal array of people who secretly manufacture refining people. Sure enough, everything is a ghost of the real people who are resentful in the town. In order to refine the soul, he has taken away the children. Fortunately, the mother used the lyrics to save the children together with the turtles rescued by the children.

After experiencing life and death, Mou has gradually gained a deeper understanding of family, morality and responsibility. He began to study the powder technique skillfully. He became more and more harmonious with his mother, and he also used the beauty cream he created for others for the first time. “Let a pair of lovers become a genus.”

At the same time, Wen Xiangyu used the fragrant powder to bring the dead back to life, scrubbed the grievances, sought the truth, and gradually became famous in Luoyang City.

Lu Zhanyuan was seriously ill, Lu Bao returned to Luoyang to save his lover, and his mother made a wish to go out and collect the Lingbi fruit for her. In the meantime, he met Liu Zhongping, who was also trying to pick up Lingbi, and Liu Baoer, a little girl who had heart palpitations. The two of them loved each other and were very tacit.

In the end, Lu Hu appeared as a stranger, and gave him a spiritual power to save Lu Zhanyuan, and he once again turned back to the ugly image, and Lu Zhanyuan knew nothing about it. For the first time, Foer fell into thinking about the value and value of paying for love.

Soon after, Liu Zhongping, Liu Baoer and Yan Niang met again in Luoyang, and Liu Baoer was already ill. The mother-in-law couldn’t bear it, and she arranged the dragon scent for her life. Unexpectedly, the granddaughter’s grandmother’s pearl was crushed and crushed because of her hatred. Liu Zhongping’s grief and sorrow, leaving Bo Yang with Luo.

In the eyes of Moore, the one who can control everything can not make all the stories come to an end.

Why do you want to keep yourself in the smell of 榭 榭, so that the children can not understand.

Clouddale project evaluation

Story theme creative: 8.0 points

Human greed and selfishness and marriage reincarnation.

The theme of the story is commercial: 8.0

Under the concept of the world of historical overhead and the concept of oriental fragrance and the magical concept of the beast, the protagonist grows up and sees the story of warmth and warmth in the world.

The character setting is new: 7.0 points

Smart and abdomen black loli + enchanting super yin cp double female master set, each need and embankment double female master like “bankrupt sister” funny and dramatic.

The contradiction was resolved under the subjective action of the protagonist: 8.0

The powder can change the future and trigger people’s desires for good or evil. After several ridiculous things and several sinister plots, the protagonist is trapped in thinking about life.

Character growth: 7.0 points

The protagonist, Moo, came to Wen Xiangyu at the age of 9 and went from a young girl to a young girl in the cardamom. She experienced the warmth and warmth of the world, love and friendship, and the sense of growth was very strong.

Character behavior logic and motivation are reasonable: 8.0 points

Although Lori and Yujie have their own shortcomings, they have no hesitation in the face of righteousness and righteousness, and they have interpreted the chivalrous and daring with the weak body.

The story structure is reasonable and complete: 8.0 points

The overall world is grand and has a historical sense of reality. The stories encountered are dramatic, and the characters grow brightly and catch people’s hearts.

The plot is set to be novel: 7.0 points

Artifact powder, which can change things, is the most important concept and is very irreplaceable in the oriental fantasy.

The story is intense and intense: 8.0 points

The female lord not only experienced all kinds of human beings, but also experienced the death and escape from the climax.

Language style and recognition: 8.0

The language style is obvious, and there are flaws in the gorgeous.

Overall project average score: 7.7

Summary of the adaptation: The overall setting of the novel is historical overhead, and the establishment of fantasy stories in the real historical dynasty is one of the most popular types of settings today. In the second novel, the setting of artifact powder brings great look to fantasy. Point and adaptation space, from the story ontology, the two female masters not only have a strong sense of substitution and attract male audiences, but also have a wide coverage with the theme of “growth”, which easily leads to resonance, and the plot does not take the route of small love and love. It is a movie-like ups and downs of a strong plot. The benchmark “No. 8 pawn shop”.

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