Dry goods|My first watercolor painting, starting from Linyi

Good morning, better yourself, I am closed month.

Today, sharing with you the dry goods is our old friend Dali.

Last time she shared with us More than two years of experience in using the account and how to beautify the handbook

In addition to continuing to draw a hand account to record daily life.

Painting with Mr.’s sweet happiness.

She has recently started to touch watercolor.

Today, she shared with me the process of painting the watercolor for the first time.


“Today I am copying a flower and grass, um, girls love it.”

Dali said.

It is most important to start the action. Linyi is actually the only way for every student to learn. Just like learning to walk as a child, learning the same way of writing, you can see through the life. ”

This is the work that I want to copy this time.In the graffiti kingdom, Yao’s back is painted by the gods.

1 pencil base map

First draw a circle of the right size with a compass. If there is no compass, find a bowl. Just draw a circle of round things. Then draw the main position of several flowers (the lower pen must be lighter, so draw Come out to be clean)

After the overall outline comes out, continue to sketch some small elements, such as the position of the leaves, and the direction.

At this stage, remember not to die details, such as small leaves, small stamens that you can’t read.

2 coloring tools in place

“From left to right, from top to bottom, this is my tool for painting watercolors,” Dali said.

Put the paper with the base map on the table with the paper tape around it. The paper I used was Kangxi 300g and I cut it myself. In fact, it is best to pack it on a wooden drawing board. Because I don’t have it, it is simplified, but there is a plastic pad on my table, so it will not penetrate.

Shi Mingke Academy level solid watercolor 24 colors The pen is the number 12 of newidea. I am still groping for the pen. You can try it more. (You can also recommend me to your pen~), then find a jar as a pen, it is impossible to find a bowl. Row.

Finally, this is very familiar, yes, congratulations, you are right, it is a must-have for girls – aunt towel. (It is a water-absorbent weapon, it is very well used, and the Japanese-made water absorption effect is better than that of the domestic one.)

3 Preparation is complete, start coloring

This work has a very light and warm background color, yellow and white, so don’t be too anxious when you pick up the paint. Solid watercolors need to be watered to get the color, so we can’t grasp it without full control. A little bit of color first, the background of the yellow is biased to milky yellow, so the white is more, the color is contrasted with the original color, and the bold color is fine.

Don’t fill the whole frame and reserve the location of the flowers and leaves. Pay more attention to the original, Don’t be too careful about the whole process, because the quality of the watercolor, the more carefully applied, the more obvious the mark left after the kill.

The scarlet plus white to paint the first layer of flowers, must not draw too much paint, add more water when applying, if you feel that the water control is not good, then take out the aunt towel ~

The first color of the watercolor is the lightest first. Because it is still the first layer, let go of the bold coating.

The pen I used is very easy to buy. The Japanese cherry blossom card is portable and medium and small. The bag can hold water, but I never install it because it is not well controlled.

Then, continue to adjust the green color of the leaves. Half of these leaves are warmer, and the other half is the cold color. We first draw the warmer part, so the green color chooses the warmer olive green and the medium yellow, then the detailed The leaves are painted, mostly in the shape of water droplets.

Add a level.

The dark green color may be relatively flat and has no layering. So take a little bit of ochre to enrich it, but don’t take too much, come on~

Next, start the second layer of color.

The color choice is one degree deeper than the first layer we just had, and the color of the leaves is also fuller.

Starting from the flowers, a little bit, layer by layer. A step closer to the complete work, be patient and stick to it.

 Review the originals from time to timeEven if you are not pleasing to the eye, give yourself a boost, don’t give up

Finally, constantly adjust and optimize until it is completed.

Keep referring to the original, especially pay attention to the color shade and smudge until you are satisfied.

Finished product

“When Dangdang ~ finally finished painting”

“How can I paint so ugly~ Seeing my own results compared with the original, I guess I must have painted it while I was asleep. But looking at my first painting, and so courageous to share, the gods are lightly sprayed, I will make progress with my friends~~”

Dali said with a smile.

“Now Linyi is as impeccable as the original. But it is very difficult, but it is really not the most important thing to start painting. The most important thing is that I will think about this process of Linyi, I will feel the color of the brush stroke, pay attention to it. The composition of the master’s work. While the process of copying gradually adds his own ideas, this process is a great enjoyment, and I believe that I will paint better.”


“What is the hardest thing to paint?” I asked Dali.

“In fact, for myself, The hardest part is not whether or not this thing, but the freedom to draw.

“In fact, many professional illustrators have undergone long self-training. After forming a certain cognition, painting is not a sketch of what we learned when we were young. Plasters are actually a way of expressing ourselves, just like singing. Need to practice and precipitate,” she said.

“I learned painting from an early age, but when I was a university, I was not a pure art professional. I didn’t choose an illustration. I missed a lot of time. So I am constantly practicing, consolidating, discovering, and perfecting. Painting is the process of my search for myself.

Well, everyone needs a way of self-release, find that way, the relative result of the process of finding is the most valuable, but also this process makes life more concentrated.

I believe she will eventually find her own freedom.

Finally, a picture of Dali’s Mito and her paintings ended today’s small sharing.

– END –

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