“empty nest youth” kill time guide: Himalayan audio program recommended

“Empty Nest Youth” refers to young people who leave their hometown and their parents and rent a house in a big city. Ok, this is exactly my true portrayal. As a young woman who has been living alone in a certain city after graduation, it is really cruel to describe it as an empty nest. From Monday to Friday, Chaojiu (1:1 am) is five (late one quarter of an hour) and occasionally adds a small class. A small number of friends lived in a relatively scattered way, so most of the working days were two points and one line. When I wrote these words, I was a little embarrassed about this boring. But I learned the survival skills of self-entertainment since I was a child. In such a situation of “emptiness, loneliness and coldness”, I naturally figured out a set of amateur kill time. One of them is to listen to “Himalayan FM.”

In the second half of 2016, after the occasional download of the “Himalayan” APP, the feeling opened the door to the new world, and there was another killing artifact. The time for washing vegetables, cooking, bathing, washing clothes, etc., which is inconvenient to read and watch the drama, can be fully utilized. It is both time-consuming and convenient, and it seems that the house is quite popular. Unconsciously, I listened to thousands of audios in just a few months (it seems to be a monotony of my spare time again…). There are a lot of programs in the Himalayas. I have not heard much, but the loyalty is very high. I feel that the appetite for the appetite will be pursued after the subscription. Today, I will share with you the programs that I think are worth listening to (Note: The number of plays and updates are as of January 2).

Classic must listen

1. Those things in the Ming Dynasty (upper) / those things in the Ming Dynasty (bottom)

Anchor: JOE speaks with the soul

Play: 76.398 million times (upper) + 220.97 million times (bottom)

Category: History

Update status: All updated

Recommended index: ★★★★★

“Those things in the Ming Dynasty” is the first program I listened to in the Himalayas. Each audio is 20-25 minutes, and all the 268 audios are tracked in more than one month, which is crazy enough. This is another way to satisfy my wish to read the full set of books about the Ming Dynasty. In the past month, the Ming Dynasty described the Ming Dynasty’s affairs in the three hundred years from 1344 to 1644 vividly. The anchor was also very powerful, and the performance was very exciting. The lectures were clear and confusing, and they were very infectious, although occasionally Spoken mistakes, but not to hide, let people naturally put into the plot, it is really good hearing enjoyment.

2. Luo Ji thinking

Anchor: Luo Ji thinking talk show

Play: 370 million times

Category: Business Finance

Update status: Updated 202 episodes

Recommended index: ★★★★☆

“There is something interesting and interesting. This is our Luo Ji thinking.” At the beginning of the program, the values ​​of Luo Ji’s thinking were revealed. The show itself is Luo Zhenyu’s talk show. The topics include history, humanities, finance, etc. Luo fat occasionally will find someone to come to the class. Each audio is about 50 minutes, and is usually updated in the Himalayas every Thursday or Saturday.

The business model of Luo Ji’s thinking on the Internet is very controversial, and this program is also mixed, and it’s hard to adjust. In my own words, I still feel that this program has many merits. First of all, Luo fat’s teeth are very clear, the tone of voice can catch the attention of the audience, it is worthy of the host. Secondly, he can use his “literary thinking” to make some academic viewpoints easy to understand, and it is quite interesting to use words that are good at wording. As for the content of the program, people who like it are rich, and those who do not like it are too shallow. However, Luo Fat is undoubtedly good at induction and output. He stands at a height higher than the public. It will not make you feel out of reach. What you say will not make you feel completely incomprehensible. Can be obtained. For those young people who want to study but have no direction or method, Luo Ji thought provides a guide and plays a role in effective communication. As a friend said, “I didn’t like reading books before. I listened to Luo Ji thinking and bought one. The pile of books began to look.” If you listen too much, you may feel that there is no new idea, and you may not agree with some content. So the key is to think, identify, and really read the book in the process of listening. After all, there is no shortcut to the acquisition of knowledge.

I feel that it is normal for some people to turn the powder and then turn the powder. Because we are all growing up, things we once liked will one day not meet your preferences. Just like when you were a child, you thought that the schoolgirl in the upper grades was a goddess-like existence, but now when you look back, you may find that she is just an ordinary woman and lost the light of the year.

3. Xiaosongqi talks 2014

Anchor: Xiao Songqi talks

Play: 330.09 million times

Category: Entertainment

Recommended index: ★★★★

Although the classification is entertainment, “Xiao Song Qi Tan” is actually a cultural talk show. Of course, it is also very entertaining. In the program, you can listen to Gao Xiao, let go of the astronomical geography, ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, and laugh and scream at the mountains. Knowing that “Xiao Song Qi Tan” is actually through “Qi Yu Shuo”, Gao Xiaosong swayed his fan of “Xiao Songqi Tan” in the program, and quietly advertised himself. Whether it is Gao Xiaosong himself or this program, there is a high degree of recognition. Of course, the evaluation of the program is also mixed. In my opinion, Gao Xiaosong has insights, is not blindly obedient, but is also grounded, and the historical allusions are levied on the sidelines. The Chinese and Western wild history come to the hand, as a friend said, “I am willing to listen to him.” Um, but the next sentence is – “After listening to the audio, I feel that there is absolutely no need to watch the video, Gao Xiaosong’s face.” Hey, boy, you are so poisonous.

Paid boutique

1.Ma Dong and Qi Tiantian group personally “speak well”

Anchor: Speak well

Play: 26.627 million times

Update status: 162 has been updated (expected update 268)

Price: 198 happy points

User rating: 4.6

Recommended index: ★★★★★

The amount of information on the name of the program is too big, and the characters are confessed – “Ma Dong with Qi Tian Tian Tuan”, the way – “pro-grant”, the content theme – “speak well.” As a fan of “The Wonderful Story”, I will definitely not let go of this show, so when I happen to encounter this rare opportunity of half price, I will not hesitate to start. Ma Weiwei said: “Speaking well is the greatest productivity of modern society.” Whether the maximum productivity is to be discussed, but speaking well is indeed productivity. Interviews, leave, talk about business need to talk, love, exaggeration, debt collection also need to speak, but not everyone knows “speak well.” The program is divided into communication, persuasion, negotiation, speech, debate and other columns. The topic is close to work and life, providing methods and ideas for dealing with different scenarios. Several keynote speakers are very skilled and very personal. Each audio is about 8 minutes, clear and organized, and it’s still inspiring. It’s really inspiring. The value is much higher than the price.

2. Jiang Xun elaborates on the Dream of Red Mansions

Speaker: Jiang Xun

Play: 2.828 million times

Update status: 160 has been completely updated

Price: 99 hi points

User rating: 4.2

Recommended index: ★★★★☆

Jiang Xun, I guess everyone is familiar, but I was listening to his program for the first time. If “Dream of Red Mansions” is a must-read classic, then “Jiang Xun said that the Dream of Red Mansions” is undoubtedly also called a boutique. There are a thousand “Dream of Red Mansions” in the eyes of a thousand people. Teacher Jiang Xun’s interpretation angle is very special. He thinks that the Dream of Red Mansions is a youthful kingdom, and it is a story of a group of boys and girls in the Grand View Garden. In his view, whether it is Baoyu, Daiyu or Baodi, Wang Xifeng, they are all teenagers and teenagers. He really reverts his role to that age group, so it’s not hard to understand some places that I didn’t understand before reading. Teacher Jiang Xun’s voice is very young. It sounds like 30s and 40s. Listening to him is not ill, he is very peaceful. It’s no wonder that “his voice is Lin Qingxia’s half sleeping pills”. Need to be reminded that the audio is only the first eighty. There are several episodes of free trials. If you want to continue listening, you need 99 hi, but after listening to it, you will want to stop, and admire his profound knowledge and wonderful comments, and willingly pay. The downside is that the editing is not good enough and the transition is a bit awkward.

3. Decrypt English Speaking · Listening

Anchor: Daddy’s English Classroom

Play: 293,000 times

Update status: 8 episodes updated

Price: 9.9 happy

User rating: 4.9

Recommended index: ★★★★

It seems that a certain public number pushed this course, and I bought 6.6 points. Overall, the price is very high. The lecturer Li Chen (this Li Chen, the non-Bingbing family’s Li Chen) pointed out that “Chinese people speak English, not a word, but a question,” “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” The 8 episodes teach a whole set of English weak reading and continuous reading skills, which is very helpful for my students who are taking exam-oriented education. Let me recognize a seemingly small but critical actual pronunciation problem in spoken English and provide a correction. In addition, Teacher Li Chen’s voice is very nice.

The above three are paid programs, but it is not too much to say that the value is excellent. Himalayan occasionally has discounts, such as the “123 Knowledge Carnival” on December 3 last year, many paid courses as low as 50%, as well as coupons, recharge points, etc., is simply a small “double eleven.” On December 25-31, there is also a special offer for “Knowledge New Year Week”. Although you have already missed it, interested friends can pay attention to the activities held from time to time.

However, the more valuable way to make money is to make the most of it and get the nutrients from it. Also, don’t buy because of the offer, but pay because you really like it and are interested.