Experience: How did I find an e-book?

Web search engine

Baidu network search engine

Remarks: Baidu Google Shuangsuo is provided, which contains almost all network disks. By default, Baidu.com can be searched. If Baidu.com cannot be found, you can select other network disks to search.

Find a file

Find files – the most professional web search engine (Thunder and Quick Search

Remarks: The search network disk is limited, and the backup network disk search engine.

Pocket Book Court

Remarks: The main offer e-book e-book, download points, upload points, and resources are very much.

flash disk

Sina micro disk | free network disk target=navigation hot_file

Remarks: Sina Weibo backstage support, resources are also quite rich.

Sina love to share information

Love to share information

Remarks: From the rectification on May 5, 2014 to the present, there is no remediation, and it is currently not available.


Remarks: A digital library of ancient characters with character. Recommend a resource for everyone, find the “Download Total Leaderboard”, look at the top five downloads, and then you know what to do.

Bean vine

Bean vine is a plugin that supports Chrome and Firefox. Here is the rendering after installation:

Because the plug-in uses Google as the kernel search engine, it is normal to search for resources, but there is a wall-over software that can be ignored.


Google Store address


Alternate address



Need to install the GreaseMonkey extension

Greasemonkey :: Firefox add-ons

Restart firefox after installation, open the installation address below, click the Install button in the upper right corner of the page, the GM script installation dialog will pop up automatically, click OK.

Google Store address


Alternate address


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HiPDA Forum

E-INK – Geek Talks ・ 奇客怪谈

HiPDA Forum is a magical, niche, forum with lots of resources. After I bought the first e-reader NOOK2, I studied it for more than a month in this forum. I brushed NOOK2 four times before and after, and finally made NOOK2 an artifact.

Recommend a god sticker: “Reading is beautiful: collection-level book making”: Reading is beautiful: collection-level book production [shooting trilogy / Li Lu talk modernization]

If you don’t have the book you want, please search for it yourself in the forum.

Kindle resource website

Read far

Read Yuan: Discover high-quality e-book resources and provide good book sharing, downloading and pushing. Support mobi/epub/pdf/txt format.

Remarks: Downloads require points and upload earn points.



Remarks: Support Douban account login, free of charge for 6 daily, and increase the maximum limit of one day.

Other recommendations

Good reading

Home – Good Reading

Remarks: Provide traditional e-book download, Taiwan public welfare website, vertical format.

Library Genesis

Library Genesis

Remarks: One of the English original book search engines.

Library Genesis Project


Remarks: The second edition of the English original search engine.