Find a boss to escort your career development

People who are frustrated everywhere in the workplace, people who are in a non-core position, who are led by small shoes, and those who are self-confident, are not capable, but the ideas and methods are wrong.


I went to the photo studio a few days ago and sat in the reception room to taste tea. (The taste is average. I really don’t know why the general tea is coming up. It’s too expensive, it will also affect my professional evaluation of the studio. It’s better to have a cup of boiled water and health. Plus low cost), while scanning the finished photo on the wall and the overall decoration.

At this time, I came to a young and pretty MM. Of course, I also watched a few more eyes. But the strange thing is that she is a person. Generally, such a MM will not take a boyfriend or girlfriend to shoot it?

Shortly after sitting down, the front desk came to a few words, and did not give a clear smile and tea away like other guests. I still think that when the service is really bad, the manager came to sit in front of her and started. Interview. Since the general talk plan would be more private, I turned around.

As a result, after listening to the sound for a while, I sighed in my heart. Oh, it’s a pity that such a good girl!

It turned out that this MM is to apply for, and the application is the front desk, the monthly salary is 1500 plus commission, and the rest is only 2 days a month, and this thing happened in Hangzhou, my Scorpio, the most ridiculous thing is that this MM is also happy. Hehe promised to go to work the next day, to know that many shopping malls in Hangzhou are a shopping guide with a monthly salary of more than 6,000. In fact, there are still many industries and methodologies that allow her to directly skip these time-consuming tempering, but in the end, they can’t dismantle their desks in front of the store manager, and they can only bless the MM fortunes.

This is the reason why I always wanted to be an XX member group. There are many things like this. If you don’t understand the rules of the workplace, you will always be led by the frustrated people who wear small shoes. There is a chance but a chance to lose because of misjudgment; People who can’t see the way out, who have been jealous; young people who are in the marginal position but have a bloody blood, these people are often not capable, but the ideas and methods are not right.

Most of these people’s friends and relatives have never been bosses. No one has rich experience in the workplace to help them. Therefore, at a critical time, they cannot make correct judgments, miss out on many opportunities, and waste time. Wasted opportunities to make money, if you look back one day in the future, you can guarantee that your intestines will be remorseful (in fact, as a person coming over, I have no regrets about my intestines, even the cecum is remorseful)

Ok, I admit that it’s a little soft text, I don’t like it!


XX is only a win-win situation. Because my time is also money, it takes time and energy to do analysis and judgment. Free will only benefit individual people (from the perspective of human nature), XX members will benefit more people in need. If someone insists on the benefits of free, I don’t want to say more. In the future, I will analyze the essence of the article. Free is also a commercial essence. It is free, and other places are back. The essence of the enterprise is still making money. The companies that make money have closed down.

Guiding basis : Standing on the position of the member, for the purpose of maximizing the personal interests of the members. Based on the rules of the workplace, take the initiative to master the development of their own career, promote as soon as possible, and make money quickly.

Who is the group owner Cui Ding? Cui Ding, who likes to play, likes to find the rules and rules of the logic of the law, mixed careers for 5 years, entrepreneurship for 3 years. Actively resigned from state-owned enterprises, Ali, gave up equity and high salary, cooked the rules and rules of the workplace, and found that after no new ideas, they plunged into the entrepreneurial heap. Three years of entrepreneurship from version 1.0 to now version 3.0, every day between the anxiety and excitement of playing. Let such a veteran of the workplace and entrepreneurs provide you with high-level, high-efficiency and high-level guidance.


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Case 1

My problem is to enter the burnout period, and my brain doesn’t understand why I have to work hard. Can’t work calmly. I also brushed various positions on the Internet. I feel that if I change jobs, the price/performance ratio is not high. There is no such thing as a backward and promising mentality. Then, I feel that I cannot rise in the company. The position is a product manager.

The background is that every stage in the past can find a clear reason for working hard.

The mentality of the first stage of work: In the small company to try to accumulate experience, after the job change, you can raise the salary, which is applicable when there is no experience before Xiaobai.

The second stage of work mentality: finally jumped to the big company, the atmosphere and salary are like, try to pass the probation period, do a good job, wash the small company yellow before the baby is unemployed “shame.”

The third stage of work mentality: Gradually judge the value of the work of large companies is not big, 10 to 10 nights seriously affect the family, and then quit to a small company.

The fourth stage of work mentality: In this small company, we strive to establish ourselves and find our own value, become the person in charge of a certain product, lead the outsourcing team to overcome many difficulties, and do not do the products well, the products are highly praised by the shareholders of the company, and Provided value for the next round of corporate finance.

The fifth stage of the work mentality: the company’s post-financing transformation, and recruited a new background to meet the needs of the new product line of high-level products responsible for the overall business, I am under it, responsible for some product needs. Then the above mentality problem arises.

I also tried to read the books on various career developments, and I still read the book “Live Law” and wanted to give myself a chicken blood. But still can’t get it. Can’t change my mindset.

The company has less than 40 people in total. I am the second one. At present, the reporting relationship is not particularly clear. There is no product director in the product department. There is a senior product manager. The previous background is development and is responsible for the overall new fund direct sales business. The product I was responsible for was the BI system of the business center, but now it is no longer the main business of the company. Because I am an old employee, I used to report to the general manager. But gradually turned to report to this senior product manager. At present, it is difficult to surpass, because this person is responsible for all external docking, and the development background is difficult to replace.

At present, our business mainly relies on shareholder resources. We did not talk about options or equity when we entered the company! At the end of last year, the boss mentioned that there will be an option incentive. I have not mentioned it alone. The boss is a very high-emotional person. He often eats with him. It is also quite fun.

It’s very stable now, I feel… All the external docking is it. In fact, I haven’t grabbed this new business before. It’s also the BI product that still takes up the energy. The boss also feels that he needs to recruit an existing experience in the new business.
I didn’t try it. I was not too happy with myself. Although BI products did a good job before, there are occasional factors. I don’t want to find BI direction anymore. It is not too sure which direction to look for. With new business direction, personal feeling, there are some opportunities

Answer and suggest:The current state of confusion is mainly due to the sense of loss of the status quo, the business responsible for itself is not the main core business, the position is overtaken by newcomers, the boss did not give equity before, there is insecurity.

The main way out: 1 Pay attention to your own interests. Whether there is an option allocation at the end of this year determines whether the boss will honor the promise. Do the right thing now, then make good relations with the boss, find new opportunities in the company, such as the new business come out and grab it. To complain in the boss, the crying child has sugar to eat, and the boss said that now the current work is done, there is extra energy to do other things, and more in front of the boss to show their own advantages.
2 Prepare your resume, all the abilities and experiences are comprehensive, and the people who have brought the team have the ability to complete the project alone. It is very fragrant to see if there is any company to give higher wages and equity. In fact, do the preparation work well.
3 The new senior manager came only 3 months, the company’s performance is also increasing, there are some uncertainties, and you need to improve your special ability.