For those things about central air conditioning, get ready to come in and understand!

Some time ago, the temperature soared. For a time, the weather in Ji’an entered the hot summer mode. When you walked to the outside street at noon, you could be dizzy. As soon as you return to the air-conditioned room, you will feel the coolness of the silk, and you will almost never think of going outdoors.

Just a few days ago, the owner asked about the central air-conditioning. With the heat of this high temperature, the Ji’anjiang horizontal decoration team came to talk to you about the central air-conditioning today!

How many central air conditioners are selected?
The central air conditioner of the home is the same as the hang-up machine. It is usually determined according to the area of ​​the air-conditioned area when selecting the number of horses. The approximate reference range is as follows:
Space within 15m2 – 1 large
15-20m2 space – 1.5
20-30m2 space – 2
30-50m2 or so space – 3
Central air conditioning needs to be fixed in advance:

Unlike cabinets and wall-mounted air conditioners, central air conditioners must be combined with ceilings. If the home is going to install central air conditioners, remember to set them in advance. On the one hand, it is easy to design the size of the machine, and on the other hand, the installation of the central air conditioner is synchronized with the plumber.
Installation instructions:

Regarding the installation of central air conditioners, the following issues need to be noted:
1 ceiling
The internal unit of the central air conditioner is generally hidden in the ceiling. If the central air conditioner is installed, the installation and thickness of the inner unit may have an impact on the ceiling shape. If the floor height is originally small, it is recommended to consider it clearly and determine the installation plan. Reload.

2 pipe hidden
The central air-conditioning has copper pipes and drain pipes. When you walk the pipes, remember to let the installation master see the ceiling design, and combine the ceiling shape to give the best cable installation plan to avoid the ceiling shape caused by the pipe problem; Influence the ceiling, and then coordinate the designer adjustment.

3 air outlet, return air outlet
The air outlet is on the side and the return air is at the bottom. At the same time, remember to reserve the inspection port. For these knowledge, I believe that the installation master will be more professional and give it to them.

4 external positions
The outer positions of many real estates are of fixed size. The size of the external unit of the central air conditioner is relatively large. When selecting the central air conditioner, the size of the outer machine should also be considered to avoid the external machine.

Kyrgyzstan’s installation and repair friends must know these general knowledge, and then more professional knowledge will ask the installation master, so before considering the installation of central air conditioning, we must know more in advance, do not wait until the construction master came to the scene to consider, then You need to change the plan.