In 1999, Huo Ying was born, and it has been 18 years since.
In the 18th year of Huo Ying, some things have become ingrained and cannot be changed. Those fragments are always flashing, reminding them of the inability to re-enact.
In the eighteen years, the most tragic snow, the seven-country battle of the country of Poland is no longer white and white. From then on, I will know that it will be an eternal fire, not to change.
In the eighteen years, the most tragic death, the three generations of Huo Ying against the big snake pill in the age of ancient age, since then there is no such a fire shadow, the name of the innocent king.
In the past 18 years, the most expensive gift, the Wannian crane tail to the blood to increase friends, will wash through the lead of the writing round eyes to the flag wood family, he believes that is a hero’s descendants.
In the eighteen years, the greatest kind of friendship, Ding, in order to protect the partner to swallow the last pill, the butterfly looked at the mark left by the partner and burst into tears.
In the 18 years, the most courageous one died. A puppy bit the master’s hand and blocked the enemy with a thin body. He said to him, you have done a good job.
In the eighteen years, one of the most reluctant reasons, because it is a genius, can’t lose. He shoulders the responsibility of becoming more and more genius bound, and is also convinced of his partner.
In the eighteen years, the most painful parting, the Naruto Sasuke two names were eventually separated, and the rushing end of the road was so rushed and natural, could not find it.
In the eighteen years, the most open-minded choice, Fengying, I love Luo to deliver life to the villagers of Shayin, fight for them, die for them, no complaints.
In the past 18 years, the most sad family, the battles performed by the grandparents and grandchildren, are willing to die for each other, but they have written the most gorgeous legend in the most mean way.
In the eighteen years, the most realistic drama, Uchiha’s brothers clashed with each other, and those who have died and lived since then can no longer have a true smile.
In the eighteen years, the most lame one-time smoking, the Nara family lost their voices and cried, and the soul of the teacher was felt after the hand blade flew.
In the eighteen years, the most regrettable love, the white-haired immortal died, even at the end of life, he did not say the word of love, which made the mime of two people’s life.
In the eighteen years, the most beautiful love in the world is boundless. The four generations of Huo Ying and his wife’s blood and tears blend together, leaving the children in Suizhong to be shocked and responsible. How can he open up the earth and become the son of prophecy?
Be sure to say why, probably these are the reasons why I love Naruto.
If you remember the initial touch, if you can call out those people’s names in the first time, if you think about those pictures for a long time, they will still be red.