Four years in a year

2016 has passed and the first day of 2017 has been opened. Many friends are planning to develop a New Year plan with great expectations. New year new achievements, new achievements, new goals, new positioning. Many other friends lamented that they had wasted a lot of time and felt very sorry for it. There are still many people suffering from anxiety and anxiety, or the college entrance examination is approaching, or the income bottleneck, and so on. In either case, I want to share with you a cognition: four years in a year.

Four years in a year, based on basic scientific facts. But these facts are little known. Once you understand these facts, you look at life and look at your own way.

1. You are a universe

The human body is made up of about 100 trillion cells (another estimate is 60 trillion, on the order of one magnitude), while there are about 10,000 trillion cell divisions in a lifetime. If a person can live 100 years old, then on average he has 300 billion cells splitting every day, with an average of 3 million cells splitting every second.

People are made up of more than two hundred kinds of 60 trillion cells

A needle can hold 40,000 cells

The inside of the body is the microscopic universe of cells

in case From the perspective of a cell, People are like a vast and vast universe.

There are 100 billion nerve cells in the brain that communicate with each other to form 100 trillion synapses. Nerve cell interactions form a cluster of nerve cells. These clusters form different parts of the brain and control human behavior. Human cognitive abilities, including memory, motor control, various perceptions, logical reasoning, imagination, judgment, self-control, etc., all of which are closely related to the structure and function of the brain.

Charles Scherrington wrote in describing the activity of the cerebral cortex during awakening:

The (cortex) is now a sparkling field of rhythmic flashes, and these rhythmic flashes sparkle with sparkling flow. The brain awakens, and the ensuing is the return of thought, just as the Galaxy begins to dance some kind of cosmic dance. Suddenly, the (cortex) became a magical loom, and millions of glittering shuttles weave a pattern that flickers. This pattern, though not long-lasting, is always colorful. The small patterns change harmoniously. When the body in the wake up rises, the small pattern in this very harmonious pattern extends down into the matte orbit of the lower brain. A string of flashing activity sparks connect it. This means that the body gets up and stands up to meet the awakening white. (Karl Sagan, The Mysterious Universe, Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences Press, 2008, 12)

If the person is a universe, So, do you think you are small?

Remember the facts of these basic life sciences.

Every morning, when you wake up, a universe is awakening.

2, life is updated once every three months

The human body has 100 trillion cells. Cell metabolism has a cycle, but not all cells are updated in the same cycle. For example, the renewal cycle of skin epithelial cells is 28 days, the taste cells on the taste buds are updated 10 days to 2 weeks, the renewal of gastric mucosal epithelial cells is 6 days, and the intestinal mucosal cell renewal cycle is only 3 days… The average lifespan of cells is 3 months.

The human body produces 20,000 new red blood cells per second

The human body produces one billion new red blood cells every day.

Red blood cells live in the human body an average of one hundred to one hundred and twenty days

The systematician Laszlo was shocked by this. He wrote:

“The human body is made up of one billion cells, one thousand times more than the stars in the Milky Way. In this cell population, about 600 billion cells die every day and as many cells regenerate every second. About 10 million cells live and die. Skin cells only survive on average for about 2 weeks; bone cells are all renewed every 3 months. Millions of antibodies are synthesized every 90 seconds, each antibody has about 1200 amino acids; There are 200 million red blood cells regenerated every hour. According to the analysis of the radioisotope carried out by the Oak Ridge laboratory, 98% of the atoms that make up the organism are replaced in one year. A substance is invariant, although the heart and brain cells last longer than the cells of other organs. Moreover, the substances in the body that exist at the same time in a certain period of time produce thousands of biochemistry every second. Reaction” (Owen Laszlo’s “The Pond of Micro-Small”).

This is not just a story of the death and regeneration of cells. In our entire physical body, most of the cells were replaced in three months.

In 3 months, that is, 90 days, in principle, you can be completely new.

In 1 year and 12 months, you can have a new look 4 times. Because, one year is four lifetimes.

The physicist Feynman (who won the Nobel Prize in Physics for quantum electrodynamics) thought deeper. He saw a more spectacular life universe than art. He said:

For example, a scientific paper says: “The radiolabeled phosphorus in the rat’s brain has been cut in half in two weeks.” What does this mean? It means that half of the phosphorus in the mouse brain (you, my brain is no different) is not the atom two weeks ago, they have been replaced. Then I have to ask: “What exactly is a conscious molecule? Is it a virtual one?” These new molecules can carry the memory in my mind a year ago, but the molecules that had memory at that time have already been replaced! This discovery is like saying that my body is just a choreography. The numerators entered my brain and jumped away after a dance; the new molecules came in again, or danced exactly the same as yesterday – they can remember! (Nobel Prize in Physics, Richard Feynman, The Value of Science, published in the National Academy of Sciences in 1955)

Richard Feynman

Remember, each of us is just a choreographer. The dance of life in the universe.

If all the material composition of our body is constantly changing, but I am still me, then the reason can only be that our essence is not material. It is the way in which matter is composed, the structure, and the structure that is invisible. That is the message. Our essence is the body of information.

You can change your entire life by changing your message. As Kant said:

“Feeling is organized stimulation, perception is an organized feeling, concept is organized consciousness, science is organized knowledge, and wisdom is organized life: in terms of their order, continuity, and degree of unity, One is stronger than one.” (Exploration of Thought, Will Durant, Culture and Art Press p280)

The information you can control directly is your thoughts, your perceptions.

Let your mind integrate information into knowledge and let your knowledge rise to wisdom in action.

Let your life be reborn in the process of ordering.

3. Your future is open

If you feel sorry for the time that was wasted in the past, please don’t regret it. Because, in the next three months, you may be welcoming new students.

By changing your cognition and changing your behavior, you can be a brand new one.

Someone used a week to learn a piece of knowledge and find a job. For example, Cohen, president of Goldman Sachs Group.

Someone has 20 hours to master a skill. For example, Josh Kaufman.

Someone spent a year studying the four-year course at the university. For example, Scott Young.

Someone spent two months studying high school. For example, Sun Zhengyi.

But the premise is that you have to focus. Because concentration is a necessary condition for getting all the knowledge, skills and achievements.

4. Focus on your future

There are many people who are working on an ambitious New Year plan. The vision is good, but don’t fall into a big hole, that is, the distraction of attention and willpower.

As the psychologist Baumeister said:

  • The most important thing is to list the “New Year’s Tasks”. Every year on January 1st, millions of people pick themselves up from the bed, full of hope, and make up their minds to eat less, exercise more, spend less, work harder, clean up at home, and hope that there will still be more Time appointments. How is this possible unless there is a miracle.
  • On February 1st, they were really embarrassed to look at the list again. But they should not blame their lack of willpower, but should blame the list itself. There are too many items on the list, and no one has so much willpower to do it at the same time. (Even the great Franklin can’t do it.)
  • It is best to be determined and stick to it, which is challenging. Even so, you sometimes feel that your willpower is not enough, even a target is too much.
  • At this time, in order to persevere, you can think of the words of the sculptor Palmer.
  • “You know, people can make miracles. If you make up your mind, you won’t move.”
  • – “The Willpower: Psychology on Focus, Self-control and Efficiency”

I hope that we can use this knowledge to arm ourselves. At the same time, remember to learn from the wise man’s method.

For example, William James, the founder of modern psychology, restores the lessons of health by changing habits.

1. Put yourself in a situation where it is possible to operate the habits you wish to obtain;

2. Try to avoid falling into the opposite of the habit you wish to develop;

3. Operate new habits with one heart and one mind instead of half-heartedly;

4. Practice some specific behaviors, rather than want to manipulate them, and actions (rather than wanting to act) are more likely to lead to the acquisition of new habits.

5. Try to act in ways that are beneficial to you, recognizing that considerable effort may be required at the outset – don’t give up.

William James

For example, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg made the wisdom of the New Year plan.

Xiaozha has completed his New Year’s plan for eight consecutive years. Accurately speaking, it is the self-reform plan of each year. This program has only one thing per year:

  1. In 2009, Zuckerberg’s New Year’s plan was to ensure that he took a tie every day to go to work, thus demonstrating his serious attitude towards the company’s development.

  2. In 2010, his New Year’s plan was to learn Mandarin. For this reason, Mandarin-speaking employees were often called to talk to him at the office. By 2014, he was able to speak in Mandarin for more than half an hour.

  3. In 2011, his New Year’s plan was to be a vegetarian, eating only the animals he had slaughtered.

  4. In 2012, he will return to the days of writing code every day.

  5. In 2013, Xiaozha decided to go out of his virtual social network to communicate with more real people and meet new friends outside of Facebook every day.

  6. In 2014, he set himself to write a thank-you letter after careful thinking, especially the video of his thanks to his wife Chen.

  7. In 2015, reading a book every two weeks became his New Year’s plan. By the end of the year, he had recommended a total of 22 books on Facebook, basically completing his plan.

  8. In 2016, he decided to be a “running man” and insisted on running a mile every day.

If a determination can become concrete and translate into a simple fixed behavior that can be done daily, then it is more likely to become a reality.

The most important thing is, one thing!

At each stage, the most important thing is only one!

Choose your thing, maybe after 3 months, you are not what it used to be.

If you have not succeeded in breaking through, don’t be too disappointed. You still have the opportunity to improve your approach, improve your plan, and come back again.

Remember, one year is four lifetimes.

I wish you a new breakthrough in the new year.

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