Georgia 6th Raiders – the strongest dry goods!

 Let me first travel my Buddha:DAY 1: Clock Tower, Freedom Square, Galleria of Tbilisi, street food shop for traditional cuisineDAY 2: Mother of Georgia, Cable Car, Peace Bridge & Park, Dunkin Donuts, First Park of the Republic of GeorgiaDAY 3: Funicular, Playground, CarrefourDAY 4: Travel Agency, Georgia National Art Gallery, Rustaveli Avenue Cafe, Night Tour Kura RiverDAY 5: Mtskheta day tripDAY 6: Kazbegi Day Tour

About visa

Chinese passports for Georgia are Electronic sign You can apply online, or you can find an agent to help you apply. The process is simple and easy, and it usually takes more than a week to sign. Remember to take the e-ticket print with you, because you need to check it when you leave the country and enter the country.

About airfare and baggage

We are departing from St. Petersburg, and there are relatively few direct flights. The round-trip fare for one month in advance is about 1,500 yuan/person. When buying a ticket, pay attention to whether there is a baggage allowance, because we don’t have it this time, so only one person has a school bag.

For girls, the 6-day trip, skin care products and cosmetics can be fully loaded, the experience here is shared with everyone – the usual use of the eye cream bottle should not be thrown away, and there is no need to touch the contact lens case, you can Used to hold lotion, facial cleanser, etc. I believe that these small bottles are enough for you to use for 6 days; don’t just throw away the gifts for skin care products, you can definitely use them when you travel; if you have air cushion BB cream, you can bring them. It is much more convenient than taking a liquid foundation. In addition, because it is winter, so you don’t need to bring too much clothes, coats and shoes don’t need to be replaced, just bring a sweater to change – this may be a challenge for girls who love beauty.

Finally, be sure to bring Sun protection and sunglasses Especially in winter, go to the snow mountain children’s shoes, who knows who!

About language

As the capital, Tbilisi should be the most international city in Georgia, you can use Georgian, Russian and English The usage rate is also very high. Especially when you are on the road, there are many older grandmothers who are selling spices on the roadside and can speak fluent Russian. So language is not an obstacle here.

About accommodation

Georgia’s accommodation is relatively cheap, we stayed here Airbnb On the scheduled LOFT, very close to Rustaveli Avenue, just 2 minutes walk, the key is the landlord brother is super handsome. Less than 200 yuan per night, the conditions are very good, clean and tidy, as long as you are not asking for a particularly high, such a lot of homestay.

If you also book a homestay, you can ask the landlord if you can find a car to pick up the airport. We asked the landlord to arrange a car. The uncle was particularly responsible and the people were very good, so I went to the airport and went to the uncle. One-way 25 Larry, may be a little expensive, but at least we don’t have to worry about it, and the experience is very good, so it doesn’t matter much.

About currency

The currency used in Georgia is Larry, English Lari . In Petersburg we tried to find some exchange points for some Larry, but the strange thing is that there is no place to redeem. So we changed some money at Tbilisi airport, and there are a lot of exchange points in the streets of Tbilisi, almost ten meters, so changing money is not a big problem. VISA cards can also be used locally.

About phone traffic

We are the calling card directly at the airport after we got off the plane. Because we have been abroad, we are connected to the network by the family, so we only bought the flow card at the airport, which is not very expensive. At that time, the uncle who took us to pick us up took us. The telephone card used in English was almost inaccessible.

About Raiders

In fact, we did not have a special arrangement before the departure, just simply looked at the Raiders. Very recommended here Lonely Planet The content is very complete, there are pictures marked, easy to use. At present, the travel guides of the three countries of the Caucasus are only available in English. We print them on the electronic version found on GOOGLE, mainly to introduce the parts of the attractions and carry them with you.

About the weather

In fact, the most suitable time to go to Georgia is spring You can climb the mountain to see the beautiful scenery. But winter is another experience. The only thing to be aware of is to check the local weather. When the weather is fine, it is a beautiful scene. If the weather is rainy, the effect will be much worse.

About diet

They all say that Georgia has a lot of food, but when we go, we may not have found the right place. After the first meal, Mr. Zhang diarrhea, and then taste the traditional gourmet boat cheese and soup bag because they can’t get used to them. The taste is wasted. However, in our poor experience, there are also two restaurants that are worth recommending.

The first one is going Kazbegi That day, at a restaurant on the ski slopes. We ordered a beef stew, a pizza, a tomato pasta, and a cup of coffee. One of the most memorable is the stewed beef soup, which is one of Georgian cuisine. This beef soup is served with a sac-like cake. It is used to simmer the soup. The delicious beef broth is immersed in the noodle cake. It is very delicious in Chinese cuisine. It is very praiseworthy! I don’t recommend the pasta of their family at all, it’s really delicious, and the pizza feels average. The cool uncle of the service is very interesting. If you go there, you must say two more words to him. The cool and gentle gentleman, haha.

Another restaurant is recommended on Lonely Planet. Coffee Leila In the vicinity of the clock tower, we had a lot of people passing by one night. We went to this restaurant that night before we left. There were not many people, the environment was good, the waiter was very handsome, and he spoke fluently. English. In the clay pot in the picture, it is stewed lentils, a thick soup, and it is delicious to eat with that glutinous cake. In addition, the pasta was ordered by Mr. Zhang and the taste was not bad. If you want to drink, you can ask the waiter to recommend it. If you still can’t make up your mind, he will let you have a free drink.

In addition, recommend a very good fast food restaurant, located in Freedom Square, called Duck Donuts Their burger set is very affordable, and must be named donuts, really great! When you walk into the store, you can see that many people are holding a donut in their hands, ordering a cup of coffee and chatting with friends. The price is not high, personally recommended.

Finally, a coffee shop was completely unintentionally found on the roadside. lie in Rustaveli Street The wooden doors are very old and heavy. After entering, they are completely modern literary decoration. Their fruit tea is very good, with dessert, music, in short, very satisfying my literary girl heart.

About transportation

We have not used public transportation in Tbilisi because all the way is to go. The city is really not big, because our trip itself is not compact, so walking around and looking at it is another way to experience the life of the locals. Of course, if you come from China, you can experience the subway here, similar to Russia, and it is quite different from the country.

If you want to ride Tourist car There are ticketing points and ride points in Freedom Square, which is very convenient. As for the taxi, the locals do not seem to use Uber, unless there is an emergency, otherwise it is not recommended to take a taxi directly, even if it is not a taxi, but also to clearly understand the price, ask whether the price is calculated according to the table.

About day trip travel agency

There are several travel agencies on both sides of the street at the corner of Duck Donuts. For security reasons, it is highly recommended not to choose a cheap travel agency. At that time, we first entered a travel agency that looked like a large scale. I got to know the situation and then saw it. Holidays In Georgia I felt very familiar with it. I went in and talked to the front desk. The girl was particularly fond of laughing and it felt very warm. Although the price is slightly higher, this travel agency has three branches in Tbilisi (no wonder it is familiar, it must have been seen when you stroll), thinking that it is still very large, so even if it is expensive, it is scheduled They have a two-day trip to their home.

At the end of two days, the overall feeling is very good, the tour guide is more responsible, the number of a group is not too much, there is no recommended shopping, it is recommended that many restaurants are very delicious, and affordable. Therefore, it must be praised.


must Night view Be sure to go to the Peak Bridge to enjoy the night view. If the weather is good, it is also very recommended to take the cable car to the mountain to enjoy the night view. It really won’t regret it!