Green on Red – Gravity Talks [1983]

Recently loved, I have heard more than a dozen times recently, and the next Gas Food Lodging is also very nice. Paisley’s first-line group (Paisley is best known for small groups ~~~).

The keyboard with the same flying door (of course, the aerospace brother said that the arrangement is still simpler, but you are talking with a punk to compose complex…), folk rock, country rock style guitar, plus EMO sing (also with some folk rock, country rock taste), There is no cut point in the whole school.

Narcolepsy The song is quite Sonic Youth’s mid-term style (but from the interview, they went to New York to see Sonic Youth performance, then SY is already a national underground star, but in 83 years they are still early No Wave style, Haven’t evolved to Noise Pop yet)

4.8/5 Recommended


Gravity Talks – Shrimp Music

Gas Food Lodging – Shrimp Music


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