Guangzhou is now “noisy bridesmaid”, the evil marriage is really sentenced!

Event: Miss Zhang from Guangzhou Huadu took photos after the bride was taken. She stood alone outside the gate to play mobile phones.

Someone told her that she was not prepared to hold her suddenly and then pushed her to the ground. Make excessive moves

In the chaos, some people who are unconcerned, Also taking the opportunity to make indecent acts Under the persuasion of other relatives and friends, the men will be willing to give up.

After the incident, the perpetrator Mr. Tang himself replied:

I don’t know what I am doing when I drink alcohol.

In recent years, the vulgar behaviors in weddings have been reported frequently, and there are also many brides or bridesmaids who were in the “roam room”. sexual harassment Case.

“Tai’an bridesmaid partner” once became a hot spot of concern. The bridesmaids in the incident were only 16 years old at the time, and several men took off their clothes on the grounds of “having a bridesmaid”. In the end, five men involved in Tai’an were Imprisonment of women

At the wedding, the bridesmaids were subjected to a lot of salty pigs, oysters, cockroaches and even sexual assault. This not only challenged people’s moral bottom line, but also violated our criminal law and should be sanctioned by law.

“Criminal Law Article 237

To force others to insult or insult women by violence, coercion or other means, Under five years of imprisonment or criminal detention.

If you gather in public or commit public crimes in public, or have other bad circumstances, you will be sentenced to five years in prison. If you are a child, you will be given a heavier punishment in accordance with the provisions of the preceding two paragraphs. ”

Miss Zhang in the incident of the bridesmaid in Guangzhou refused the apology of the man and had already called the police and tried to pursue it.

Apologizing is useful, what should the police do?

No problem, I applaud Miss Zhang, these people should pay for their behavior!

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