Hand-painted tutorial|body block and scene practice

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In this issue, we will take a group of body blocks and matching exercises.

Hand-drawn steps

First draw a face of the box and pull out the atrium in the middle

Start extending from the fifth façade and add a cuboid to the right

Start to draw the cube on the facade, pay attention to maintain the overall perspective

Hole in the facade on the right side

Continue to burrow on the façade

Improve the details on the facade to make it more like a building

Start adding shadow outlines to the overall body block

Draw a shadow with a thin line, and the line should be connected to the outline to avoid disconnection before and after.

The shadow is darker than the dark side, so that the level can be opened.

Continue to the previous step

Get the whole light and shadow, add two small characters to the picture, make the picture full of fun

Take out the nirvana and draw the trees for the picture.

Add some shadow to the trees

Finally, draw the pavement of the ground, you can work~

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