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It was a bit emotional to have coffee in a coffee shop called Williams two days ago.

There are many coffee shops in North America, with larger chain brands like Starbucks, Second Cup, and Tim Hortons. However, the large scale of these brands does not necessarily mean that their coffee is the best to drink. After the expansion of scale, many brands are more For profit, like the famous Subway in North America that sells fast-food sandwiches, it is obviously more difficult to eat than it was a few years ago. Subway opened hundreds of new stores in 2016, and closed down a lot of stores in a short time.

This small chain coffee shop is called Williams Fresh Cafe. There are less than 30 outlets, coffee is much better than the big chain, and the environment is much better.

If you want to make it bigger, at the expense of quality, I would rather support small and medium-sized brands that balance quality. Williams I think its future doesn’t have to be big to be successful, to be able to find a balance between making money and quality, and I think it is a success. Balancing this thing is the hardest thing to do. I have also been pursuing the overall balance of a room in soft outfits.

Previous article Speaking of the rectangular table how to choose the light, this talk about how to choose a light round table.

Three lights with round dining table

A circular table lamp can be used for a rectangular table, but it is awkward to use a rectangular lamp for a round dining table. If you do not deal with the details and the overall soft installation, you can show the incompatibility of this combination.

and so For a round dining table, I suggest that it is best to use “lights by diameter”, spherical lights, cylindrical lights Comes with a round dining table.

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1. Lamps by diameter

Circular light body

Did this chair feel familiar? “The wisdom of the ancient Greeks klismos chair how can you come back in the modern society again” mentioned that this chair is sought after by modern designers.

Open kitchen dining room, round table with candlestick chandelier in the shape of a ring.

Or circular candlestick chandeliers

This lamp is neither spherical nor cylindrical, but this lamp is basically sized according to the diameter and height at the maximum width (this is the diameter of the lamp), this lamp is also suitable for a round table The collision between the gold of the chandelier and the deep blue in the restaurant is crystal clear!

Lamps such as this diameter and height are well matched with round dining tables. This is a country style chandelier with a neo-classical dinette.

2. Spherical lamp body

The overall shape of this lamp is spherical, with round tables no problem in shape, but rememberSee how big the diameter fits with the table diameter. (The table in the picture should be oval, but the picture looks good, use it here, anyway, the round table is also taken)

Spherical wrought iron chandelier with round table.

Cylindrical body

The very compact cylindrical lampshade is also very versatile. However, it is not recommended to use this kind of lampshade in restaurants with poor lighting. Consider the following American-style lantern chandelier with a glass shade.

Cylindrical lanterns are also a good choice for round tables.

Finely grasp: The lamp’s size, shape, hanging height!

The round table lamp is more simple than the long table, but it still needs attention. The ratio between the diameter of the lamp and the diameter of the table The following figure shows an example where the lamp diameter is too small.

How do you see this light above? In my opinion, it is a bit small, although the diameter is about one-third of the table, but with the table, this light has a feeling of lack of weight.

This lamp, which is about one-third the diameter of the table, is suitable for the table. why?

In addition to the diameter, are there other factors?

Continue to look at the following analysis.

The figure above is not enough to feel the weight of the light?

Previous article I mentioned that I can’t give formulas to the relationship between the restaurant lamp and the dining table. I can’t say that you buy according to the formula, such as lamp diameter = one-third of the table. Why?

The above figure if you read ” The shape of the lamp affects the proportion of the lamp in space “I will understand more:

The shape of the lamp above is cylindrical, but it is relatively flat, so the vertical height is not very large, this vertical portion is not enough; horizontally, the diameter is about a quarter of the table, the lateral weight is not enough, so comprehensive look at this The lamp, in the space of this restaurant, is stingy in size. And really want to elaborate, but also related to the height of the hanging, the same light, hanging a little higher, we look from below when it is relatively lower than when the hanging was small.

This relative relationship of lamp size is always changing.

For example, the following picture,

This North American designer’s hot circle crystal chandeliers in the circle, the left is the original picture, the right side I turn the light down (ignoring my fast PS technology, see the height of the light), after the turn down the light is not Feeling a bit big? But when the left picture is hanging high, it doesn’t feel that big? This is the effect of the hanging height.

So not only the shape of the lamp needs attention , The lamp’s own size, the height of the lamp It also affects the proportional relationship between the lamp and the dining table.


Of course, sometimes it’s not the same as the owner’s point of view from the designer’s point of view. Designers sometimes choose certain large-size things to highlight a certain shape or to create a prominent effect.

For example, the bubble lamp in the picture below, if it is at home, I think it is a little bit more appropriate;

But if you want to highlight this light and create a slightly exaggerated decorative effect, let you see this picture and feel a very strong romantic feeling of sitting in the cloud, then the size of this figure will reach this Purpose.

Not only designers, some people also need and like this feeling of shock, so to some extent this dimension is a little subjective judgment. The determination of the details requires not only calculations but also the human body’s perception.

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