High income! Analyze the secrets of the image consultant industry.

-What’s your job

– I am an image consultant.

– I am an image consultant.

-Image consultant? Make up, or do hairstyles?

Whenever someone asks me what career I am in, I always have a mmp in my heart, because whenever I mention the word consultant, I will always let them know what they are thinking, only beauty! Hairdressing! Do shape!

A slightly knowledgeable person will think of “image packaging” and “star packaging”. The old lady has a blood in her heart. I am so eager to see the image consultants! ! !

Nowadays, many hair salons and beauty salons are crowned with image design, which makes most people confused with image design, stylists, makeup artists and other related professions. In fact, the professional alias of image consultant is called color image consultant, which is an integrated color. Features, natural style, body, and even the body image of the character hobby, to help you locate the most suitable image of yourself, while keeping up with the pace of fashion, facing the various occasions of life to cope with.

Color image consultant

As the name implies, the core of this profession is color. A professional image consultant will diagnose the color of your body based on your basic skin color, hair color, pupil color, lip color and other basic characteristics. Sense of volume, movement and proportions of the overall style of the impression to diagnose your body dress style. Test the color attribution and style type through professional diagnostic tools, find the most suitable clothing color, style, matching method and color for various occasions and the best makeup color, dye hair color and so on. Help to build a harmonious personal image through consultation and guidance.

Let’s take a look at their diagnostic tools~~~

1 color cloth

2 collar tools

3 style test cloth

4 image diagnosis conclusion manual

5 other auxiliary tools

Image consultant service

▼Personal color analysis and positioning

▼ Personal style analysis and positioning

▼ personal makeup and makeup guide

▼ personal hairstyle and hair color guide

▼ body positioning and strengths to avoid short wear

▼Personal wardrobe finishing planning and accompanying purchase

1 person color analysis and positioning

Find all your most beautiful colors and teach you hundreds of color schemes.

Some colors are refreshing when worn, and even younger; some colors make people look old and look blank. If you can find all the colors that make you look beautiful, you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong ones when you buy clothes.

There are many colors that can make you beautiful. There are hundreds of commonly used ones, but most people wear no more than ten colors, not to mention the color matching. Professional color image consultants will help you find All colors that suit you, teach you the color scheme for every occasion.

2 Personal style analysis and positioning

What kind of clothes are you wearing the most beautiful?

In addition to color, each piece of clothing is given a style, some people wear flowers, some people are suitable for plaid patterns, each person determines the most suitable casual wear according to their own body, age, workplace needs and living environment, professional wear various occasions Dressing; and include the style, texture, pattern, etc. of shoes, hats, scarves, ties, glasses, watches, jewelry, etc.

3 personal makeup and makeup guide

Teach you the daily makeup method that you can get out quickly in five minutes.

The choice of foundation color, the outline of the eyebrows, the painting of lipstick, the beauty is indispensable. Not only do you need color diagnosis, but you also need to learn how to paint light makeup.

4 personal hair and hair color guide

Find the best hair style.

It will directly determine the overall effect, most people usually change the hairstyle according to their own preferences, ignoring whether it is suitable. From a professional point of view, the hairstyle is determined by your personal image style. This fundamental problem cannot be solved, and it is difficult to achieve satisfaction. This is also the fact that most hair stylists are difficult to distinguish, and we pass professional diagnostic tools. As well as experience, choose the hairstyle that really suits you.

5 body positioning and strengths to avoid short wear

Develop strengths and avoid weaknesses and make up for dressing.

Dressing in modern society is very important, can reflect a person’s temperament, cultivation and taste, but each person’s body is born by parents, not necessarily perfect, we can make up for their own body defects through dress.

6 personal wardrobe finishing planning and accompanying purchase

Comprehensive judgment results, professional identity, give you a satisfactory wardrobe.

Go to the door to help you organize your existing clothing and increase your use. Professionally accompanying shopping guides, saving time, effort, money, and worry. During shopping, you will find that the method of picking your clothes is not practical. Teach you to judge which clothes and styles are right for you! Get rid of the embarrassing situation that you often buy back and find it is not suitable!

Image transformation

Beauty is not poor, regardless of age.

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