How can education and training achieve explosive growth with 8 tools?

At the beginning of the 2018 New Year, the teaching and training industry set off the first storm of rectification. Recently, the Ministry of Education and the four ministries and commissions jointly carried out special governance actions for off-campus training institutions, and shouted various competitions and competitions in the field of basic education, hoping to ease the extracurricular burden of primary and secondary school students. The government has stepped up rectification efforts for off-campus training institutions. As a training institution, how can we find dividends under the impact of policies? Today we share 8 tools to help your education and training institutions quickly complete the “upgrade” of their business.

First, the education industry is constantly upgrading

Before sharing the tools, let’s first interpret the trend keyword “upgrade” in the education industry in 2018.

first of all technology The upgrade, from online to intelligent, is compatible with AI artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies. 2018 education and training institutions also have content with quality Upgrade.

Second, the industrial upgrade puts higher requirements on the training institutions

The upgrading of the industry has also placed higher demands on educational institutions:

1. Diversified needs

Future education With the progress of the times, people’s needs are becoming more and more diversified, and the courses of training institutions will far be less satisfied with the interest after 00 and 90.

2, content personalization

Learning and training, whether it is “animated classroom”, or the country’s leading 24-level system, weekly collective teaching and research, teacher exchanges, teachers carefully designed interactive links, are all in order to let children ignite the small flame of interest.

3, product service

Educational products are two kinds of teaching quality and service. Many organizations do not have systematic services. There are no old and new ones. Many reasons are that they do not provide good services.

4, service personality

This is more important in industries that rely more and more on WeChat and Internet tools. People are faced with a person with independent personality, not a cold machine, like papi sauce, Luo Zhenyu, Kai Shu, etc., in order to shape the network with personality. .

5, personality IP

It is both a famous teacher and a network red and new oriental masterpiece to create a famous teacher plan is to see the enrollment effect brought by the current hot IP. In the new media environment, famous teachers are “reddering the net.”

6, institutional branding

The brand of the organization will inevitably bring students to the organization. Brand is the guarantee of trust. In the future, no matter what twists and turns the organization has experienced, as long as the brand does not fall, it will quickly stand firm.

Third, 8 tools to help industrial upgrading

1. Mckee form: collect student registration information

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The organization often organizes activities. At this time, it is necessary to collect the information of the applicants. The best tool for the market is the mak format, which contains dozens of form templates, including investigation, registration, information registration, orders, exams, lottery, etc. .

2, Baidu brain map: online convenient thinking tools

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Baidu brain map, convenient brain map editing tool – control creativity, so simple. Lets you create, save and share your ideas directly online. Free installation cloud storage easy sharing experience comfort features

3, will test it: educational management, teaching platform PC + APP, education customized program

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The intelligent online training platform is a smart online training platform for all training institutions, including PC, mobile, multi-industry and multi-institution. Provide one-stop services for enrollment, network learning platform construction and educational management for each training institution, provide live broadcast, online school construction, enrollment tools, educational management, and teaching platform. The commercialization of your education and training will form Perfect closed loop.

4, fast registration: the first free WeChat small program enrollment tools

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Express Registration is a WeChat applet for education and training institutions to recruit mobile scenes. It provides one-click generation of micro-official website, micro-class, micro-activity, micro-poster, intentional customer follow-up and other functions. Rich and interesting scheme templates are more easily spread quickly. Improve the consultation volume of the students; real-time follow-up reminding teachers to follow up the students anytime and anywhere, improve the registration conversion rate, and solve the marketing needs of the organization one-stop, to enroll students and live endlessly.

5. New Media Manager: A tool to manage all new media numbers in educational institutions

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The educational institution has multiple accounts with one-click login, and one-click login between each account, which saves 90% of the login time; if the organization has multiple accounts, one browser can log in to multiple WeChat public accounts at the same time, no need to scan the code repeatedly, redefine The efficiency of the WeChat public account. If you have been looking for a map, the whole network to find hot spots, the experience of a day of disguise… Let’s try a gray often useful artifact recommended by Shantou Jun to children’s shoes.

6, Maker stickers: convenient institutions to make posters

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Maker posted online graphic design tools, online PS, free design templates include posters, business cards, PPT, resumes, flyers, roll ups, invitations, WeChat pictures, covers, banners, etc., where advertising design supports online printing. Convenient agencies to do some posters for the solar terms and activities.

7, MAKA: agency to do dynamic H5 poster

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The MAKA slogan is a simple and powerful HTML5 authoring tool. The editing interface has two editing modes: novice (with template) and high-order (no template), and some special effects templates are provided, which are all set. The most important thing is that you can upload the PSD file after the PS design is completed, merge all the components with smart objects, and modify them at any time in ps. The organization can promote the organization through rich templates.

8, Sohu Express Station: institutions to do their own website

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Easy to use and quick to use. You can have your own wireless station in three minutes. The fast station has developed a powerful visual page editor that can generate beautiful pages without a technical foundation.

In the face of a series of trends, what should we do in the future?

First, don’t forget your heart. The quality of education can be stabilized by educational institutions. This is the foundation of the organization. Don’t care about scale. Only by improving the quality of teaching and improving the quality of service, no policy or storm can affect us.

Second, embrace change. Keep an open mind, cooperate with the outside world, embrace the changes in the Internet, and always maintain the mentality of learning. As long as the effective methods for the organization can be tried. And don’t be limited by your traditional thinking.

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