How can I become a qualified quality person?

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From the day when we entered the quality industry, quality people must understand the requirements of the industry for themselves, as well as the responsibilities and glory. So how can you become a qualified quality person? After reading the following article, your thoughts may become clearer and firmer.

We live in a lot of people who don’t know how to live a life without reflection and thinking, can’t do firefighters and cope with simple life, and don’t explore the root cause of the problem. If so, it is not a “qualified” quality person. Such life will lose its true meaning and value, and eventually lose its ability to survive on its own.

As a quality person, we can’t find the problem and are unqualified quality people. Only those who can find problems and solve problems in time can be regarded as a qualified quality person. A quality person who does not solve the problem and who does not see the problem and meets the status quo is not a qualified quality person. The cause of the problem often occurs in the foot of the iceberg. It is possible to explore the problem of the iceberg. It is possible to blur the problem from concrete to specific, find out the key points of the problem, and take preventive measures in advance. This will be an important consideration. force.

In the enterprise, each of us is an “employee” and advocates action. There is no excuse to start immediately, accumulate small, bypass or overcome obstacles, and move forward. Quality is an era of “who”, an era in which the meaning of one’s life is not clear. We are busy “live” and puzzled why we live or who dominates our lives. Quality is the life of an enterprise. As a quality person, we are inherited. The downstream quality consciousness comes from the upstream, and the upstream power is determined by the overall strength. A company has the best development planning and corporate philosophy, there are even better market opportunities, and there is a strict and strict management system, but if the upstream quality awareness is weak, the gods are also difficult to save.

On the contrary, if the upstream takes quality care and everything is “quality first” as the concept of production and management, the upstream is efficient, “speaks to do”, and even does better, then this enterprise is not only a bright future, but also the management of the enterprise. The same layer is also promising.

Work for yourself and have an efficient execution. An employee who has the mentality to achieve, with the ability to perform, can make his work better, and stand out in even the most ordinary jobs. An employee who can “do it” does not care about the specific work, nor does he care about the level of the position. He can always ask for his work with quick action and completion. This should be the common belief of our “employees.”

“Innovation” is the way out for survival. As a quality person, we need to make your impulses affect your thinking. The more creative your thinking, the more your opinions and ideas, the stronger your ability, the more innovation The higher the power, the more you will face the opportunities and challenges, improve our ability to adapt, and make us step by step closer to success. Simply put, “innovation power” is based on “thinking power” and is at the forefront of the times to achieve overall evolution. By imitating, inspecting, summarizing, participating in quality summit exchanges and collisions, integrating advanced thinking, managing concepts, continually testing, and boldly assuming the learning challenge of careful verification.” Let the company have a constant emergence of people, willing to The talents and talents with both backgrounds give way and open the way. In other words, it is to let the Maxima come out under the guidance of Bole.

Innovation is to be different from others in terms of form. It is the real innovation that constantly overthrows the prejudices of the world and breaks the routine with a simpler path to achieve the same effect. Therefore, we must be prepared for the difficulties, advance with the times, persevere, racking our brains, calm, dare to test, dare to fail, dare to change, dare to give up the means and dare to stick to the goal. Do the integration of thinking and the times. Innovation is a process from complexity to simplicity. Only innovation that simplifies the overall problem is true innovation. Therefore, we must exercise our own innovation. We must be brave in learning and imitating the success of others, and more exchanges and collisions than our own.

Learn from the advantages of others, make up for their shortcomings, and participate in public welfare training. Cross-integration is often the only rule of innovation. Just like delicious dishes, it is a mixture of various ingredients according to certain rules and methods. But just the right thing is delicious. Of course, we must also be tolerant, tolerate our failure to innovate, tolerate failure, not for the comfort of the soul, but to bring confidence to future success.

Just like the death of my life, zero and thinking, and eventually become a win-win thinking, learning from nature, learning to win-win thinking itself requires innovation to solve and enhance the value of our self-improvement. Adapting to the development of the enterprise, our quality people are always at the forefront of the times.