How can I thin your fingers?

Having a pair of slender and long fingers is the dream of every girl, but the reality is that some people’s fingers are thick and short, which affects the appearance. If you want your fingers to be more beautiful and beautiful, you can take the following measures.

When many people observe a girl, they will observe her hand first. If her hand is slender and slender, the attraction for the boy is huge, but if her finger is thick and short, it may be It affects people’s perception of themselves and has no interest in further communication.

So the girls tried their best to make their fingers thinner, but after using many methods, they didn’t work. This is because you didn’t have the right method. There are many ways to thin your fingers. Choose your own way to grow your fingers. Stick to exercise and you will see the effect.

First, massage

If you insist on massage for a long time, your fingers will become more and more slender. The specific operation method is: first apply hand cream on the back of the hand and the joint of the finger, then both hands start to rub back and forth, starting from the wrist, with the finger end For the end point, slow down the speed and rub regularly, and go back and forth about 20 times.

After this exercise method is finished, we begin to massage the finger joints, gently put the index finger and thumb of one hand on the root of the finger, and then rub back and forth to the tip of the finger to massage. This action can effectively help the blood of the finger. The circulation is accelerated to allow the fat accumulated in the finger area to be decomposed more quickly, and the joint can be effectively pulled while rubbing back and forth.

Second, the use of plastic wrap

This method is similar to making a hand mask for your fingers. First we need to prepare the ingredients, mix a small amount of bath salt with honey and vinegar, mix well, make a paste, and then apply it to your fingers. After waiting for five minutes, wash your hands with hot water.

After the bath salt, honey and vinegar have been completely washed, we put our fingers in the ice water to shrink the pores. The whole process is completed. At this time, we can put the plastic wrap around each finger joint, and take out the wrap after 15 minutes. In the long run, we will continue to see that we will see changes in our fingers day after day.

Third, nail retention

If you still can’t play a good thin finger effect after trying a lot of methods, we can choose to keep the nails long and extend the length of the fingers without changing the thickness of the fingers. A beautiful manicure, repairing the nails of the fingernails, the whole of the fingers will become more beautiful. Of course, this method is only suitable for people whose finger bones are not particularly large. If it is too big, even if the meat on the finger is slimmed down, the fingers will not become particularly beautiful.

Fourth, control diet

Many people whose fingers are particularly short and thick are often obese. Because the body contains too much body fat, the fingers will appear hypertrophy. We should control our diet, balance the diet, and focus on eating and drinking. Don’t eat too much food with too much calories, eat more fruits and vegetables, stick to exercise every day, and lose weight as our whole body loses weight.

In addition to the above methods, there are still many products on the market that use the “one minute thin finger” gimmick to attract consumers. We should polish our eyes, because it is not good to let the fingers lose fat in a short time. Possible things.