How to open a Taobao shop to make money?

1. Number of visitors to the store

2. Number of shop collections and product collections

3. Number of products plus shopping carts

4. Conversion rate of stores and products

5. Product sales and sales

6. The sales rate of the store

7. The DSR score of the store

8. Window recommendation

9. Product shelf time and title optimization

10. Others such as 7 days no reason to return, Want Want’s average response time, visit depth, freight insurance, damage repair, commodity quality assurance insurance, etc. here about consumer protection.

Seeing how many options are there, how do you start? Anyone who has read the article before me must know that I have recommended the analysis tool of the 28th Law. In so many options that affect weight, there must be several factors that are big. According to my experience, the most important thing is

1. Number of product visitors

2. Product conversion rate

3. Product sales and sales

4. Shop sales rate

5. The store’s DSR score

Others don’t mean it’s not important, but give priority to the above options. Others do it by the way.

Let us first explain the Taobao term above. You opened a shop and there are 100 people coming to your shop every day, then we call you 100 visitors today. Of the 100 visitors, 5 have paid for the purchase, then your store conversion rate is 5%. If 100 people click on one of your products, and then the order to buy this product is 10 people, then The conversion rate of the product is 10%. The sales rate of the store is that you have put a total of 10 products. In one month, only one product is bought, and the remaining 9 models have no sales. Then the sales rate of your store is 10%. DSR means dynamic scoring, which can be easily understood as a favorable rate for small white sellers. It is that you should let all the customers who have bought it give praise as much as possible, and resolutely avoid bad reviews. Just understand it.

Understand the above concept, we will start the formal operation to increase the weight of the store. As a new store, it is impossible to have visitors in the early days. So the first thing we do is to attract visitors and promote store transactions, so that there will be a series of things like conversion rate. So where are the visitors? The above [dry goods sharing] how to open a Taobao shop to make money? (middle) I said that

The two most effective methods for my pro-testing are: First, join a variety of buyers and Taobao customers, let buyers help you with their account, shoot after you ship. Or Taobao to help you promote, you give commission. Second, directly brush the bill. Now Taobao is more strict on the single check of the brush. If you can brush it, you can’t brush it. I will share the method first. Let us first talk about the first method. How to find this group? Still the old way, direct QQ group search to send gift keywords, the following is the group I just found

QQ-seeking group

After adding it, look at the group rules first, dive for a while to see how other people post tasks, or ask the administrator directly to ask. Generally, people in this group do not need to give commissions. The group is real buyers. He helps you to shoot shop products, and you give him gifts. The value of the gift should not be too high. It is recommended to use paper, wet wipes, small toys and the like. After the buyer has finished shooting your product, you can return it to others later. Remember, people are not buying things for you, they are helping you, and the money will be returned to others after the filming. As for the return of the money just after the filming, or wait for him to receive the goods after the praise, then this money, this casual, will do. Everyone is very reputable and will not be greedy for you.

The above is the first method. The second method is to find a professional brush and brush a single platform to brush the list. I don’t introduce the name of the specific brush and the single platform. Baidu is everywhere. Since there is a first method, why should there be a second one? This is another brushing technique that I will talk about next time, which is the precise brushing, referred to as the fine brush. Fine brush is to publish the single task on the platform, limit the account with only a certain level, can not brush more than a few strokes within the specified time, then you should search for Taobao according to the keywords you specify, or search on the mobile phone, find you let He brushed the product. This more troublesome brushing method is called fine brushing. The advantage of fine brushing is to search according to specific keywords, bring visitors to your store, and after frequent special keywords enter your store, Taobao system will follow the algorithm according to the algorithm, and the next time other customers search for such keywords, they will follow Weights rank your store and increase the chances of real visitors entering your store.

The above mainly talks about two different ways to bring visitors to the new store. So how do we make these people brush the products? Is it just a shot? No, there must be principles.

If we have 10 products on the store, for the new store, we will select one of the main pushes according to the sales on Taobao, one push to promote, and the remaining 8 to sell. When you are looking for a brush, you should let them do the following:

1. Before entering the store, first click on other stores to see, this is called shop around, to prevent the Taobao system to catch the brush;

2. After shopping for three stores, click into our store, browse for more time, click on several products, which can increase the browsing time and depth of the store, which can also increase the weight of the store;

3. Enter the main push and the second push, browse the payment after a few minutes, and you can chat a few words on Want Want. In the early days of the new store, it is especially necessary to talk about it. You can respond quickly as a store manager and shorten the average response time of Want Want, which can also increase the weight of the store;

4. Different brush customers mainly brush the main push and the second push, but also arrange for them to brush the other products of the store one by one, so that the store’s sales rate is very high, and can also increase the store weight;

5. The number of daily customers is gradually increasing slowly. From the beginning, it is one, to three, to five, etc., gradually increase gradually, and not all the customers are ordering, as long as the store conversion rate is maintained. In a certain range;

6. When brushing the quantity and amount of products, don’t be greedy. The amount and amount of one brush should not be too outrageous, otherwise it will be caught;

7. The brushing arrangement should not be concentrated in the same time period, 10:00 am, 12 noon, 3 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm is a good time to arrange, to be dispersed;

8. After the customer receives the goods, they should make a good photo, and then ask each other questions and give praise.

Basically a newbie, if you can strictly follow the steps I have done, you can start making profits in about two months. After the profit, you will gradually reduce the bills. After you reach the requirements and learn, you can use the through-train and Taobao to promote the regular store.

I want to emphasize that running a store is definitely not just the brushing and drainage knowledge I mentioned above. Operation is a very complicated job. The content I mentioned above is to let the novice sellers slowly get familiar with the store, starting from 0 to make money at the store. If you want to enter hundreds of thousands of years, you need to learn a lot of knowledge and consume a lot of energy. After all, there is no return without paying.

The above basically tells the novice seller about it. Finally, I will attach two statistics tables to facilitate the novice sellers’ own statistics.

New sellers’ daily sales statistics

Novice seller shop statistics

As long as the statistics are carried out according to the table every day, analysis and statistics are carried out, and the data of the store are kept stable while growing slowly, there will be no problem. For novices, you can brush a single brush, brush it for more than a month, don’t be blacked out by Taobao, grasp the hot selling node of the product, earning 3000 to 5000 per month is not a big problem. Wait until the real visitor reaches a certain stage and then no need to brush again.