How to prevent chat with girls?

The reason why many men can’t catch up with girls is not that her condition is not enough, but that he will not chat with girls at all, and I don’t know what is a taboo thing in the eyes of girls. Natural boys will find that girls are far away from themselves for no reason. Chat is the first and most important step for girls to like you. You won’t even chat, let alone other. Chatting with girls is so boring, you know?

First, the negative information of the mouth

No one likes to be with a man who has a negative message all day long. If you want to make girls not hate you, you must learn to express your optimistic and positive attitude towards life, even if there is really so much trouble in your life. Things must also be interpreted with a positive attitude, so that girls will be able to look at you. Chatting with girls, avoiding heavy topics, what a boss is harsh, people around you hate it, etc., will make the girl urge you to make a bad impression.

Second, the mentality is not calm

Many boys face their favorite girls, always bluntly express themselves, hoping to let her look at you, this will lead to your mentality in the process of chatting, very nervous, your abnormal performance It will make girls feel very embarrassed. There are also chats to grasp the scale, do not talk to the girls a few times, start talking about the topic, you need to create a ambiguous atmosphere, and then start guiding girls.

Third, I don’t know how to look at girls’ faces.

The mood of a woman can be expressed intuitively on his face. Some boys learn a lot of routines and words. I started to use it hard, and I didn’t care about the feelings of girls at all. You need to observe the girl’s face. Your routine should also change with your reaction at that time.