How to read a book reading notes (1)

This is a great book that opens up my rigid thinking. Baidu took a look at the name of this book and found that many people said that the book is very good, but they are all presented in the form of outline notes. I think such a book, using this similar form of excerpt, cannot give people the power and confidence to confirm. This is a good book.

First of all, I emphasize the book’s Suitable for the crowd Adults with normal listening, speaking, reading and writing skills Especially suitable Chinese college students

Why do I say that? Because the authors of the first three chapters of this book focused on the changes in the purpose of American social education and the changes in the social environment prompted him to write this book. And it is emphasized that the method described in this book is more suitable for the use of academic works (translation is argumentative).

1. In the United States, education began in the 18th century, from the “key figures” of education to the widespread literacy rate.

2. Correspondingly, the educational purpose is transferred from the cultivation of interest discovery talents to the most measurable (test scores) goals, which is the driving force of interest in killing people.

3. Stepping into the social environment of knowledge explosion, there are many books on the same subject, and it is impossible to read them one by one.

In contrast, I think it is also very suitable for the existing situation in our country. Our educational goals are also measured by scores. Our educational philosophy is also the universal literacy rate that was inherited from the beginning of the founding of the country. Now our society is also in the midst of a big explosion of knowledge, not only the increase in written text, but also the myriad of content produced on the Internet. I am especially like the reason why Chinese college students recommend: the stage before the high school was the absolute suffocation of the teacher’s parents, but after the university, they immediately turned into an absolute freedom to conduct self-study. After reading this book, I found out that I have to find out the central idea, the main theme, the whole book segmentation and the framework are the contents we trained from the primary school. However, few people have been systematically taught these things in addition to the exam scores. How to use it when entering the society for self-education. However, this book tells us how we approached the “thematic reading” of the academic research that we all think is very old.

Second, we need to be clear Some concepts

Reading, the information we get from the title of the book refers to an act of reading itself. The method described in this book is actually a method of self-education. Many netizens I have contacted have said that reading is actually the speed of reading. There should be an understanding of these three layers of implicit concepts.

There is also a question and misunderstanding about reading books. When we were young, for many parents who did not have higher culture, they thought that reading was good. They didn’t care what we were reading. In the later stage, as long as there is no college entrance examination in the title, it has nothing to do with learning. Regarding the question of the college entrance examination, I think I can’t solve it. You can adjust yourself to try to solve the problem of getting tired from a psychological perspective. As I said before, the purpose of modern education is to have the test score to quantify the target. For interest, individual expertise is not considered. If you are still in the nine-year compulsory education or college entrance examination, I really can’t help you during the undergraduate period, and this book is not intended to give you advice.

With regard to reading materials, China’s inheritance since ancient times is that Confucianism is relatively accustomed to social sciences. Even reading the Confucian Book of Scriptures is “reading”. The book “Ru” in this book also excludes literary readings, because most people read literary categories such as novels, science fiction, fashion magazines, etc., for the purpose of entertainment and entertainment. (Literary criticism or critic, I have been excluded from you here, I am sorry. Even if I am a science student, I know Wang Guowei’s “Human Words” and Qian Zhongshu’s “Tube Cone”). So I personally think that This is also relatively important for us Chinese, and access to literary works is particularly accessible to ordinary people. It is difficult to get in touch with the books of various natural sciences or social sciences that are relatively professional. And as a college reading, preparing for academic research, this is a must.

It is both your help and your obstacles about the recommendation list or expert advice. Therefore, broaden your horizons may wish to look at the recommendations, but you need to learn by yourself to make decisions and understand the nature of things.

Although the author also said that the current education system is killing interest in learning, he still emphasizes Active and active learning attitude is the most efficient

Again, how to count on a book Objective evaluation

Any comment must be realized with the greatest goodwill of its own, and only then can it gain value.

At last, It is difficult for the reader’s existing knowledge reserve or experience and the author to be at the same level to understand the essence of the book.

For example, what is Qian Shushu’s “Tube Cone” written? How should I read it? What is Qian Shushu’s “Tube Cone” written? How should I read it?

Non-literary students or enthusiasts do not read and are familiar with all the recorded “everyone” who have been reading and writing for five thousand years. They simply cannot understand the book.

Finally, the book Theoretical model

The author divides reading into four levels, which are also based on each other, and each stage is prepared for the latter stage.

The following is a table that I have compiled according to the author’s four levels of reading, so that I can give you a general understanding.

Write these latter content first, I will sort it out later and discuss it with everyone.

The key words in the eighth chapter of this book to find the main theme of the performance book, and the author reached a consensus. Translator’s translation is very boring, and the whole book feels very tired to read. In addition, there is also a kind of “word” in English context and Chinese “word” can not be exactly equal. I plan to flip through the original English version and try to understand it later.

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