How to save your ex-boyfriend?

It is not an easy task to get back after breaking up. In particular, when the word “breakup” is thrown as a calm and rational man, in most cases it is already well thought out and unshakable, rather than trying to gain attention and retention through a willful attitude like a girl.

In this case, in such cases, the recovery must be quick and steady, and the right medicine should not be mistakenly hit like a headless fly, otherwise everything is in vain.

How can we be called the right medicine? Simply put four words: internal adjustment (improve yourself) external support (recovery action).

Let’s take a look at some of the general steps in the relationship:

1. Self-reflection

First, think about the reasons for the contradiction.

Generally speaking, boys do not inexplicably break up like some girls because of some unclear feelings. In most cases, they have some specific reasons in mind.

For example, the economic problem: In the process of the two exchanges, is it too dependent on the other party’s giving, or even completely regarded as the reason, arrogant and arrogant, and put yourself in a high position? In this way, if you do not solve the economic problem first, it is very difficult to recover the skill method directly. Even if you save it, there will always be a knot there. If you don’t solve it, you will only get more and more blinking, and then again and again. Then broke out again.

2. Cautious action

Some girls are held in the palm of their hand for a long time in love, causing them to produce a kind of petal inertia. I always feel that contradictions have arisen. It is a blessing to bow down and admit my mistakes. I am eager to ask the other party to return to the relationship.

You have to be clear that this “recovery” is your initiative, so whether you are successful or not, you must take responsibility and be prepared to look forward to the possibility of 10,000 kinds of possibilities. The action should be stable, and the mentality should be more stable. Even if it really fails, the two sides will gather together, and the impression you leave on the other side is definitely a cool girl who can retreat and retreat.

3. Do it, don’t say it

This is common to both men and women. Anyone who speaks sweet talk will say, but after the breakup, such a party has already had a dangerous stage that you may not have hope. Any guarantee you have, in the eyes of the other party, can only be a rhetoric attempting to re-engage the relationship, or even change one by one. Transaction. If you want to completely shake the other party’s stereotypes about you, it is not enough to say that it is not enough to practice. Only through real continuous behavior will you continue to impact the fortress that he has built on the original, until he is smashed, he can re-examine it. This brand new, different from the past, and then you have a good feelings of love and affection, thus completing the second attraction.

4. Let the other party recreate the fantasy

As the saying goes, good love is bound to be accompanied by some illusions. This is not a deception, not a routine, but a very clever way to get along. You have to learn to repackage yourself and make a reasonable space for your opponents on your own. Let the other person feel that you are no longer able to see through it. Psychologically give each other some more time to ponder. Your reason.

In the early stages of recovery, you should not force a compound, nor be too eager to expose too much demand. Step by step, naturally, let this relationship regain its brilliance.