How to soak girls? Dating with the sister to do these steps, it is easy to have a relationship

In the past practice, I believe that some of the brothers in the bubble have encountered some problems, but they do not know how to solve them. E.g:1. I have a girl who likes it very much. I am quite happy in the process of dating. But after about two or three times, I will find it more and more difficult, and I will not become a boyfriend or a friend. It’s down.2. I saw the advancing mentality explained in the forum and became very brave. I kissed the girl when I was dating. It felt good at the time. After a few days, the girl was cold to you, and then I couldn’t make it. Finally, the relationship slowly Lightened and even blackened by the target.In the whole process of men and women who have just realized the freedom of TD, I feel that the three big steps that most people will face, or difficult:1. How to get together the girls who know through various channels (talking, networking, social circles). (successful invitation)2. After the sister is born, how can she let her recognize that you are her boyfriend and form a relatively stable relationship with you? (You can hold hands for a long time)3. How to change from a boyfriend who can only hold her hands to a boyfriend who can freely TD every day. (TD)Among the above three questions, the most difficult one is Article 2, because Article 1 as long as you follow the law of large numbers, keep practicing, or lower the conditions, then there are always one or two sisters you are about to come out. And in Article 3, if a woman is willing to let you hold hands and admit that you are her boyfriend, then as long as you do not make a major mistake, TD is only early or late.The second one, after establishing the relationship, represents that you can be a direct sister of the fair, without having to find various excuses for various reasons – because she is your girlfriend. There are countless appointments, and TD is only a matter of time.This is just a discussion of the more traditional love situation. If it is a one-hour push at a nightclub, or a god who likes to play with many women, it is beyond the scope of this article.I believe that most of the brothers who are concerned about the bubble learning network are running a stable relationship. The reason why they learn bubble learning skills is just to make the road to pursue their favorite sisters smoother.OK, now discuss the benefits of establishing relationships.1. You can name an infinite number of invitations, because you are my girlfriend, about your natural meaning. If you don’t establish a relationship, you can have a reason to come out the first three times, after that? Still about to eat? Not tired? About watching a movie? What relationship do I have with you, a man and a woman go to the movies with you? Going to travel? Wow, you are a big satyr, I am not your girlfriend, you are going to travel with me, obviously not well.2. Establish a relationship recognition woman’s recognition of you, if you play with a woman, then the woman can also play with more men, and finally it is easy to develop into a mutually stimulating relationship. . I don’t recommend this to boys. It’s easy to delay your life unless you have time to spend money and waste.3. It is convenient to move in. If you don’t break this window paper, how do you kiss, how do you caress the whole body. It may be possible for some women to be more open, but here are the most traditional women. If the relationship is established, you will enter the Norwegian sister, and she will also comfort herself. This man, although relatively color, sometimes eats Lao Niang tofu, but I am his girlfriend, which is normal. What’s more, the sisters also like to have physical contact with men’s “natural and reasonable”.4. In fact, women are not fools, most beautiful women are very smart, even more mature than men of the same age! ! If you are showing the image of a very playful Playboy, the woman will only play with you in the end. In the end, maybe who is playing? So actually I think it’s ridiculous. It’s better to be a good scam, you might as well be a little more stable, sincere, but the effect will be better.We often say that “bad men” are just different from honest men, but their nature is not bad, more stable and sincere!Regarding the above two questions, you can now answer the same friends you have encountered: Why did you slowly get down after you had a girl two or three times?Because you have not established a relationship, you sometimes need a reasonable reason for your sister to come out. Some goals will feel that we are not male and female friends. It is OK to chat with you occasionally, but you always ask me, this is not clear. What does Chu mean? In addition, the relationship needs to be gradually promoted. If each date does not go any further, then the relationship between men and women will not advance. So my suggestion is that the first time you can not establish a relationship, but the second or third date, it is best to develop to hold hands, otherwise there will be a great possibility of cold relationship. Why did you kiss the girl, and finally she ignored you?Maybe you can kiss a woman in the nightclub in 5 minutes, but in the current social environment, most women are instinctive, but under the traditional constraints, the behavior is relatively conservative – especially some academics look good. High score sister (high Mv). The first time you ask a woman to kiss, it is true that some women are unacceptable. If you can push a sister every 3 days and you can continue it for a long time (so-called “short choice”), then there are only three possibilities:1. You are a very rich and handsome hardware with a very good hardware condition, such as the value of the rich second generation, or the handsome mess – then what are you doing to learn bubble?2. If you are just a very ordinary man, then you can be such a TD girl, her comprehensive conditions are not necessarily high. Or in other words, for a man of the same condition, a girl who is willing to be pushed by you, conditions are generally worse than those of a girl who needs to gradually upgrade your relationship.3. Maybe you haven’t woken up yet.So how do you turn a goal you just met, and you only have one or two appointments into a potential TD, and you are willing to date with you infinitely, and the girlfriend who is holding hands with the light?A more practical suggestion is given below, usually two dating appointments.Appointment arrangements:1. The time of the appointment, it is best to choose around 6 pm, you can eat a dinner, chat, and ease the atmosphere. Just after dinner at 7 o’clock in the evening, it is the dusk time when the sky is just dark, and the light will become more embarrassing.2. The location of the date, it is best to have some parks or campuses near you to eat, to a relatively quiet person, where you can sit, because women’s emotions will be affected by the surrounding environment, after me Many times, in the more secluded places, the resistance of the kino is obviously much less than the resistance of a group of people under the bright lights.3. Date of the appointment: Turn your state from the state of walking to the state of sitting side by side. Sitting is easier than walking. You can say that you just have a little tired and just want to sit and rest for a while.

In the Xi Shi Diwang public number, I learned a lot about how to upgrade the relationship with girls.
4. The atmosphere is set off: It is necessary to create a more relaxed and fun atmosphere. It must not be a serious chat, or it will cause great difficulties for KINO.The arrangement of the KINO process:1. Usually the first date, to do some basic physical contact, to increase your familiarity on the limbs, and these basic physical contact should start from the moment you meet. But now because you have just known each other, it is better to have a reasonable reason for every KINO. Can’t be the kind of KINO that doesn’t say anything directly, so that women will feel awkward.2. Regarding the process of KINO upgrade, it is a relatively natural and gradual process of gradual increase from the time of recognizing that it can be held normally. It is not natural that the hand that directly touches the target is touched, so it will be unnatural, and the woman will I feel very awkward.3. A general process from just recognizing the physical upgrade of the hand is (the practice is in brackets):Touch arm (“careless” touch during sidewalk walking)Hit hands (“I heard that girls with taller heights will have longer fingers, we are better than one”. Two hands are attached together)Touch the back (“The restaurant is here, go here” to caress the target back)Hit the hair (“I think girls are very troublesome, it takes a long time to dry after washing their hair.”) While talking, caressing the target hair, paying attention to the tone and movements.)Pulling (“I think your hair is quite like a puppy’s chain, I am holding you this cute puppy to go” gently holding the target hair for about 5 seconds, take the initiative to let go)Stroke arm (“just the indoor air conditioner is a little big, you are not cold.” Speaking at the same time, naturally grasp the target arm gently after 3~5 seconds and then let go.)Pointing (“You are not cold”, grab the target’s hand, and then slowly turn into two fingers, about 10 seconds or so, take the initiative to let go.)Hand in hand (“There are a lot of people here, I will take you to go”. I need to stay a few seconds in front of the front to take the initiative to let go, don’t always hold the awkward feeling of the target, and then gradually increase the time.)Each of the above KINOs should be repeated as many times as possible to increase the familiarity of the limbs.The above-mentioned into the inside, holding the arm and holding the hair is a temptation to hold hands. If the target is not resentful and does not escape, you can gradually increase the time and try to hold hands.According to the above statement, after personal verification, usually 2 to 3 times, you will have one more girlfriend.The most important thing is that under the premise that your own hardware and material conditions are unchanged, the comprehensive conditions of appearance, academic background, personality ethics and family status will be better than that of your quick push and nightclub. The sister is much taller.