Hu Ge’s acting broke up tonight, beating his face and causing me to cry three times!

Yesterday it was me who couldn’t afford the Hussein. Today, Lao Hu beat his face with acting skills. Hu Ge was in the fugitive, who was in the car and dried up the bread and had a mineral water. This was the initial image of how many entrepreneurs were poor and depressed.

One of the details was that Hu Ge and other masters were able to repair the car directly on the roadside in a shabby shed. When they came out, there was a zipper pull. This is very true. You run away on the road. Just poor old Hu, in order to show the results, even the toilet are rushed to shoot. Really fight! ▼

In the small hotel to avoid the wind, while comforting his girlfriend, watching the wind afraid of the police to grab himself. At the most dangerous time, my heart is still my girlfriend. At this time I just thought how good it would be if a police uncle could not catch you. ▼

In the period of prison, I was so cramped that I was deeply in love with my girlfriend, but I had to say that when I was feeling unfeeling, I wanted my girlfriend to completely leave her.

Seeing his girlfriend crying, Hu Ge’s eyes can’t bear to see, but he reluctantly turned to leave. After seeing how my own eyes were wet, tears could not stop falling. Those who can’t support hunting grounds, you give me thick. I promise not to hit you! ▼

The lawyer did not give up and came again to prove that Hu Ge was crying and begged the lawyer not to tell the truth about Roy. Let her die. Hu Song tears, I also followed tears.

How many prisoners have chosen to divorce and break up after they enter jail in order not to drag their family members. The details of this arrangement are also very real. Hu Ge just took this tangle of emotions to the extreme. ▼

Accidentally seeing her girlfriend passing by in the prison, she was so annoyed that she was excited to speak. To know that he is the talented lecturer who specializes in washing people’s brains, he kept saying that he did not love his girlfriend. The body is very honest. ▼

After Hu Ge was released from prison, he was discriminated against by the hotel security and the police because he was in jail. He cried indignantly: Discrimination! Self-mutilation in the hotel, crying when he went to see the master was helpless.

This cry opera is so vivid that Lao Hu sees the 300,000 that the master has given him. First, he glimpses his head and cries. Hi! I also deceived me with one litre of tears.

The desperation after his release from prison, the helplessness of wanting to start anew, and the fact that he was hitting the wall all were written in this painful expression and tears. ▼

Tonight’s Hu Song made me really forget that he was the tall handsome Shuo Hu, but only a prisoner. His pain, struggle, and helplessness make people feel empathy.

Lao Hu, you are not only worthy of the title of the actor, but also worthy of all fans who support you, you once again prove

Hu Song = acting skills.