Human muscle muscle connection

1. sternocleidomastoid:
The sternocleidomast is oblique on both sides,
The neck is firmly fixed by her;
Under the chest, two heads,
Up to the line of the mastoid.

2. Scalene:
Para-paraspicious muscles after breast,
Three muscles are slashed;
Up to the transverse margin of the cervical spine,
Down to one or two ribs. ­

3. Upper skewed skin:
The upper trapezius muscle is on the neck side,
Connected to the spinous process ligament;
Up to the neck of the upper line,
Down to the clavicle three points.

4. Medial skewed skin:
The middle trapezius muscle is on the shoulder,
Connected to the spinous process ligament;
Inside to the six-neck tri-thoracic vertebra
Outside to the shoulders of the shoulders.

5. Bottom skewed skin:
Bottom skewed skin surface best,
Four to twelve chest spines;
Outside to the inside of the shoulder blade,
The scapula levator is connected above.

6. Chest large skin:
The pectoralis major muscle is under the collarbone,
Lock the chest ribs three parts;
Inside to the six-costal cartilage surface,
Outside to the second muscle groove.

7. Small skin:
Small muscles under the large muscles,
More damage to the upper arm movement;
Internal to bifurcated costal cartilage,
Outside to the shoulder blade.

8. Shoulder levator muscle:
Shoulder levator muscle is very important,
Shoulder weight is often injured;
Up to four neck transverse processes,
Down to the top of the shoulder blade.

9. Rhombus muscle:
The size of the diamond is tightly connected,
With the inner edge of the shoulder blade;
Mega-thoracic four-spine ligament,
Xiaoling Liuqiu neck between the spines.

10. Back skin:
Large and powerful latissimus dorsi,
Stabilize the lower back and upper arms;
Under the six chest and lumbar vertebrae,
The upper branch is combined with the great round muscle.

11. Great round muscle:
The small round big round is falling,
Auxiliary under the ridge and wide;
Inside to the lower corner of the shoulder blade,
External and dorsotrophic muscle bundles.

12. Delta muscle:
The deltoid muscle covers the humerus,
The power is huge on the arm;
Inside to the outer shoulder of the lock,
From the middle to the upper part of the humerus.

13. Okashiga Okashita Skin:
Upper sacral muscle and infraspinatus muscle,
Contribute to the upper arm;
Inside to the Gangshanggang lower nest,
From the outside to the big bone nodules.

14. 肱 biceps:
The biceps are divided into lengths.
盂 粗 粗 连 long head;
Short head connected to the nose,
Down to the cheekbone trousers.

15. Diaphragm:
The upper arm of the diaphragm is on the flexion side,
The function of elbow must be understood;
Up to the front surface of the tibia,
Down to the ulnar coronoid process. ­

16 triceps:
After the triceps patella,
The underarm nodule has a long head;
The outer rear surface is short-headed,
Far down the ulna to the olecranon. ­

17 喙肱 Skin:
Lateral forearm,
The triple relationship must be kept in mind;
Near the shoulder blade,
As far as the middle of the cheekbones.

18 肱 skin:
Important tendon of the forearm,
Leverage is powerful;
Near to the top of the cheekbone,
As far as the stem of the humerus.

19桡lateral wrist extensor:
Long and short wrist extensor muscles,
Stable and stretched wrist;
Near to the top of the cheekbone,
As far as the bottom of the second and third metacarpal.

20. Ulnar wrist extensor:
Two ulnar wrist extensors,
One side of the humerus
The second connecting ulnar bone,
As far as the fifth metacarpal bone.

21. Finger extensor:
Small finger muscles and extensors,
Connect four phalanx bones;
Near to the top of the cheekbone,
Far from the dorsal side of the phalanx.

22. Palm length:
Forearm flexion of the longus muscle,
The only thing floating on the wristband;
Near to the upper jaw of the humerus,
As far as the wristband palmar fascia.

23. 桡 side arm skirt:
Forearm radial wrist flexor,
Flexing the wrist and abducting;
Near to the upper jaw of the humerus,
As far as the bottom of the second and third metacarpal.

24. Ulnar wrist flexor:
The ulnar wrist bends two heads,
Down to the metacarpal and peas;
The humeral head is connected to the upper jaw.
The ulnar head is connected to the olecranon.

25. erector spinae:
The back of the ridge starts from the muscles,
Three groups of muscle care balance;
The rib muscles are at the outermost side.
The long muscle spine muscles are in the palace.

26. Multiple fracture muscles:
Multi-cracked spine on both sides,
It seems that the pillar is very strong;
Down to the humerus and ligaments,
Up to all vertebral processes.

27. Lumbar skin:
The lumbar muscles are under the fascia,
Coordinating the role of the lumbar muscles;
Down to the waist and cross,
Up to the 12 ribs of the lumbar spine.

28. Lumbar large skin:
Important muscle psoas muscle,
Under the small turn and the diaphragm;
Up to the twelve thoracic vertebrae,
Five lumbar vertebrae are connected.

29. Large skin of the buttocks:
Strong and powerful gluteus maximus,
Covering the gluteus and small muscles;
Up to the end of the cheekbone,
Under the fascia femur.

30. gluteus gluteus brevis:
Middle muscles are connected up and down,
Covering the gluteus maximus on the face;
Up to the next two lines,
Down to the side of the greater trochanter.

31. Pear-like skin:
Piriformis behind the tibia,
Stabilize the hip and external rotation;
Inside to the large incision of the tibia,
Outer to the upper edge of the greater trochanter.

32. Quadriceps:
Inside and outside the quadriceps,
Attached to the front of the thigh femur;
Lower the knee to the cheekbones,
The lengths above are different.

33. Masculine skin:
Leaning on the knee,
Often affect the piriformis;
Down to the medial edge of the tibia,
Up to the front of the iliac spine.

34. Semitendinosus semimembranosus:
Semitendinosus and semimembranosus,
Internal rotation and knee bending are meaningful;
Down to the inside of the tibia,
Up to the end of the ischial tuberosity.

35. biceps femoris:
The biceps femoris is divided into lengths.
Connected to the humeral head below;
Long head connected to the ischial knot,
The outer edge of the short thick line.

36. Broad fascia lamina:
Lateral fascia muscle,
Rotating the hip bone within the flexion;
The top is connected to the front spine,
Embed the bundle below.

37. tibialis anterior muscle:
The tibia has a anterior muscle on the outside.
Straight down across the calf;
Up to the extramedullary membrane,
The inner to the inner wedge is at the bottom of the bone.

38. Long bones of the humerus:
Lateral humerus longissimus,
Straight down the outer side of the calf;
Up to outside and outside,
Down to the inner wedge of the humerus.

39. Gastrocnemius:
The gastrocnemius is behind the calf,
Sensitive muscles are divided into two ends;
On the inside and outside of the femur,
After entering the Achilles tendon.

40. The soleus muscle:
Flatfish under the calf,
Heel pain excitation point;
There are long chains on it,
Under the sputum into the Achilles tendon.