I am Ricky, co-founder of eico, this is my weapon |

Introduce yourself and the work you do.


Ricky has been in the product design field for 15 years. From Foxmail to Creative Innovation, to my partner in 2004 Rokey Set up together eico This brand. In addition to design services, the first eico design mobile app brand was created in 2010. Weico Weico Weibo client is a relatively familiar third-party client of Weibo.

What hardware are you using?

Early work using the Sony VAIO series of notebook products, since 2002, using the PowerBook G4 15″ Ti notebook has become Apple’s loyal fruit powder, almost all Mac models. Recently replaced by a deep gray new Macbook . Other devices are basically Apple’s series of products, such as iPad iPhone Apple TV and many more. I personally prefer B&O on music products. H6 H3 Headphones Beolit 15 Wireless speaker.


In addition to the Adobe series, the main office software is iWork series Not the Office series. The main reason is that the iWork family’s experience is smoother on the Mac, including Keynotes, Pages, and Numbers.

In addition to these commonly used software, Evernote Evernote is my most used tool. I have been a member of Evernote Platinum for many years, because I need to interact and organize information and data on multiple devices and platforms. I used to use the international version, I just moved to last year. Evernote The main reason is the speed of access to the international version. Editing website information I mainly use Chrome Evernote Expanded to complete, very efficient and convenient, whether it is easy to edit and take notes in picture text or links. In addition to cutting, the most I use is to use the camera capture function to collect cards, business cards or documents. Because after collecting Evernote, you can directly search for the text of the captured content. This greatly facilitates my search needs. Very powerful function.

In addition to the recording tools, there is a commonly used tool. MindNode Pro This is a very powerful and powerful cross-platform mind mapping software. It is very focused and flexible, and is a great tool for brainstorming and organizational planning.

Third-party collaboration tools at work primarily use Chrome & Things & Google services. Other tools basically use Apple’s own tools, including the iCloud service. There are several recommended tools for the system, including anti-spam plugins. SpamSieve , cleaning up the Mac system CleanMyMac , Windows virtual machine Parallels

About project management and collaboration platforms, mainly used Tower To do project schedule management and tracking.

What is your ideal working environment?

Simple and pure and integrated into nature, as this provides a quiet space for thinking. If you can build a studio that blends into nature in the forest, it should be a wonderful thing. In addition, there must be a desk everywhere. De’Longhi A coffee machine and a bubble of water for unlimited drinks. Of course, it is more important to be able to work with a group of ideal designers, no matter what the designer.

What are the ways you usually get inspiration for your work?

In fact, most of the inspiration for work comes from the communication between people, and for me, running is also one of the ways to inspire. To say that it is more special may be that in the days when Beijing is in a good weather, there are many gains when driving a convertible to the top of the mountain. Of course, taking time out to see the world every year is also a must. Because inspiration is not hard to think of, so charging from time to time is very important to the designer.

Recommend a weapon in life for everyone.

Then I think that must be a Herman Miller Chair. Because most people ignore the importance of having an ergonomic office chair. So every designer who joins eico, the first thing you will come after is to choose your own Herman Miller work chair.

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