I have been in the eight years since I joined the work.

I got the first offer of my life through an interview in October 2007. I worked as a sales assistant in a trading company of forty or fifty people. The company is an agent of IBM server. As a sales assistant, I contacted my sales manager. Calling everywhere, unfortunately, the little girl who has not graduated from the university is ashamed to say a word, not to mention any customers. The sales manager is a man, and I don’t have any requirements for me. Later, I was asked to go out to work with a errand such as a check. As a result, I was crying back on the way of taking the check by the financial aunt. The check was not received, but the sales manager comforted me. Now I think it was stupid to be home. I have done this job for about two months. I have a monthly internship of 500 yuan. My monthly transportation fee is more than 400 pieces. Since the school is in a remote suburb, I am going to get up at 6 o’clock every morning. I can get to the company after three hours of bus trips. After excuses, the school has to write a thesis, and I will never go again.
The second job was an operation management trainee. I was in charge of the management of footwear in Nanjing, one of the most high-end shopping malls. It is said that management is to open a morning meeting for the promoters, complete monthly inventory every month, do some performance analysis reports, talk about some promotion mechanisms with the brand company business, and deal with some customers’ complaints. In fact, I am very satisfied with this job. The salary during the internship period is already 1,500 yuan. In addition, there is a meal, and the working environment is so fashionable. Although there are a few things I can’t afford at the end. Sometimes I will go to work at 2 am in the morning, and I am really scared when I get home from work, but I am still satisfied with my job until the company HR informs me that I need to be transferred to Huai’an after graduation. Disagree, the HR with a pregnant belly and a big belly is indifferent and disdainful: “You know that the students who graduated from non-prestigious schools are inferior to others. We recruit you to come in to send you to other places. What qualifications do you have to talk to me about the conditions?” I shed tears when I got out of the HR office door. I took off my work uniform and didn’t even have any hand-overs. Then I lost my job.
In the period after losing my second job, I was able to pass a comfortable and final college time with ease. Because I had interviewed a few rounds of companies and sent me an offer, although I had to go far south, I decided This is a job that respects at least my work. I have to report when I graduated from college. I am quite satisfied with the salary. And he also has a well-known and well-known name: sales management trainees. At noon on July 14, 2008, I took my rare baggage and accompanied my girlfriend to Nanjing Railway Station. Before I got on the train, several college students sent text messages to wish me a good trip. I want to leave this. I have lived in a city that has lived for four years. It is full of my love and hate. I am crying with my girlfriend and I am not adult. Later, I still wiped my tears and turned my back on the train. The past events in the university are in the roar of the train. My mind whizzed past, the train was bumping all the way, I woke up and woke up. After more than five hours, I arrived at Shanghai Station. Shanghai Station is the station with the longest stay. I lay on the train berth and looked at the sign of “Shanghai”. I have been pondering for a long time, but I don’t know that my future life is fixed in the city of Shanghai. Later, the day began to darken, the train began to go south, I fell asleep, and when I woke up again, it was morning, through the glass window, I saw a scene I had never seen before: yellow and yellow earthen walls, Large lotus pond. I am thinking about where I will be in the future? doing what? After a moment of confusion, I finally reached my destination: a small town in Fujian.
I stayed in this small town of Fujian for a week and lived in the most expensive hotel in the local area. Whenever I took a taxi to report my destination, the driver was full of envy. The dozen or so small partners we have joined together are from the north and the south, belonging to the marketing department, sales department, research department and other departments. Since they are just graduated from the same university, everyone will soon be familiar with it. We will visit the factory and join the company. Training, then each person was randomly assigned to a different city and was taken away by his own tutor. I am very fortunate to be a Jiangsuese who is assigned to Shanghai, which is closer to Jiangsu. The tutor is a woman. The fashion trend is intellectual. She took me to Shanghai by plane. It was the first time in my life to take a plane and check in. When I was completely like a fool, I didn’t know how to deal with it. In order to prevent the instructor from seeing my embarrassment, I kept hiding behind her, secretly learning how to check her, how to carry out baggage check, and how to pass the security check. I remember that when I arrived at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, it was more than eight o’clock in the evening. The airport was brightly lit. The big “Shanghai” on the airport saw my heartbeat. I have fallen in love with this city. I hope that I can stay forever.

I stayed at a fast hotel near the company that night and came to the office on Monday to see all the colleagues, they were friendly and lovely. In the first week of work, I sat in the back seat of the electric car in charge of my colleagues in the traditional channel, and ran through the smoky shops that are rare in Shanghai. The temperature in Shanghai in July was not that high, but after a week I became the daughter of the peasant: the little black girl in the field. After staying at the hotel for a week, I moved into a house that I had already rented with my colleagues in the company. It was a broken neighborhood near the bustling Xinhua Road. The area of ​​the property was less than 12 square meters. Our house is The shady surface on the first floor, the sun is not seen all day long, and the sunshine that comes in through the window when I wake up in the morning will make the house darker. Even more terrifying is that it is easy to breed because of the dampness. I remember the moment when the predecessor came to see me when I opened the door. Several huge cockroaches held a squirrel on the table, so that when the former servant saw it, she remembered me. Even if I live in such an environment, my roommate and I are still full of gratitude for life. Because I am in the sales department, I can go home early every day. I go to the market to buy food and cook, and she returns to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Then share what you see and hear on the day.

In the first three months, I followed the company’s management trainees’ field training plan to complete the steps step by step. As a sales management trainee, our training courses are almost all around. Communication: Communication skills / handling of objections / negotiation skills / customer penetration / visit customer eight steps / retail environment profile. I applied these courses to my usual practice and got the first good place in the mid-term report. Unfortunately, the person who scored the last one was notified that the trial period had not passed, the next day. I took the plane back to Qingdao to pack my luggage. After half a year, when I was still “stupid and sweet”, I discussed with the girls who came in together. If I used these techniques more drastically, I realized that the boys who came in with us had already got the order to go to Jiangxi. He is us. The first person to be promoted in this year’s management trainees has been managing seven or eight people at the age of 25, responsible for one or two million businesses a year. We had to ask him for advice while admiring. He was like an experienced person who told us the importance of getting a superior boss. I was shocked, but I also felt that I could only look at some things, and I couldn’t do it. In the next few months, the seven people who came in, apart from the people who had been promoted, were in a sincere and fearful way. Each of us had a city in which we expected to be transferred, and we were afraid to be transferred. A city that is completely unfamiliar and not prepared. We are like a chess piece. Whenever a city has a job vacancy for various reasons, we will receive a paper order and then go to that city without hesitation, or just leave.

While waiting for the order, I have been actively doing my job, studying Excel and PPT, and actively participating in all projects that can participate. Because of working at the Shanghai headquarters, the unique advantage is that you can often have direct communication and communication with senior management. I have been preparing for a long time. Finally, in a team building activity, I expressed my thoughts on the optimization management of promoters. These ideas were affirmed by the sales director and KA director. I think this is also an opportunity. Let me stand out among the hundreds of people in the company and left a deep impression on the management.

When I worked for nearly nine months in March 2009, due to the departure of my colleagues, I finally got the position of KA, the director of the modern channel department that I dreamed of, although it only managed a retail that was not so important in Shanghai. Business, but this is a milestone for me, because it means I will stay in Shanghai all the time, no need to worry about drifting around.

During the two years of working in the modern channel department, I got an unprecedented improvement. I learned to read the Nielsen report, learn to explore business opportunities through consumer research reports, and learn how to develop a joint business plan with KA customers. Working in the national department, daily communication with sales colleagues across the country has greatly increased my communication skills. But in the two years of working here, I have been depressed, and all my motivation for serious study is to prepare for my job-hopping, because I have a straight-line boss who is very poor in taste and fat, thinking about mixing every day. At the same time, she often gives me some suggestions on some details. For example, the fonts in PPT are set to 5 or 4. Then there is another female colleague who is similar to my age, and who has a black belly and especially likes to compare with me and compete for favor. Although I am constantly interviewing, taking offer, and refusing to offer, I still don’t really want to leave the company so quickly. Until a colleague responsible for the whole country Lok Fu left, my straight line, my first boss is pushing me to take over Carrefour, and almost everyone knows the beginning of the company, but I did not wait until the last moment to wait for this result. When the results came out, I almost stayed alone, but I have learned to be quiet. In the latter part of the time, I began to frantically look for work. In order to leave the environment early, I even chose to work at the end of the month without any increase in salary. However, the company’s background is also a foreign-invested top 500 company. I chose to leave with determination. . When I resigned, my boss of the straight line interviewed me and told me that I would be promoted in June, but I don’t think it’s important. I just want to escape from such an environment, and I don’t work in a harmonious relationship. Also not recognized.

In July 2011, I went to the new company to report that this is a well-known foreign company’s top 500 fast-moving consumer goods company. Recruiting me into the company is a Team leader who has just airborne to this company’s short-term national key customer team. He graduated from Fudan University, is smart and diligent, young and promising. He is in such a position when he is in his thirties. The annual salary, I think all of this should be attributed to his professionalism in managing key national customers and his positive attitude. A few of our children, under his leadership, conscientiously and conscientiously do sales planning, and strive to complete the sales goal, and at the same time, because of the common problems of large companies, they struggle with the company’s cumbersome process every day. One of the daily working hours with me comes from Fudan, one from the Peking University MBA, and the other is the senior manager of the company for five or six years. They love their work from the bottom of their hearts and can be recognized by the company’s top management. I have been watching this busy company like a passer-by. I think this is probably the sense of self-ownership of the company. It may be because I am not strong enough in my heart. I always feel that I am from a local company, and some of my colleagues have indeed expressed a strong sense of superiority because of their foreign capital 500 background. In such an environment, every day under tremendous psychological pressure, and because there are too many unnecessary pagework, several of our new employees are working overtime almost every day, usually at 8 o’clock in the evening, and then busy at 8 o’clock. After going back, continue working overtime until twelve o’clock. I remember that once I had a week, I worked overtime at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. It was too sleepy. I set the alarm at three in the morning. After two or three hours of sleep, I suddenly woke up and immediately sat up and continued my homework. Because there are a lot of homework to pay the next day. About three months, I really couldn’t stand it, and offered to resign, but the boss proposed to retain, and then sent some work to the assistants of the same department. I continued to endure this kind of time and endured for half a year. Suddenly at 9:30 in the morning, we received a very urgent meeting for all of our team to attend a meeting at 10 o’clock in the morning. The content of the meeting was to be determined. At ten o’clock, colleagues from the Guangzhou headquarters attended the meeting on time in the conference room. Our colleagues in Shanghai dialed in through the conference call and then heard a shocking news: our Team leader was transferred to a newly established department. The sales are even smaller than the customers I am responsible for. All of us were shocked by this news, including the Team leader itself, because he was also notified of this personnel change at ten o’clock. We are all feeling that we are working hard like this, so dedicated, working every day until two in the morning, why do people who have only rested for three or four hours a day suffer from such unfair treatment? At that time, I was still “stupid and sweet”, but I didn’t know that the “personnel change” of the ever-changing message was just beginning. In the following time, each of us was recruited by this Team leader, and we did not find another backer before this. People who are going to accept bloody hurricanes, from top to bottom, are mobilized one by one, or transferred to unimportant positions, or are vacant or resigned. This kind of time lasted for almost half a year. People like me who are in a low position and insignificant have seen such a scene. They know that they have no hope of promotion, and they have been lobbied by headhunters. They quickly got a poor offer. . A responsible customer who is not important, the usual low-key and cautious colleague Q, in this personnel change, because they have not found a good home in time, but those who initiated the “blood wash NCT” can not wait for his “stayless” Step by step to launch an attack, various important meetings do not invite Q, stop all his business resources, and finally use HR to talk about “dismissal compensation.” The annual salary of 400,000 yuan is not immediately available. If you are unemployed, how can your home mortgage be repaid? How is the tuition fee for children going to school? Although there will be some savings before, some people who are unemployed for a year at home are also very popular. Xu is the pressure of these lives, let Q, who is usually low-key and rigorous, tenacious and the company to fight, until Q finally complained to the world on the grounds of “workplace discrimination”, the new Team Leader will be willing to let go, wait for Q Found a new job. The last of us was the female colleague who had escaped from the robbery because of pregnancy. She quickly left after giving birth, but in fact, even during her pregnancy, her work was mobilized numerous times because she was a senior mother. I need this job and I need this child, so I have been continually forbearing until the end of the lactation period. It is only three years since we entered the company.

Xu has seen the “blood rain and hurricane” people become stronger. Xu is a company from the world’s top 500 companies to a company with a few hundred people. I suddenly changed someone, the former timid The little girl disappeared. I believe that I will do my best at the same time, and I will continue to expose myself to the top in different ways. I maintain good relations with people who are helpful to my work, and at the same time fierce and sultry. My person, I must fight fiercely and make him “painful.” Because you have seen the scene, no matter how good or bad you are, as long as you don’t stand on the team yourself, if one loses, no matter whether you have offended people before, you will eventually become lost. Perhaps the inner timidity is much less, but it is more conducive to me to display myself. I am here to put the skills that I have really worked in my work for the first five years to be exquisite, perhaps because many people around me have not worked in big companies, and have not received professional training. Their daily work is their own. The accumulation of the new skills that I brought to them is envied. In this environment, I am more confident, I am trying hard to win all the projects that help me grow my work. In the busy and self-satisfied, I started to manage my team in less than half a year after joining the company, although the team has only three people. In the early days of starting the team, I actually showed a lot of unconfidence, because there are still many different places to do things and bring the team. Because one of the subordinates left, in order to quickly fill the vacancy, I recruited one. Especially suitable people, I thought that everything through my training and his own learning, can be qualified for this position, and later found that some people can not help the fight, to the age of forty or still do this The position is destined to have no future. During the time I worked with him, I was not happy with him. Because he was far below my requirements, I once wanted to dismiss him directly when I was assessed for the trial period, but at the time I was still kind. People, I feel that I can give him some more time. Maybe he can do better. The fact is that my decision has harmed me and hurt him. In the next year, he has suffered very painfully. It is also often hysterical because of him, but perhaps because of his qualifications, such a degree of education, it is almost impossible to find a job of about 200,000 at such an age, so it has always endured everything without dignity. Until the end I couldn’t bear to transfer him to another position, we finally ended the days of torture. After this experience, I swear I will never recruit employees before 80. Day by day, I have been enjoying the work of doing so much money and doing things close to home, and I also know that according to my current development situation, my career can not go up to a short time in a short period of time. Applying for the MBA, the first time I was prepared was not particularly good, the interview did not get the C line, so I did not continue to prepare for the written test, I thought about it again in a few years. However, such a calm day was finally broken by the changes of the upper management team. The new round of personnel changes has begun again. I originally wanted to be independent, but the new KA director is not the style of my favorite boss. I even think that from He can’t learn anything around him. What makes me depressed most is the office location I used to sit in, but because of his arrival, I want to move away. Every position in the office symbolizes the status of a person and the future direction of development. Seriously affected my calm heart, I embarked on the journey of a crazy interview. It happened that the general manager who left the company before this time lacked a leader in the sales NKA team. He found me. Such a position has a lot of improvement for me and the previous position. I have been waiting for it. But I always think that the time is not yet. In the face of the opportunity to come ahead, I was timid, and suddenly airborne to an unfamiliar environment to manage more than a dozen sales executives and managers, this will face too much challenge. After my own deliberation, I still accepted this position. Although I am not confident enough, team management will eventually be a problem I have to face. I have faced it early, even if I make mistakes, there is still capital to be able to turn over.

Before I officially started my job, I first got the organizational chart of my new team and repeatedly studied how to better manage the new team. After more than a month of observation, I basically saw some people’s positions, and I used to know a few rounds of workplace reshuffle, and I also know a little about the skills. In the second month, I made some adjustments to the original organizational structure. I really hope that the organizational structure can be adjusted to optimize the efficiency of the team. Second, the most important thing is to adjust some of the cleanliness and I am not The person with the same position, the fact is that two people have left the company in the month. I quickly recruited and established my own team members. This laid a good foundation for many of my work in the later period. In the third month, I will use the original assessment mechanism. Some adjustments have been made. Some old employees have expressed great dissatisfaction with my adjustments. Because the previous assessment mechanism advocates equal participation, my assessment mechanism is clearly rewarded and punished. Some people who are not active are in the monthly bonus assessment. The loss of interest, a few months of repetition made someone take the initiative to leave. Of course, those employees who are responsible for the business and who are important and also perform well, I also give them the opportunity to promote and rectify, which further stabilizes the stability of the existing organizational structure and also stimulates their great potential. After nearly half a year of constant adjustment, my team finally began to be under my control and full of combat power, which is completely different from the state I just came to be isolated. Of course, there are still some diehards of “old tycoons” who actively cooperate with the work on the surface, but in private, they are provoke other colleagues to fight against me. At this time, I am no longer as indecisive as I was a year ago. When I continued to resist the chaos, I chose a suitable time and reason to fire one of the people who were challenged by others and clash with me. Killing chickens and monkeys, the demons and ghosts who are making waves, quiet down, everyone starts to do their own things seriously. Due to the adjustment of the assessment mechanism, many people have more motivation to get more bonuses, so most people start Focus on your own work, not on their managers.