I practice data analytics skills transformation from HR to product manager

The blank is written in front: When I was in Orlando, a beautiful female student (watching the ball photos) wanted to make an appointment for me to talk about how to promote data analysis in the company and bring value to the company. We cooperate with each other. At the other party’s time, my early seven-point speech with the Liutong WeChat voice began. At that time, I had communicated for a full hour. I thought for myself: In the days, I sent another 1000+ dollars to go out. As a person who provides professional services, I really feel bad. My time. However, when I talked to the children who could help this shoe, I still felt special value. Also knowing her story, she learned that POINT’s boyfriend signed up for the first period in Shanghai, so his boyfriend took her to attend the third period of Shenzhen. Later, she saw her graduation design work on the ticket circle. She was shocked all of a sudden. She discovered that she used data analysis skills as a data whiteboard to transform from HR to a product manager. It is not easy to think about this little girl. She was then asked to book an appointment for her growth. She really was a man who was very happy. He delivered the manuscript within 24 hours. It seems that this girl can succeed for a reason

The following is the history of Liu’s mind. Let me talk about her success. I think it is related to her own efforts, motivation and courage.

Little relationship. Don’t think that because of this article, it will feel very powerful to report to the special training camp. NONONO, this still depends on the individual. I don’t like the propaganda of the imaginary brain, just want to share this inspirational story of the workplace to everyone. The following article was not changed.

How has Liu graduated from Point to quickly get started with company data analysis and promote digital operations?

One, character background

Second, the initial experience of small white contact point

Third, how to quickly practice data analysis

Fourth, how to influence the right person

Before graduating from point, I was the HR of the program design, and now is the product manager of the strategic planning department.

Entering the workplace is exiled

I am a graduate of Liu from Point, from the IT industry, working for 1.5 years. As a rookie who has just begun climbing, the professional experience can not be said to be twists and turns, but there are also 5+ bosses in the company. He has worked in 3 different departments, and it can be said that the patience and scalability are good. Haha.

I was recruited as a marketing management trainee at the time of the school recruiting. At that time we were experiencing a new CEO taking office and making great business adjustments. Whatever the various projects of Guan Peisheng couldn’t attend, I was invited to the Marketing Director. I also left my job a month later.

In the beginning, in fact, I once felt very lost. After all, I used to be a university student who held a position in South China and won a national award.

Especially at that time, due to changes in business, the new boss wanted to quickly get results. No new recruits were needed, and the position was freed up to attract more experienced people. So after graduating for half a year, I was exiled by the Marketing Department and felt that I had done a lot of hard work but I was not recognized. (Because the career planning that he started from sophomore year is Marketing, junior began to practice in 4A and various internet marketing departments, and was also approved by the intern company)

Because I used to be a college student, I didn’t expect it to be so depraved after work. It was too embarrassing for my classmates to know. At that time, Miss HR also laughed that you were too bad luck, but you know The biggest reason is that the various capabilities cannot meet the needs of the business.

– The first transition in career

Fortunately, our HR director sent an invitation to me.

Before I left the marketing department, HRD would often find me to assist in some things. This time, she also got me into the bag.

“That was the night of the previous year’s annual meeting. I was doing miscellaneous work. HRD came over and supported my shoulder and said: Come to our department. Apart from you, I really don’t think I can find anyone to do it.”

At the time, I had a feeling of being confessed by HRD. I was very touched.

After being exiled after all, I thought that it would be better to promote myself first.

Now that the opportunity has come, I must take it.

After I entered the HR department, I took the initiative to approach her through some of my previous project experience, so after the co-ordination of most of the projects in the department, the boss will let me serve as the main provider of the project idea. Other colleagues are responsible for each module, and the owner HRD is my resource provider. So I have a lot of opportunities to exercise my own organizational ability, cross-departmental communication skills and so on.

The projects in the HR department are either staged or imperceptibly affected employees. During the process, they contacted many senior levels of different departments because the work was more reliable and received most of the Leader’s trust.

During this period of HR, also won the company’s awards, including individuals and projects.

It can be seen how important a good boss is.

– Knowing Point is an important turning point in my second career transformation

During the HR work, I think from time to time, in addition to the responsibility to drive me to do things well, then I would like to continue to obstinate Marketing career plan to continue? Or can I still do something else?

While I was in constant contact with the business, I saw the happiness of sales colleagues winning the bill. When the new business line was established, the project team organized the business model very well. I also think that since I am willing to spend a lot of time and energy, can I do something closer to the business?

At the time when I ended up with a project, I actively communicated with HRD. Although HRD did not hesitate to maintain a very open mind, it will help me look at opportunities.

It took more than a month, HRD learned a suitable opportunity, the environment of the Strategic Planning Department was appropriate, I passed the interview, reached a communication between the two sides, and began preliminary working contacts.

Before going to the Department of Strategic Planning, during this month’s time, I came across POINT by chance.

I buried the seeds that I have successfully entered into this department and have received attention in this department.

—Totally’s data white, inspired:

1. POINT is more like a brainstorming workshop. People from different industries communicate with each other. I obviously feel that the understanding of the data has deepened. Not only is it floating on the surface, but I understand how it is in different industries. Kind of.

2. It is intuitive that I understand that there are so many commercial values ​​in the original data, waiting for us to discover.

3. The skills that I have learned in the classroom have enabled me to really try it in my work environment.

I can probably feel that since it is necessary to transform, data analysis may be my starting point.

The master leads the door and the data is self-evolving.

If you want to be accepted by business, it must be able to provide value for your business. Back-office personnel are not very interested in the business or business model of the entire company because the actual work content is not relevant to the business. It is certainly not enough to get the attention through basic operational skills. Then I must catch up with the progress of the business within a limited time.

— How did I get into the Strategic Planning Department?

Direct Leader contact, let him know what you can do, get more resources

What happened to me was that before I talked to him, I completed the study of Point and I was already exploring the company’s data. I also tried to consult Point’s teacher, both technical and business thinking. (Here is a special thanks to Mr. Wind for finding out where my problems are in the language of each one; CC teachers, many of their thoughts expand, feel that they are both cool and nice, and their patience has further promoted them. My input to data)

During the interview, we communicated this year’s plan. When he described one of the businesses, I asked him: The direction of this business sounds very reproducible, and how successful is it?

He said: There may be no results. This is the line of business that the boss has clearly requested; our original mainline business will not see a breakthrough this year.

At this time, I propose that it is not as good as we use the data to verify this matter.

Here, I took out some analysis of the current product data from the computer and exchanged my ideas with him.

Because our R&D headquarters is in the United States, the data reports that we usually look at are from headquarters, and these data reports are only trends and there are no conclusions. So he was very interested in seeing some business opportunities from the data. In addition to successfully entering the business department, he even let go of my hand and let me do more of this. I also have more resources and time. Practice and output.

Here’s an episode, maybe everyone will be curious, back office people, how to get business data?

This is a good question. If you have a lot of data on your hands, that’s the best. If not, then it’s best to find out what your company’s data operations are like.

When I finished learning data analysis, I was tempted to try all kinds of things. So, first of all, I found the most direct business department, more familiar sales colleagues, and knew if they would use data to assist sales, so I learned about an internal data query. System, and let this colleague to borrow his account to study, so I have some preliminary data sources, you can try.

In addition to data, how to practice analytical thinking?

1. If you have more experience with business, you can quickly get answers to one thing, and it is easier to know how to combine it with data.

2. If you don’t have experience, then you may want to think. What dimensions might I need to consider in order to solve this problem? What data do I need to support it? (This is my practice method.) Sometimes I would take extremism and I feel puzzled by the conclusions of many experiences, but later I discovered that when you have some knowledge of the problem, you will find it to be much more efficient. This is also my current situation. Balanced content.

3, you may find some clues, try to find its breakthrough point from this clue, and verify with the business department.

People who have the right influence will allow you to have a wide range of analysis and gain more room for growth.

After earnestly preparing, I entered the department and obtained the authority of the department director, and the data was more widely available.

However, because of the entry, I will mostly assist with other work in addition to providing data. Still like before, our data reference comes from the U.S. headquarters, and our own database is not well used. I want to promote our data operation in China because the overall data atmosphere of the company has not been formed and my boss can only comfort me. This we will push it, but this is not the point.

Identify opportunities and limit the analysis to existing work.

So far, I have had two “overgrading” experiences. Actually, I still have a little bit of fear (hahaha, especially when facing my boss). This degree must be grasped.

The first time at this year’s annual meeting, I hope to expand my analytical dimension.

Our company’s colleagues are usually located in different cities. Only at the annual meeting will people gather together in a city and spend a few days together. While everyone was busy sleeping, I found a few more familiar business leaders, communicated with them about my data ideas, and hoped to provide them with data support.

In this process, there are people who are interested in encouraging young people and they have encountered rejection.

After listening to my ideas, the Director of R&D said that he could give me some data to optimize artificial intelligence.

The Delivery Director said that after you have made some achievements, come back to me.

In fact, I understand it in particular, but I also began to reflect on myself, so I decided to start with the part that agreed with me.

Later, the director who struck me, took the initiative to contact me and hoped that I could join them in a very important project.

Inexplicably feel that, in fact, many times when you express your point of view, the correctness of the point of view is not the point but the expression of your individual. Presumably this change, and I was actively communicating with him, he left an impression on me.

The second time, the company ushered in a data-related project, this time I promoted the digital operation of the product.

With the spread of data, the company began to consider the reference data to support decision-making, but in the actual operation, the design is not very mature.

At a full-staff meeting, I learned that the company is currently doing a customer service experience improvement program. At first, this plan did not involve our department, but some process improvement. But at the time of the conference, it was obvious that this plan must be related to the product data we are working on, and its overall design will be scientific.

So I first made a demo by understanding the project content, project progress, and my own ideas of this project. Initially communicated with several leaders of the project to understand their ideas. In the same way, there are also rejections.

But I also know very clearly that if we can cooperate with this project, of course, it is the best. If not, eventually I can further promote the company to use more data is my purpose. This is also the founder of Point, the blank teacher gave me tips.

After a preliminary understanding of the ideas of several project leaders, I supplemented my thoughts. At this time, the idea was not only an idea, but also included how we could help with the project. After my Leader completed the communication, he was also convinced that this was an opportunity for promotion. So I sent an e-mail to the CTO, which clearly described the idea of ​​me and the department director, including our desire to promote the digitization of products in the China region. The support of the CTO or even the CEO. Also successfully cooperated with the project.

Here, I will soon begin to set up operational indicators and systems for our products in the domestic regions. I have to stand in a different position and need to learn more. We need to continue working hard to meet everyone at Point and students who are about to become Point. 🙂