I recently married three listed companies and saw the power and shamelessness of capital!

Recently, although I did not invest in the stock market, I have been paying attention to the index and some listed companies. When everyone is calling for a hundred-year big bull market, I think the rebound has reached the top. During this period, I also ran through three listed companies, saw the power of capital, and realized the shamelessness of capital.

The first is red, yellow and blue, this is not much to say. Red, yellow and blue plunged after the scandal came out. If the bottom of the day was bargain-hunting, the decline would soon be recovered. But the credibility of this company is no longer able to support high market capitalization. The red, yellow and blue scandal surprised me that the company did not have a leader responsible for this incident, and there was no leader in the back. When Uber made a scandal, the CEO and founder were directly driven away by the board.

The other is Shap Aisi. If the red, yellow and blue are scandals, then the problem of Sharp’s thoughts can be said to be fatal. I was in the snowball last year and recommended a big V of this company. Fortunately, this company has been falling all the way since last year, hitting a new low. But what disappoints me and is powerless is that Shapu Aisi, a drug that exaggerates the efficacy and has little effect, will not face delisting and will continue to exist. And this company will inevitably increase promotion and let the elderly use it. In general, drugs that are already on the market in our country are basically dead as long as there are no large-scale adverse reactions. The good news is that the CFDA has asked Sharpe to experiment with clinical effectiveness.

The last one is Thunder. The last time I wrote Bitcoin was not a scam, I was skeptical about the Thunder’s playing coins. Now that Bitcoin has broken through $15,000, it certainly is hype, but because of the lack of reference standards, you never know where the top is. After knowing about the Thunder’s playing coins, an article that was not read was actually given a complaint by Thunder. In order to avoid unnecessary disputes, I deleted some of the content. After all, it is difficult to prove that playing the coin is a real scam. This is a matter that can only be falsified by time. I had to go to the Thunder US stocks alone. Thunder went high and low on the day, fell 13% the next day, and then fell 5%, my target price is 5 dollars. I am slightly gratified that this strategy I think is a big probability to make a profit of 50% next year.

So recently, I often say that people have forgotten Marx for too long. Here, let’s share with you Marx’s famous saying: Capital comes to the world, from head to toe, every pore is bloody and dirty! Of course, I am not too radical. Capital is a sword, mainly people who use swords.

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