I spent twenty-four hours and felt the sorrow of being a good man in China.

From yesterday morning to the present, I spent twenty-four hours before and after to solve the volunteer problem in the college entrance examination for the friends who added me to WeChat.

My original purpose was just to use my years of understanding of Jiangxi’s high-level tricks to help some of my friends solve the problem of volunteering, so I didn’t think about charging.

Everyone I try to use voice communication, so the effect is better. There are ten minutes and three or forty minutes, so I have more than ten hours of voice before and after, and there are some inconvenient voices for me to communicate.

There are more than 60 friends from all over the world to consult. Of course, most of the friends are very polite and will say thank you. I even have six red envelopes and more than one hundred yuan. I am very happy. Although this is not as good as the one that my family taught for an hour.

However, the attitude of several friends who started this afternoon made me very unhappy. Some of them are very impatient to ask me questions, the tone is a bit arrogant and even unfriendly, and some still have doubts about my purpose, I feel that I have other attempts.

I am silent.

Is it because I am doing the so-called free consultation, because the body is too low, so it leads to some people’s attitude is less friendly, so that this [good guy] is inferior?

As a friend said:

1. It is normal for everyone to question the so-called free consultation because it is an untrusted world;

2. The good people in the eyes of everyone can’t complain that they can’t be wronged. This world is too harsh for good people.

Thanks to the maliciousness of this world.

So please don’t ask me for free consultation, my nephew is a bit dumb.

If you still want to consult, please send a 30-dollar WeChat red envelope or transfer Alipay Only protect the scorpion while screening the crowd, thank you for your cooperation.

WeChat: 515434649 (please specify [College Entrance Examination] when adding)

For those who are still saying that I have other attempts in the comment area, I think the two friends in the comment area said it is very good:

Now this society is like this:
You are free, they say that you have another heart;
You charge, they say you are ugly.
Sad, oh