I still like you very much, can’t keep shameless all the time.

Sometimes it is inevitable to blame time, always write love as love.

The predecessor was once the right person, and accidentally passed by, it became an irreversible past.

People say that when you talk about your feelings seriously and finally break up, you will find it hard to like others anymore, or even take the time to understand each other.

Just like you finished writing an article, the teacher said that your handwriting has been torn to you, and you have to rewrite it. Although I remember how to start, how to write, you are too lazy to write again.

Because this article has exhausted all your energy, only one end, but has to start from the beginning.

Every emotion that runs out of love and love is hidden in an unforgettable predecessor.

One who tries to forget, and who will suddenly miss at midnight.

You are not interested in wearing the wind, but you are blind.

I closed my circle of friends.

Smiling and responding to all the people who came to condolences or gossip, but did not reopen the circle of friends.

He probably didn’t know that it was all for him who had lost contact a few years ago.

The first time I saw him after breaking up, it was in the circle of friends of his high school classmates.

Later on Weibo, there were so many people on the Bund in Shanghai, but I saw his back at a glance. Some curious, who is the petite girl with his arm around him.

Then there are countless friends circle of our common friends… I don’t want to know your life, but I can’t help but find your shadow in the circle of other people’s friends. Probably it’s gone, I think.

“He wants to get married, do you know?” A friend who hasn’t seen for a long time suddenly knocked on my WeChat.

For a moment, my head squatted and I couldn’t remember anything.

On that day, I closed my circle of friends and wanted to cover it. I am afraid that I will look for a photo of him. I am afraid that I will subconsciously compare myself with his bride. I am afraid that I will envy a woman who may not be as good as me but who can stay with him.

You don’t know, when someone says happiness, I am full of us.

You don’t know, I still like you very much, but I can’t always be shameless.

Thank you for leaving, otherwise I have been worried that you will go.

“What is the experience of a man who grows handsome, but his girlfriend is ugly?”

When I saw this problem, I couldn’t help but laugh and cried out.

Maybe because of answering this question in the past, answer to nausea.

Now think about what you were like at the time, you will doubt your vision.

So when you broke up, you agreed without any surprise.

Breaking up is not as unacceptable as worrying about going away every day.

If you have been in contact for more than a year, you don’t have a single disappointment. Every time you are smothered by the woman who loves you, “You taste so special.” You will hold my hand slightly and smile back.

You probably don’t know, your firm expression at the time was my salvation. After so many years have passed, this has never changed.

After many years, travel to your city.

When you meet on the streets of the city, you are still handsome as always, but there are many people around you who match you.

When you passed by you, you didn’t recognize me, but you felt as if you were aware of something. You turned your head and didn’t look back like you did in the movie.

But just like this, my heart is like not being mine, jumping fast.

For a moment, it is as long as a lifetime.

I miss the time together, and I am even more grateful that the story stopped at that time.

The person who said that the breakup is me, the person who wants to leave is me, the person who deletes the friend is me, and the person who finally cries into a dog is also me.

After a year of cold violence, I had a hunch early, and this marriage was not made.

Turning over the chat record, from the very beginning, “Baby, I took you to eat downstairs” to “You look at it,” I always felt for a long time.

In the circle of friends, you think that I can’t see the grouping. Every time you are dodging on the phone, when the friends meet, the words on your face are stopped. I think I know, and some things should be put on the agenda.

I calmly sent a long-awaited “breakup” and calmly watched you returning a “sorry”.

But when my parents inadvertently asked you on the phone, they completely collapsed.

Where I don’t like you, but if you don’t want to be this wicked person, then I will do it.

I am reluctant to let you be embarrassed about this matter, I do not know when it has been deeply engraved in the bones.

The magic of time lies in the point that Jin Chengshi, the place that once enjoyed each other, eventually became the fuse and broke love.

After leaving you, I have a new love. Just can’t stop the smoke you love to suck, and can’t walk the imprisonment of the memory we built together.

Some regrets, no one can remember all the snacks I love as you do, and I can take pictures of me sitting on the carousel while I am abandoning my childishness.

You have unspeakable slag, and there have been hundreds of good ones.

I received a phone call from the overseas government two days ago. It was called by my predecessor.

It turned out that I had hidden in the Rubik’s Cube, and the note saying “I like you” was thrown out.

Rubik’s Cube is a gift I gave to her a few years ago.

On the phone, she cried like a tear.

I can’t help but think of breaking up that day.

The day before she left the country, we broke up. At that time, she ran into her nose and tears, and I didn’t have a reservation.

Although not to say, it is clear: we can only come here.

Although I deleted my friends, I couldn’t control myself and didn’t want her.

While pretending to be calm, she inquired about her news and secretly watched her data card.

When she knew that she was very happy, married someone, and gave birth to a son, three years passed.

I have to read her data card several times a day and have spent the past three years.

Before I hang up, I said, “I used to like a lot of people. Now they are very happy, I hope you are too.”

As for my three years, I have not mentioned anything.

Some sloughs are voluntarily framed.

People often blame the breakup for being young and frivolous.

But in fact, it is not suitable to be unsuitable.

I like it a lot, and I can’t change it in the future.

After separation, there are 10,000 possibilities in the future. But unfortunately, there is no longer any of these possibilities.

Once you were the one who replied when I wiped my hand when I took a shower, now you have become an avatar that I have avoided talking about.

I still like you many years later, but we can never be together again.

Tears flow, step back, but can only move forward.

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