I was deceived when I participated in my mother’s travel.

I participated in the Mama Travel Network to travel to Japan. The tour guide said that the life expectancy of Japanese people is the highest in the world. It is related to eating natto. The key is nattokinase, which is discovered by Japanese Noguchi. Have his avatar. Japanese people speak honesty, food and health products are safe, Japanese goods are the same price everywhere and so on. The tour guides bring tourists into duty-free shops that specialize in deceiving Chinese people. High-priced tourists who have not been able to think seriously can sell all kinds of health food cosmetics. The tour guide said that all kinds of goods purchased are packed or sealed and sealed. Don’t open the seal, otherwise the customs will not pass. When the tour ends, it will open the purchased Japanese goods after returning to China. CCTV and other media have been exposed, this is the travel agency collusion duty-free shops to deceive the Chinese, its profit-free duty shop 50%, travel companies 25%, tour guides 25%. I found that when I contacted my mother’s travel network, I could only dial 10106060 and wait for them to reply. I can’t contact the relevant staff at any time, very passive. The purpose of writing this article is to show up, don’t be fooled.