If I saw these English tense cards in the early years, I can also focus on them.

Many teachers’ parents admit that students have fears about English grammar learning, and many students are even confused about past tense and future tense grammar. . In this regard, Xiaotian deliberately compiled a description of the composition of several major tenses, hoping to help everyone to sort out the tense, thus laying the foundation for improving English performance.

1. General present time vs general past tense

2. General future time

3. When proceeding

4. When finished

5. When the progress is completed

In fact, grammar learning can’t be done overnight, and it needs to be gradual. It is also important to understand the following points:

  1. The purpose of learning grammar is to apply . Learning grammar is not just a matter of burying the head, remembering the rules of grammar, but also paying more attention to comprehending the main points of grammar in the real context, the long sentences of English, the reading of texts, the appreciation of beautiful literature, and the reciting of Fan Wen, and can be used freely.
  2. Good at summing up . can Create a wrong question bank From high to high, we will classify the daily exercises and the wrong questions in the exams, organize them in time on the wrong set of questions, analyze the reasons and review them frequently. In these three years, it is an indispensable book that is tailor-made for you and lays the foundation for your follow-up study.

3. Review in time to strengthen and consolidate . The knowledge of learning will gradually be forgotten as time goes by, and language learning is no exception. So how to reduce the degree of forgetting? It is necessary to review in time, be good at analogy, and compare and link the knowledge of new studies with the knowledge already learned.

4. a lot of memory . Reciting 3–6 sentences in the daily sentence, you can also recite the high-frequency vocabulary of the college entrance examination, which is a good choice.

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I hope that these knowledge points and learning methods compiled by Xiaotian can help everyone, and I wish you all the best in English learning.