In addition to IKEA, what are the Scandinavian-style brands that can enhance home forcing and design?

There was a story in Denmark before. Someone encountered a designer on the street. Then he asked, what are you doing? The designer replied that he was making a chair. Three years later they met again. This person asked the same question again. The designer said that I told you three years ago that I was chairing!

The “Scandinavian style” in our impression: large windows (for long winter lighting), simple decoration, functional and practical, large white coverage (also for light), plus a little color.
This is in keeping with the simple, happy living conditions of the Nordic people.

The Scandinavian style of home furnishings is simple and consistent, but there are always unexpected surprises, people can not put it down.

Then, in addition to the Swedish brand IKEA, let’s see which Scandinavian-style brands can choose.

Hay (Denmark)
From sofas to side tables, Hay’s furniture is light in color, elegant and comfortable with circular lines, and is popular in the country for more affordable pricing.

Hay, full of innovative craftsmanship, also has unsaleable works. The stool is called Nobody. It is a child seat. The small version is very cute. The big version looks like a “ghost” at night. According to the designer, they wanted to make a “stand-up wool felt.”

In addition to furniture, they also designed unique and interesting office supplies, as well as OCD’s favourite items for storage.

Fringe control will love the Wooden Ruler series. These ribbons and segments are not meant to be shaped, but are used to help identify each centimeter mark. You can choose different lengths of 20, 25 or 30cm according to your needs.

Plissé is an ingenious document storage folder that can store your collection of photos or important documents. When it unfolds, it presents a gradient accordion shape.

Ferm Living (Denmark)
The Danish brand Ferm Living combines modern design and playfulness to show a simple, low-key retro style.
It started with wallpaper and has now been extended to textiles, kitchen supplies, etc., to use them to decorate the home, can have a comfortable mood.

The biggest feature of Ferm Living is the use of geometric color elements to create interesting patterns, such as diamonds, triangles, like a joyful fairy tale is happening.

It likes to use raw materials that have been used by craftsmen for centuries and choose organic alternatives as much as possible.

The wallpaper is priced at 60 pounds on the Internet and is made of 160 grams of non-woven flocking cloth.

The mirror belonging to the Wall Wonder series is full of sense of design, with a hexagonal wooden frame, where the mirror occupies 1/3 of the rest, and the rest are two racks that can be used to place daily necessities.

Christmas series also maintained a simple and refreshing style.

Broste Copenhagen (Denmark)
Naturally, with its companionship, the Nordic weather creates special views and lifestyles. Broste Copenhagen cleverly grasps this point and declares in a straightforward statement: “This is true Nordic.”

The blue sky, the blue sea, and the blue eyes… I am afraid only this “nordic blue” can accurately depict the time when people lived there.

In the design of Broste Copenhagen, you can feel the sea-like color. The use of bamboo fiber, cotton, and hemp, for example, highlights the fact that it comes from nature.

Keep the natural properties of the material as much as possible, and use the simple style as a blueprint to draw a natural freehand life.

H&M HOME (Sweden)
Since its launch in 2009, the H&M Home Collection has been dedicated to providing stylish household items (ZARA has also launched ZARA HOME). Already logged in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou and Chengdu.

For H&M HOME in the spring/summer 2016 season, the theme is very obvious. It looks like the green is full. This is the concept of “urban jungle”. Maybe we are in a hazy environment, too eager to see such a comfortable color. The home of this sheltered bay needs more green plants to regulate.

The general category of H&M HOME is not as comprehensive as IKEA, but it is not only sensitive to fashion sense but it is a clothing origin. There are also control advantages over the fabric. When you want to change the style of your home or add a fashionable element, visiting H&M Home is a good choice.

MUUTO (Denmark)
Muuto, which originated from the Finnish “muutos”, means changing the perspective.

The most important impression of this brand is that while it continues the simple and pure Scandinavian style, it boldly adopts colors to increase the fashion sense of design.

Muuto invites outstanding designers from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark to let them freely interpret everyday items with their own ideas.

The bookshelf with raw wood texture, the linen cover of cotton and linen texture, and the round and fat cups all have a natural affinity.

This oak hook may be the best star product Muuto sells, a set of five, three sizes, and 10 color arches.

The Oslo sofa range includes three seat sofas, chairs and chair cushions – each with an inset cushion. This set of furniture was made on the west coast of Norway and used a fresh shape to express the designer’s understanding of air aesthetics.

Muuto created a new chapter for the long-standing Scandinavian design style with its always cool and unique Nordic lines.

Nordic people say:
“The most splendid color in the world is white.”
“Who said that tableware must be used in the kitchen? Abandon this rigid life attitude.”
“You should learn how to choose ‘IKEA’ items in IKEA.”

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