In the classic arcade game, those female characters who are short of breath

There are a lot of hot girls in the arcade game, but in the game hall we only played games, how many people can pay special attention to these stunners?

In fact, the enlightenment of many players during adolescence is seen in the arcade hall. Although it was still small and the mind was not mature enough, the hot characters in the game could indeed bring a certain visual impact to many players.

Many years later, many former arcade players will be very interested in the works of their own peers in the game, that is, a “you know” feeling.

“The sword of the proud sword” Situ Yu

In the game, she was a county magistrate of the Yuan Dynasty. She was a martial artist, loved the Central Plains culture, and fell in love with Huashan’s top swordsman.

Regrettably, it did not come together with the dragon hurricane, but was driven out of the squad after the defeat.

The style of the game is not particularly stable. Only the pictures of the victory scene and the customs scene can see the beauty of Situ, and the style of the game looks rather awkward. It is a woman.

As if I didn’t know the style of fire dancing, and the Chinese background setting, the players who were fascinated by Stuart in that year were afraid of it!

“King of Fighters” Mai Zhuo and Wei Si

I have already introduced in the previous issue: I don’t know Fire Dance, Charmi, Angel, Maha Athena…….. Today, I talked about two classic characters Mai Zhuo and Wei Si who have already lost their lives in the King of Fighters 96.

In fact, in the arcade hall, very few people directly call the character’s name, which is usually called the nickname. At that time, the players in the game hall like to call them catwoman and leopard. Because their movements and hairstyles really have some animal charm and charm.

From the performance of the two players, it is the worst concentration of the eight masters, and the blood of the big snake has not been erupted by the Eight Gods. After that, he appeared in the works without plots until the King of Fighters 13 came to the world again in the form of undead. This time, he completely awakened the power of the snake and became a classic character in the game, and their big snake marks are the back and the eyes.

“The Warring States Heritage 3” Red, A country

It seems that in Japan, the country is a very famous figure in dancing. The kingdoms in the “Tenships of the Devil” and “The Soul of the Real” are all Kabuki.

In this work, there is also A country, but it is a small BOSS. After defeat, it will become an optional character on the protagonist side.

Red and A country are two sisters, no wonder the body is so hot.

Because the game’s customs clearance story is the same, so there is no special account of the story line of the two, but the players are deeply attracted to them in the game experience.

King of Fighters Mary

To say that the older SNK goddess, Mary is definitely one of them.

Although Mary joined the King of Fighters series in “King of Fighters 97”, she has accumulated considerable popularity in The Legend of Hungry Wolf. After that, he performed well in the King of Fighters. Most of his works were involved. The label also changed from “Hungry Wolf Legend” to “King of Fighters”.

The prototype is No. 18 in Dragon Ball. If this is the case, Terry’s prototype will not be Klein! ! !

“The soul of the soul – the first swordsman in the world” Ilubo

If a female character wants to go beyond the fire, then this character must be owned by SNK.

Yes, Ilypo was born for this idea.

In order to attract attention, SNK has been addicted to this role in this game. The background of the story is not important, just pull a little bit of the story of the crane. There aren’t many players who have played this game, but this character has indeed become a popular character. There is no reason at all. The stunner is the last word.

After that, the number of works by Irubo’s accomplices is increasing, and there is a tendency to catch up with the fire dance…..

Players really still like new and tired!

“Metal Slug” Miles Sakamoto and Fio Mullemi

The two men joined the battle for the first time in the Metal Slug 2 and became an optional character, but there was no big difference in the optional four-person function at the time. After that, almost every part participated, and “Metal Warhead 4” was developed in Korea, so the red-haired girl and the white-haired brawny joined, and the subsequent works did not appear. The miles and the follow-up works of Fior are all involved. In the following works, the performance of each character is different, some can die twice, some have more bombs, and some have more bullets…..

Later, the two appeared in some of SNK’s chaotic works.

“Yuehua Swordsman” Snow

There are no gorgeous moves, no exposed clothes, but it is such a female character but there are countless fans and become the goddess of many players.

The game looks very temperament, and there is a mature royal sister style.

“Hungry Wolf Legend – The Brand of Wolf” B Janet

The character in the brand of SNK wolf is very character. After the fire dance left the “Hungry Wolf Legend”, SNK has plans to make it a successor to the fire dance.

Participate in “King of Fighters 11”, “King of the Kings” and “Extreme Impact”, the style of the costumes, hot moves, a lot of powder. Appeared as a background character in King of Fighters 94 and King of Fighters 13

It is a rich family, I really appreciate Terry, and I participated in the King of Fighters 11 and then appeared in some rumor games.

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