In the face of the giant Dajiang, where is the drone enterprise road?

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In the first half of 2016, I had tea with a friend in the investment community. He talked about an entrepreneurial project. This project is to make a consumer-class drone. The entire team’s shareholding structure is very reasonable. The profile of the team of partners is almost perfect. There are both big coffees that are good at marketing and marketing, and technical tycoons who are famous from famous universities. It is said that he has already gone to the investment committee, but his project is still a bit unreliable. As a good friend for many years, he wants to hear my opinion. Here are the suggestions I gave.

“The entire consumer-grade UAV market has emerged as a giant in Xinjiang, monopolizing more than 70% of the world’s consumer-grade unmanned markets. Dajiang Innovation has formed a globally influential brand, a globally mature sales channel. The research and development team of more than 1,000 people almost includes the most advanced R&D engineers in China, with a strong and complete product line. The “Unreal” series of professional aerial drones and the Elf series of consumer drones. Completed the strategic layout of the R&D generation, the main push generation, and the price reduction generation. Under this circumstance, unless DJI’s innovation itself has a strategic mistake, or the market grows rapidly, DJI can’t eat it. Otherwise, in this direction There is no opportunity for entrepreneurship. The US 3D Robotics was considered to be the most capable of challenging Dajiang. It has been defeated by Dajiang and started to make commercial-grade drones and overall solutions.

This matter has been going on for the past few months. Dajiang Innovation has released the “Yu” foldable consumer-grade drone, which is still in short supply. This product completely crushes this project that the friend intends to invest in. Because the product to be done in that project is also a deformable consumer-grade drone.

The great strength of DJI’s innovation lies in the leading edge of product technology. As we all know, the three core technologies of drones are flight control, cloud platform and image transmission.

(1) Flight control

Flight control is the brain of the drone. When most UAV companies adopt CPUs, DJI has adopted FPGAs from Elf 4, which is faster and consumes less power.

The flight control technology controls the stability of the drone flight. The drone with poor flight control will fly very “floating”, while the flight control of DJI is very stable, even under the wind of five or six winds. Hovering motionless.


(2) PTZ

The Yuntai is actually a camera stabilizer that guarantees the stability of the camera when shooting.

Someone has done experiments, and the chicken neck is a good cloud platform. By attaching the camera to the chicken head, you can take a steady video.

Test the stability of the chicken neck comparable to the cloud platform

The platform technology of DJI has achieved small volume, low weight and three-axis stability in engineering.

(3) Image transmission

At present, Davic’s Mavic Pro, Phantom4 pro and Inspire2 can support 7km map transmission, and most other products are also 5km map transmission distance. Only one other drone manufacturer can reach a distance of 2km.

In addition, when other drone manufacturers still use GPUs for image processing, Dajiang has begun to use VPUs, which consume less power and are faster. The VPU supplier in DJI is Movidius. Last year, Intel announced the acquisition of the main visual processing chip (VPU) manufacturer Movidius.

Finally, boldly predict the 2017 drone market. The drone market continued to expand further in 2017. It is expected that there will be a big outbreak in the drone market in 2018. This is mainly due to the simplification of the drone and the improved operability. The wisdom of the user is endless. Many unknown drone applications will be developed by users.

A summary of the sentence: Good products can talk, looking for a huge drone market to take advantage of the user’s wisdom.

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