Increase muscle must! Let you take a detour on the way to gain muscle!

First, knowing muscle can increase muscle!

1. I’m called “muscle”

As one of the largest organs in the human body, muscle is the most important unit of human survival and movement. There are three types of muscles in the human body: Myocardium, smooth muscle and skeletal muscle.

Which myocardial and smooth muscle is Non-random muscles It is not controlled by subjective consciousness and provides contraction power to the heart and other internal organs and blood vessels.

Today our protagonist is Skeletal muscle , ie, voluntary muscles. All the movements of our limbs are caused by the contraction and relaxation of skeletal muscles, the pulling of bones by tendons attached to bones, and the generation of movements at the joints of bones.

2, the source of strength – muscle!

Muscles are the source of motivation , From our chewing, swallowing, playing cell phones, including your current line-by-line reading of this article, the eye movements require muscle support.

In addition to the simplest and most basic needs, muscle is also The physical basis of the human body in sports This will enable us to run faster, jump higher, lift more, and better engage in various sports. There is also a very important significance in the pursuit of muscle – let you look like Very beautiful lines ,have Perfect body

In addition, Keep body posture Maintaining metabolic levels Assisted blood circulation It is also an important function of muscles. This shows that muscle is very important to people’s body. And “muscle increase” is almost a stage that all bodybuilders will involve. How can we increase in the end?

Second, increase muscle! Increase muscle! !

1, “Mass Muscle” is not an increase in the number of muscles!

First of all, we must first understand that the “growth” of muscle (the number of adult muscle cells is certain, there are new studies show that through resistance training will produce a small increase in muscle cells, but The most important way for the body to make muscle bigger is the hypertrophy of the muscle fibers, not the increase. In fact, it comes from the word “adaptation”.

Take a chestnut: “People live in all parts of the world, and when they first arrive at a certain place, they will have a situation where they are not satisfied with the soil and water. Local people do not feel much, and they live comfortably.” The same is true for muscles. They maintain a kind of life and exercise for a long time. , muscle Toilet meeting Adapt to the environment . Often engaged endurance Trained people, muscle lines Slender ; And often Resistance Trained person, muscle full This shows that the muscles have different adaptations.

2, different sports, muscle external differences

Why are there so many external differences in different sports? From this point of view, we also need to look at the type of muscle fiber. The most common classification is to divide muscle fibers into two categories: “Type I muscle fibers” (slow muscle fibers) and “Type II muscle fibers” (fast muscle fibers) . In this broad category, muscle fibers can be subdivided into many types for the moment.

Among them, “slow muscle fiber” is smaller in volume and strength, endurance and aerobic metabolic enzyme activity are better; “fast muscle fiber” is larger in volume and strength, easier to fatigue, and anaerobic metabolic energy storage is higher. Through resistance training, the increase in muscle dimensions and volume is more of an increase in “fast muscle fibers.”

After a single resistance training, the protein in the body decomposes. When it enters the recovery stage, the protein is synthesized again. Through repeated training, protein is continuously decomposed and synthesized. A large amount of protein accumulates to make the muscle hypertrophy and increase muscle cross section. Area, so as to achieve muscle increase effect.

In addition to being able to instruct muscular augmentation training, muscle fiber types are also useful for improving athletic performance and preventing sports injuries. Under normal circumstances, the force muscles of the body surface are mostly “Type II muscle fibers”, and the deep body posture and joint stabilization muscle groups are mostly “Type I muscle fibers.”

From this it can be seen that Peripheral hair force muscles When training, we will choose 8~12RM The load allows muscles to shrink faster; Deep stable muscle group We will choose lighter loads to carry out More than 20 times of endurance Training methods.

In resistance training, the most important conditions for muscle growth are the weight of the load, the number of loads, and the interval between groups. We can pass This article “If you don’t even know RM, then your strength is to practice! 》 (Click on the title to read) to learn more.

3, ignoring carbohydrates equals Bailian

When a reasonable and effective training is completed, the task of increasing muscle can only be regarded as just beginning. During the training process and just after the training, the decomposition of protein will reach a peak. Protein synthesis lasts 24 to 48 hours after training . Therefore, if we want to increase the efficiency of muscle augmentation, we must pay more attention to it than training itself. Full rest and nutritional supplements

When replenishing nutrition, most people pay too much attention to protein intake and neglect Carbohydrates Intake. When the intake of carbohydrates is insufficient, the protein will be consumed as energy and will not be used as muscle synthesis, thus affecting the training effect.

Whether you need muscle dimensions, perfect body, or want to perform well in your favorite sport, don’t ignore the basic muscle content. Under the premise of complete core control and joint function, we can completely pass Bodybuilding training The way to carry out isolated stimulation against the muscles, so that the muscle content and strength reach a certain level, and then through the complex training movements, to improve the explosive power, agility and speed and other athletic qualities, so that the muscles can perfectly serve your work exercise.

Must pay attention to:

It takes time to grow muscles and increase strength. Do not be quick and profitable! Step by step is the correct way to open muscles.

Li Haifeng

School draft | Zhang Qingxue

Editing | Yan Yichen