iPhone ios11 is very power-hungry? Ultimate power saving, these six big moves

Some time ago “Net Red” iOS 11

Won the attention of everyone

Many fruit powders are learned

Have to wait for the next version of iOS to come out

And my brain may have been kicked.

Oh, no, I have no brains at all!

I accidentally updated iOS 11

The power consumption is too fast, 100% of electricity at night, 55% in the morning, what to do!

If you also have problems with fast power consumption, then you may wish to give you a few tricks to make the iPhone more power efficient.

Be sure to turn off Bluetooth, WiFi in the settings

Updated iOS 11, you will find that sometimes it is clear that Bluetooth is not turned on, and the Bluetooth display is turned on in the control center. Why is this?

In fact, you turned off Bluetooth, WiFi in the control center of the pull-up, and did not really close, just disconnected the current connection (iOS 10 does not have this problem).

Therefore, if you want to close, you must go to the settings to turn off WiFi, Bluetooth.

One button to turn on the power saving mode

The control center can be customized, so you can add the “power saving mode” so that you can easily get it without having to set the point.

Update all apps

After the upgrade, be sure to update all applications, because every time Apple updates iOS, App developers will update the software. If it is not updated, compatibility issues may occur, and the phone may crash, jam or consume power.

Looking for power applications

Go to Settings – Battery – Battery Usage, you can view the battery usage in the past 24 hours, or the past 3 days, so you can figure out which applications consume a lot of power.

If this software is not commonly used, it will be uninstalled directly.

In addition, you can also look at the “Battery Endurance Recommendation”, there is a quick way to reduce power consumption.

Close positioning

Now what to sell, riding Xiao Huang, Moby bicycle, you must open the positioning, but you must not forget, turn off when you run out, because they will continue to get your location information.

Go to Settings – Privacy – Location Services to turn off all location in one go or select by application.


The last trick, very simple and rude, is to restore the iPhone to factory settings. Although it is very troublesome, it is effective, and it can solve the problem fundamentally and immediately.

Of course, the price is, you need to re-download the application, enter a series of passwords, and test your memory time! If you have iphone related questions, you can ask Xiaobian, WX: Apple-Jiajierui