Is it too expensive to live in the summer? NO~ That maybe you won’t play Hilton~

What is the summer equivalent?

Traveling expensive! Tickets are expensive! ! The hotel is more expensive! ! !

After all, the bears and children are on holiday, and even the king’s pesticides are beginning to prevent addiction~

Baby is bitter~

Fortunately, we still have Hilton~

Recently, when I find a hotel for me, I will let them go to see Hilton first~

When the various hotel groups in the summer are stealing money

How much is the presence of the conscience of the industry?

Of course, the premise is that you have to play~

Today, you can use the current promotion of Hilton, and then talk to you, how do we go to play Hilton

Current promotion

The better the room type, the greater the discount

20% off basic room and deluxe room;

30% off the executive room;

40% off suites~

Hilton discounts are real, and the price of staying is king.

Check-in deadline: February 18, 2018;

Booking deadline: August 18, 2017

Official website can be booked

Youyoujun feels that price promotion is the basis of all promotions, and the price is cheap.

The hotel that sells discounts during the summer is really not much.

The leisurely traveler checked the price of several hotels and it was indeed a force.

For example, the administrative room of Hilton Sanqingshan, 517 yuan

Xiamen Conrad Suite, 1320 yuan

Dali Hilton Suite, $1,133

Executive rooms and suites will include breakfast and treatment, which is very suitable for vacations~

Let’s talk about the more beautiful hotels in the world.

Chengdu Waldorf

Xiamen Conrad

Dali Power Hilton

Linzhi Gongbu Manor Hilton

Beijing Conrad

Shanghai Bund Waldorf

Since it’s said today, it’s best to talk about how to stay in Hilton.

Step 1, register a bunch of activities (according to your needs, number of stays, etc.), while Macth Hilton’s gold and diamond cards

Step 2, directly book the basic 20% off, the administrative 30% off, the suite 20% off

Step 3, before the check-in, Match Hilton’s gold card, drill card ~

Currently, Hilton has these recommended activities.

Match Hilton’s Gold and Diamond Cards

Hilton Match Link Address (to be over the wall):

Match successfully gave a 90-day trial gold card or drill card. If you stay 4 times in 90 days, the gold card is extended to 18 years, and 8 times the card is extended to 18 years.

Stay 4 nights and send a one-way ticket to Shanghai – Tokyo, Shanghai – Osaka, Beijing – Tokyo

Hilton has an event that delivers 2000 BA (British Airways) miles per stay, up to 5 times and 10,000 BA miles.

With 7500BA miles, you can redeem tickets to Shanghai-Osaka, Shanghai-Tokyo, Beijing-Tokyo…

You can read this post in detail. Don’t complain that the summer ticket to Japan is expensive~NO! In fact, staying for 4 nights is enough for Hilton~

Live 4 times gold card

With Hilton’s Gold Card, there is a free breakfast delivered in the most basic room type.

Registered address (everyone can register):

Whether you are a pure point redemption, C+P (cash + points), pure cash check-in, are considered valid!

APP bookings send 500 points each time, no registration required

Q2 points doubled, Puka 2 times points, drill card 3 times points, registration required,

At Waldorf Astoria or Conrad, you can earn 5000 points for at least 2 nights and you need to register.

The bluesky teacher of the 3798 Forum has done the finishing work. In the case of full registration of the event, the Hilton Hotel Group spends $100 and can return 7,000 points, almost $35, and the blood return rate is 35%.

Too good to count~

to sum up

In a word, summer reservations, priority to see Hilton ~

After the Buff is full, the effect is too invincible~

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This is a small step for Hilton, but it’s a big step for you to save money from a top destination vacation.

Knock on the blackboard! How to play about Hilton, after reading this, you know~

Send you a Hilton Gold Card for free, do you want it~

Measured ~ only 50 more per night ~ and the Hilton Garden! Is this title enough to appeal to you!

Don’t complain that the summer ticket to Japan is expensive~NO! In fact, staying for 4 nights is enough for Hilton~