Is the price of a first-level registered fire engineer at least one hundred thousand a year?

We all know that since the first-level fire engineers started the exam, everyone wants to take it. Because of its high gold content, and the price of the call is also very impressive, some people even heard that the price of the first-level fire engineers is as high as 100,000. Is this really true? Next, Xiaobian will let you know that the price of the next-level registered fire engineer is really more than 100,000 a year?

This point I think is such a hope is embarrassing, and does not say when the real implementation of qualification assessment, is implemented, to the first-level registered fire engineer to apply for conditions – almost unlimited professional, do not need professional learning experience; attracted A large number of people apply for the exam. There is no such thing as a valuable certificate. It will definitely become a bad certificate in the future, let alone a few hundred thousand a year. Secondly, the content of the fire engineer’s test – the main test memory specifications and regulations, this test will inevitably lead to a large number of people pass, now the so-called only 3% pass rate is mainly because the base of the test is too large, many people do not go Test, pulling down the pass rate.

I think that the first-level registered structural engineer is taking the test. Although it has a 10% pass rate, it seems to be several times higher than 3%. However, the people who participated in the test have a wide variety of sources, housewives, security guards, and even unemployed people. Such an examination team takes the test, many people have not reviewed it at all. It is natural for such a team to take the test. The low pass rate is natural. Unlike the first-level registered structural engineer, the benchmark is based on the benchmark. The leader of the exam, the engineer with a formal professional background, such a team also has a reference value of only 10% of the pass rate. These structural engineers are not the same level of the school’s tyrants, which is not the headlights of the head and the cones of the thorns, so that the price of the registered engineers of the latter level is only 60-80,000 a year.

The so-called first-level registered fire engineers call the price of more than 100,000 a year is purely nonsense.

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