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If you are bored during the holidays, listen to Jamie T.

I have said that the rot country lacks black art culture, rap music is built on rock and dance culture, so there are many white rappers: The Streets, Plan B, Jamie T, King Krule, Kate Tempest … Jamie T is The Clash The band’s lead singer Joe Strummer’s fanatics, he wanted to play the team, so he learned bass and wrote a song called Brand New Bass Guitar. As a result, he did not play rock, but he embarked on a rap line with a blend of styles.

In fact, Jamie T is a master of writing melody, and his albums are very “good”. The virgin album Panic Prevention was nominated for the Mercury Awards, and the second-class Kings & Queens made better and more beautiful. Later, due to psychological problems, he launched the three-person Carry On the Grudge five years later.

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Among the three albums, I like the second special, probably because… I can only understand the “balance” that can’t be said.

happy vacation!