Jiang Keshi: Analysis of the Number of Casualties of Japanese Army in Wanjialing

1. The record of the “Extremely Confidential Status Report” of the Lieutenant General of the Hundred and Sixth Division of the Army of the Sixty-Six Division is as follows:

“During the Operation During the Operation, depending on the survey until 25th November, the Majesty’s 33,200 reds (12 or more in-house captains) were lost and battled people (about hospitalized) 4085 (inside captains over 6) It is truly fearful to have 7969 hospitalized patients and it will be a monkey place “(JACAR (Asian Historical Center) Ref.C 11111767300, Report on the status of the 106th Division)

It is known that the 106th Division, as of November 25, 1938

Death 3321 injury 4085 = 7406 deaths and injuries 7969 patients were admitted to the hospital.

The total number of troops in the 106 divisions plus the assigned units is about 22,000-25,000. (according to the increase or decrease of the assigned units)

The death and injury rate of the 106 division (including all battles from July to November) is 30%-34%

Death and injury + disease rate can reach 64%-74%

2. The current members of the Sixteenth Division of the Communist Party of China

The 106th Division left nine statistical tables similar to the following historical materials, detailing the status of the missing members. The following is a summary of the current number of people who are on the 20th of July. Analysis of the Number of Casualties of Japanese Army in Wanjialing

(JACAR (Asian Historical Data Center) Ref. C04120504600 7.20 Human horse worker table

There are 9 statistics in the same table. The following table is the result of the total number of people in the different tables of the author in each period.

Statistics on November 10, 3.1938, and then show the statistics of the most unemployed.

According to JACAR (アジア歴史资料センタ) Ref.C04120750400 No. 106D November 10th, the current staff table, the author made (omit the record part of each team)

The above is the loss situation of the 106th Division in the Japanese military archives in the Wuhan Battle. This information can be said to be the most primitive and accurate information. Can do the basic data of all research.

November 10 Statistical Surface Reports JACAR (Asian Historical Data Center) Ref. C04120750400