Keep founder Wang Ning: With these three words, Keep users broke 60 million and only spent 20 months!

Wang Ning said that Keep has three principles for making products. Until today, these three principles still run through the product team. Even when the company makes a lot of decisions, it is based on these three sentences: no more, no more light. Do not want to disperse.

Specifically, let’s take a look at his sharing.

(This article is based on the content of Wang Ning’s course at Chaos Institute on the morning of October 29)

Speaker | Wang Ning (Keep founder and CEO, Chaos Pioneer Camp)

Good morning, students of Chaos Institute, thank you for the trust of Professor Shan You, and thank you for the invitation of the seminar. Let me stand here today, and share with you the experience of a startup company that has just been established for less than 20 months. :

In 2014, the Keep team was established and received an angel investment of RMB 3 million.

In February 2015, the first version of IOS was launched;

The number of users exceeded 1 million for the first time in May;

For 10 million users in August, we spent 289 days;

The second 10 million users used 101 days;

The third 10 million users 68 days

The fourth 10 million users for 49 days

The fifth 10 million users only spent 39 days.

This year we got the C round investment of GGV, and Tencent added another investment. The team of the first three to four people has now reached around 130 people.

We broke 60 million users in October and should break through 100 million in February next year. These are real registered users, not activated and downloaded users.

Keep founder and CEO, chaotic entrepreneurial camp student Wang Ning embarked on the platform of Chaos Institute

Why do I do Keep?

Because there are ways to find weight loss, and the Chinese sports market has great opportunities.

Speaking of Keep, I have to say that it is purely accidental for me to go to business.

I am a self-respecting person of size. Every time I upgrade my size because of obesity, my heart is broken. In the 2014 college graduation season, 180 pounds of me started a weight loss journey in order to find a decent job and a beautiful girlfriend.

For a shy college student, it is impossible to go to the gym to ask the coach for professional guidance. Running is the easiest way to lose weight. The effect is very obvious. After about 2 months, I lost about 20 pounds, but I quickly encountered a bottleneck.

I started searching online for a lot of information about weight loss and fitness, and found that weight loss is a scientific process that requires a deep combination of aerobic and anaerobic.

After a lot of Internet learning, I mastered a set of methods of fitness and weight loss, and quickly lost from 160 pounds to 130 pounds.

This weight loss has brought a lot of changes to my life. Although my girlfriend still didn’t find it, my confidence increased. Almost everyone sees me and asks “How do you lose weight?”

Over time, I think, why not make an app, integrate these fitness materials and training videos, let more people see it?

This is the initial idea of ​​doing Keep.

At first, I did a lot of preparatory work with the startup team. I found that many people in China exercise every week, but there are very few people who exercise every day. In the United States, 90% of the daily and weekly sports units are involved.

Not only in sports habits, China’s sports industry accounts for 1% of total GDP, while developed countries have already surpassed 3%. China’s sporting goods account for 70% of the entire sports industry, while developed countries occupy 70% of the market share is sports services.

In addition, you will find that the keywords related to sports such as fitness, yoga, and running on the Baidu Index have risen very fast since 2011, especially after 2014. Look at your circle of friends, early show food, show luxury, show food is the mainstream, and now more and more show sports.

This shows that this thing has a chance.

What should the product do?

The two questions are very important. Who is the user and where is the pain?

So, what exactly do our products do? Two things are very important: who the user is, what the user’s pain points and needs are.

Let me talk about who our users are.

Everyone thinks that the user must be a person who has a lot of muscles in the gym every day. At that time, we also thought about it, but later thought, maybe not, these people already have fitness habits, we are hard to change.

China is in the nascent stage of sports, and most of them are people who want to exercise, but never exercise fully, or do not understand sports.

We should give up the gym, at least from 0 to 1 in the early stages of the product, and put more energy into the users of the whites rather than the gym.

If it is a small white user, the demand is very simple: the dress is thin, the clothes are undressed, and the demand is only about 0-60 minutes. Keep as an online education product, it is very simple to solve the problem of 0-60 points or even 70 points. This is our choice for the user.

What are the specific needs and pain points of these small white users? The biggest pain point of traditional fitness is in four aspects, money, time, place, and characters.

Price, now Beijing’s fitness card is at least 3000-4000, the annual card usage is 365 times, the average number of uses is only 7.5 times, and there are 3 times to take a bath.

Time, some people feel very busy, no time to exercise.

Location, our company is in the East 40, home in the North Second Ring Road, if you tell me that there is a gym in the North Fifth Ring Road or even free, I will not come, the transportation cost is too high.

Characters, fitness feels like a small partner, playing alone is very boring.

What kind of products can solve these four problems? Mobile Internet App:

You can exercise anytime, anywhere.

The free product strategy allows users to get rid of the high cost of private education.

With social attributes, I used to practice with a dozen people in the gym, through the Internet carrier, and exercise with tens of thousands of people at the same time.

What most users want to do is what we want to do.

There are three principles for making products.

Do not want to be less, do not be light, do not want to disperse, until today, these three principles still run through the product.

We have three principles for making products. Until today, these three principles still run through the product team. Even when the company makes a lot of decisions, it is based on these three sentences: no more, no more, no more light, no specialization. Scattered.

What is “do more or less”?

Most of our users are small white users, the product can not solve 100% of the problems, can solve the problem of 60-70 points, it may be very easy and simple, if you have to die the last 30 points, the team will be diversified.

Therefore, our product strategy at that time was to concentrate firepower and put the most important user groups and the needs of these user groups in place. That is, “do more or less.”

The most things the user wants to do is what we want to do. At least the things that the user wants to do are not satisfied first. At the critical moment, we make such choices, so that the product update speed is fast enough.

What is “do not be heavy?”

A good product at the same stage, different carriers, product strategy will be different. Many Internet products in the early PC era hope to solve many users’ problems and make products more and more heavy. I can’t wait for a page to solve all the needs of users from child-rearing to child-recycling.

However, in the era of mobile internet, a screen bearer space is limited, and it is difficult to have a one-stop solution to all the needs of the product.

Knowing a very good answer, not a minute or two can be written, you need to prepare for a long time. This is a legacy of the PC era, because keyboard input is very convenient.

Now I know that I am also on the mobile side, but more people are watching it, it is difficult to write on it. This method is to make the product particularly light, but the user is very heavy, it asks for answers in the questions, and the person who writes the answers needs to write constantly.

In the era of mobile internet, the retention of such product users is very low, and more users are willing to get things instead of writing things.

We firmly believe that we have to make the product heavy enough so that the user can be very light. It’s not that the function is more important, but the product logic and content behind it is not heavy enough.

Users want to stovepipe, want to breast enhancement and many other problems. When there is a problem, I will show you the course immediately, and the problem will be solved immediately without waiting. Want to thin belly, open a training program, just follow me to practice, 15 minutes to make your abdominal muscles sore, so time and efficiency have been improved.

Our products are very heavy, and there are a lot of courses behind them to meet the needs of our users. But the feeling for the user is very light, they come in with problems, and they will be solved immediately.

What is “do not want to disperse”?

In fact, it is to focus on a good product. Don’t pray for all problems in the early stage. Be sure to have a clear label. For example, Keep has always focused on calling himself a “mobile fitness tool”, which is the main tool attribute.

For example, our community dynamics, at the beginning of the product is not allowed to actively send any dynamic, the reason is very simple, we hope that users can focus on training, each dynamic must complete a training before it can be released.

Over time, everyone has developed a good exercise habit. At the same time, because of the dynamic release threshold, it also filters out some of the dynamic information of garbage, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent open community.

At that time, we were doing enough to concentrate, so we must let others know clearly what the product is, that is, tools.

The above three points are the beginning of our business, including the product habits and strategies we still maintain so far. Basically, we are all around these three strategies to make product scheduling and trade-offs.

There are many ways to operate at low cost, and don’t give up on new media operations.

Product and operation are inseparable, and if excellent products are not operated well, it will be difficult to get into the public eye. So today I will share with you how we do the cold start.

My first barrel of angel investment is 3 million yuan. After the product development, I spent 1 million yuan and 2 million yuan, which is not enough for the team to live for one year. How to do a cold start? We don’t have any background, we don’t dare to do anything to spend money, we can only dig ourselves out.

What to do? Mainly concentrated in two aspects, the first is internal power – new media operations, the second is external work – buried mine plan.

Internal strength is inseparable from a core element of “new media.” We start with the basics. There are many ways to operate at low cost, and don’t give up on new media operations.

We value the new media operations. Weibo has been in operation for about two years, with 270W of fans and 100W of WeChat, not surprising, but it is still OK.

During the whole process of the recovery, we found that the reaction speed is the most important. The speed of response to hot events and the speed of response to users are important. To design a virtual character image, and to be friends with friends, good friends will have trust and stickiness.

In addition, in the cold start, we can give up the peripheral power, and we have a codenamed “buried mine plan” before we go online.

First of all, we did a chief internal test officer activity, which mainly delineated a group of Weibo fitness sports big V, which are the most core seed users.

We intended to invite about 400 core users to test Keep, hoping to help us test bugs with these users. As a result, these users liked Keep very much, and passed the second test of the internal test package, which suddenly came to more than 4,000 users.

These 4,000 users also like Keep very much. When our products are really online, they become our original seed users.

At the same time, we dive into various social groups. In the place where Baidu’s Post Bar, Douban Group and so on gather users, publish valuable and dry goods posts, let these users interact with us in the post.

In the major QQ groups and WeChat groups, we also arrange for the operation of small partners to participate in it, and we are familiar with each other, so that we can make precipitation and preparation when we go online. These things are all done, and the moment they are on the line, they are actually very reasonable.

It is precisely because we did a lot of product research and analysis in the early days, with a firm and resolutely implemented product strategy, and some small and witty small wisdom operation and promotion strategies, let us take a lot of detours, plus a little bit of luck, Let Keep get so many users’ love so quickly.

We are also groping, hoping to break the curse of free product commercialization.

On-site question and answer

Chaos Research Institute: Keep is basically free, what profit is the company relying on?

Wang Ning: We are now trying to do e-commerce. E-commerce is a very good complementary form. We hope to integrate all the things online and offline by entering the platform.

E-commerce is really dirty and hard work, and there are very few user applications without discounts. Our team wants to be a sports brand. Nike and Adidas, this is a sports and leisure brand that parents like to wear. Many young people start to want new brands to enter her life, and Keep has the opportunity to do such a thing.

E-commerce is a channel for me, because I am not confident enough about the product, I don’t know my user conversion rate, how is the user’s spending power, I want to test the user’s conversion through a simple business model and product logic. What is the rate?

Now there are only more than 20 e-commerce companies, the purpose is very simple, but also to solve the user’s needs. Keep has a lot of yoga ball courses. If you don’t have a yoga ball, you can’t apply the course, so e-commerce is still the service user’s needs. Let our users be more enriched, so that users can use Keep products more.

Fitness venues, swimming pools and badminton hall ID systems are aging very quickly, and we have a service that allows users to explore these venues. There should be a balance between future Keep venue students and coaches. We are also groping, hoping to break the curse of free product commercialization and do a lot of things around healthy living.

Chaos Research Institute: Your start-up team, including many employees now, is better than your cow. When you were a starter, you were a newly graduated university student. How do you ask a partner to join?

Wang Ning: I see people who are particularly accurate. I know who likes me and who trusts me. I find good people from here and convince them. As of today, I treat my team and even 136 employees, I am very sincere, what kind of things the company has done, good and bad are told to them. They think that this is a more sincere boss, and everyone is suffering together.

Chaos Research Institute: The most difficult thing about tool products is that users have low stickiness and quickly have a large number of users, but they ran quickly. For Keep, how can you motivate them to exercise anytime, anywhere?

Wang Ning: See what users can leave through the product. At that time, the team was analyzing and left the sports data, and then sublimation was the data of health and living habits.

A person started not exercising, but I developed his exercise habits. Without Keep, he didn’t know what to practice today. It includes the dynamics of the user and also keeps it, which is very important for the user.

How to keep users motivated? For example, the sublimation of the data center. You slowly open up the API, and the more data you keep, the higher the cost of migration.

Of course, whether it’s an open community or open content, even if we want to go to a small video right away, it depends on the content and nature of the product. Users stay in this product, what is it, based on these points to build their own products, I believe that long-term persistence, users will continue to survive.

The author Wang Ning, from the Chaos Learning Society WeChat public number, the content of the article.

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