“Keep watching 啥”: Guardian of the Galaxy has finally come

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Everyone who knows and knows the daily readers, everyone from inside and outside the Galaxy. Hello, everyone. I’m your brother. Today I’m very tight, so I’m only able to write a section of my brother, Amway GOG. You don’t need to look at other parts.)

1. “Guardian of the Galaxy”

It was released nationwide on October 10th. I watched the zero field with your beloved Teacher Zhang Xiaobei (yes, it was an encounter). Produced by Marvel Films, Walt Disney Pictures is released worldwide and officially translated as the “Guardians of the Galaxy”. This film is the penultimate piece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the only second non-sequel of the Marvel movie universe. It is a typographical comedy (such as “The Hangover”? What do you ask me if I’m kidding but I’m not Just kidding) + Pseudo-Space Opera (this, “Star Wars Prequel” and JJ “Star Trek”, forget about you) + multi-protagonist team (“Eleven Ellen” “Pirates of Dream Space” or something, oh Yes, or “Avenger.”

Starring: Chris Pratt (Well, Marvel Chris, a new member of the league, do not know? Is the American drama “Park and Hume”, Yimei and Julie that cool to ignore the physical laws of the “Warrant” is not cool Hyun has silently slept with the fatness of a beautiful ex-girlfriend, who is now as cool as the other two Chris), starring Starry Lord of Legendary Peter Quell

Zoe Saldana (Pseudo-Space Opera Standard Heroine, “Avatar” and “Star Trek” female one), played as the daughter of Thanos, humanoid Camorra

Dave Batista (WWE’s famous macho, who had previously performed several films such as “Interstellar 3”), played as the destroyer Drakes,

Bradley Cooper (“The Hangover” and the handsome pot that Häagen-Dazs advertised), the voice of the annual chant Rocket aka

Wen Diessel (“The Jagged Man” of the “Rapid” series) plays the voice of the tree man Groot who has only three words (Chinese is his match).

These guys are all members of the GOG. This version of the lineup has a few years of history in the comics industry, and it also resets the previous history in the latest comic series. (The following is advertising time.) If you want to understand these roles, you can purchase the original Chinese version of the “Galaxy Guardian vol.1” comic book, which was introduced and published by the World Book Publishing Company. The translation is more reliable than Jia Xiuxi.

Other actors also appeared in the Kree Empire Charger leader Ronan’s Lee Pace (The Elf King in The Hobbit, but I guess most Chinese audiences should not recognize it), and acted as an ancient god collector. Benísio del Toro, Karen Kieran (an escort of “Doctor Who”) starring Nebula, and German Hansau, Glenn Clos, John C. Riley, and Josh Brolin and other famous actors.

Well, to say that the complexity is actually the way to save the universe by the team process, it’s simple or it’s been repeated several times. In short, the script is solid and full of American fun.

Degree of recommendation: The younger the more familiar the American pop culture looks, the more happier it is; the other way it may be that it will initially produce grudges against Marvel. Of course, if you are these people, I will despise you.

Compared to the Avengers, the Big Three—the personality has been shaped for decades, and the story template has been developed for a whole day. Therefore, if the character is not correct, the film cannot be convicted of fans, as long as the scene is good (because the story has several decades The book can be used to get the ordinary audience’s role – the galactic guardian is relatively more difficult to deal with. On the one hand, because the characters are not deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, there is no fanaticism (of course, it also reduces the pressure on the fan level). On the other hand, the strangeness of the ordinary audience is in desperate need of a bridge (especially the GOG is still running in the universe, not a star war. With familiar worldview settings, strangeness is even higher. This is a completely new test for Marvel in pure content development (not commercial prospects).

They chose the right director, James G. Goun (an Afar who had ideas and ideas and was not known, similar to the Russell brothers of CA2), and let him (relatively Edgar Wright’s development of “The Ant”) let He shaped the direction of the film. In the end, what he found was a very accurate but actually very B-level idea: pop music + trolling than comedy, which is rare in the past symphony + serious production (science fiction) space film. This proved to be very successful in the North American market. North American viewers have long had enough of Hans-Jimmer’s roar (such as “rice fried rice bug 2”) + the sinister righteous hero of the offensive, and it can even be said that the two don’t mix together and it is just as annoying. The protagonists of The Guardian of the Galaxy are all mai questions. Even in the process of the characters, except for the sense of responsibility and teamwork, no other aspect has grown so bad. All of the fun is based on the popularity of American popular culture and starvation of Starbucks. As for the big scenes, it is routine. You can say that this is nothing different from the Hong Kong film. It is a very niche interest that has been popularized. Don’t forget that comics are not mainstream mainstream culture anymore. There are actually more pop music than characters.

Of course, this way is too high for the Chinese audience. The first day after watching the zero return, all sorts of disappointing people can’t get a laugh. They don’t know what the foreigners are laughing at. Some people still have problems. Due to the infamous translation of Jia Xiujie, as an unaffected fan, I objectively stated that it is mainly an old problem that cannot be replaced by popular culture translation. If you can understand the use of each of the films The paradox of American-style pop culture, Jia translation will not create much obstacles for you. On the contrary, if you know very little about American pop culture, you only know the Chinese music of Sun Yanzi and Jay Chou. It wouldn’t be Jia translation. You still won’t get a laugh. This is the cultural divide of today. Do not understand that you have to blame yourself for living too much of China.

As for many people who analyze the box office’s prospects, they emphasize the director’s nickname. “Marvel’s production, don’t worry.” (The original slogan was “produced by studios such as the Avengers’ Big Three movie, don’t worry”) In front of the pride, in fact, it is just worrying. Even if the film is not popular enough in China (like the first CA and the first Thor, it is definitely worse than CA2), it does not hinder the success in the world. After all, there are few countries in the world that are culturally closed like China.

Well, above, I don’t know who to write, but I don’t need to read it anyway.

Uncle you dare not look down! The previous manuscript was left behind by his brother, and the rest was written by me.

2. 3D man-eating insects

And Silver Shou released the same day and produced and distributed Hong Kong’s Meiya Entertainment Co., Ltd. and Guangdong’s Zhujiang Film Group. The director was a returning writer “I want to make a movie” with the returnees Xiao Maohai Yan Jia, and the screenwriter and producer were well-known film directors. Forrest Gump, starring from Nine-tailed Fox, Summer Indus, and son-in-law Zhang Yulin, who played “Love Apartment,” and comic actor Cao Yunhahahahahaha (why should I laugh…) tells the story In a future era, a fanaticForeign countriesGenetic scientists have developed a “super insect” that can provide a large number of high-quality, low-cost nutrient proteins. Then the worms are out of control and then evolved into giant monsters… BLABLA… Anyway, that’s the story you can read after reading more Hollywood B-grade disaster movies of the last century…

Recommended level: If you are a madman, or you are writing a paper on Chinese science fiction/catastrophic film/B-grade film, then you can go and see if it is otherwise, let the film survive.

This film claims to be a monster disaster system that combines disaster, horror, science fiction, beauty, and youth. However, Hey, I’m sorry you have called a label called “Domestic” and it’s also a small one. The producer and the director have a great dream of putting all the bad elements that Chinese people play like sci-fi, disaster, 3D, monsters, Class B films, CULTs, and so on all piled up in a movie, and then look! Look! I! We! can! Put! it! Beat! Got it! many! rotten! For such a movie, especially when you have a Galaxy Guardian as a substitute, please make sure you have your own wallet.

3. Ice Age 2: Ice Illness 3D

It was released on October 13th. The old movie in 2006, this time it was a 3D remastered version. Therefore, the production unit actor’s story and other nonsense petty eights will not be written. The only bright spot is that Huang Lei and his daughter have a lot of voice.

Recommended level: If you are ICE AGE or Huang Lei is alive, or if your family happens to be a bear child / rural relative, you can take them to see this, or else forget it.

Although it sounds like a stupid thing to release such a twice-cooked pork at this time, Xiaoba feels that it has just captured all the audiences covered by the Guardian of the Galaxy at this stage and is looking to see it. I am not here to advise anyone. Master!

4. RV Adventure

October 14 release, what is this ghost! Do you still want to read the data? I am too lazy to copy down, OK!

Well, if you have to watch something: The director of this film is Lu Yang who had a big fire this year with “Embrero Chun Knife”; this film was finished in 2011 and now it is only on the film; Is a special effect makeup artist…

Recommended level: In summary, do not think that this is a hidden piece like “Embrero Chunchi”! In the face of such chicken thief behavior, the six-digit number at the box office is our shame – but if you happen to see the movie in the movie theater, you can say with a sigh of relief, “They are also very hard,” and then turn and walk away. ……

It’s finished, brother, you’ll be so negative again next time, I’ll grab you business.

Little eight stay ~